Frederick I of Württemberg

Frederick I of Württemberg


Frederick I William Charles of Württemberg was the first King of Württemberg. He was known for his size: at 2.11 m and about 200 kg (440 lb), he was in contrast to Napoleon, who recognized him as King of Württemberg.

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Learn about the memorable moments in the evolution of Frederick I of Württemberg.


1754 Birth Born on November 6, 1754.


1774 19 Years Old In June 1774 he entered the Prussian Army as an oberst in the Kürassierregiment Lölhöffel, rising to a commander in the same unit in December 1776. … Read More


1776 21 Years Old …  This later drew Frederick and his family into the Prussian king's network of marriage alliances - in 1776 his sister Sophie would marry to Tsesarevich Paul, future Emperor of Russia and son of Empress Catherine II. … Read More
In 1780 he took over the 2nd Dragoon Regiment (Krockow).
The marriage was not a happy one - even during her first pregnancy in 1781 she wished to separate but was persuaded to stay with Frederick by her father. … Read More
1783 28 Years Old From June to October 1783 he was also in command of a 15000-20000 strong corps in Kherson during the Russo-Turkish War, but he was not signficantly involved in combat.


1786 31 Years Old Frederick's relationship with his wife became more and more strained. He was reportedly violent towards her and after a play during a visit to Saint Petersburg in December 1786, Augusta asked for protection from Empress Catherine. … Read More
1789 34 Years Old In the meantime, Frederick's succession to the throne of Württemberg had become more and more likely. In June 1789 he traveled to Paris to see the first stages of the French Revolution at first hand, before moving to Ludwigsburg the following year, much to the displeasure of his uncle Carl Eugen, who was still on the throne.


1795 40 Years Old His father came to the throne in 1795 and finally Frederick gained his long-wished political influences. … Read More
On 18 May 1797, Frederick married George's eldest daughter Princess Charlotte at the Chapel Royal - her mother was George's wife Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.
1801 46 Years Old In 1801, Duke Frederick ceded the enclave of Montbéliard to the French Republic, and received Ellwangen in exchange two years later. … Read More
1803 48 Years Old Frederick assumed the title Prince-Elector on 25 February 1803, and was thereafter known as the Elector of Württemberg. … Read More


1806 51 Years Old Friedrich became King Frederick I when he formally ascended the throne on 1 January 1806, and was crowned as such on the same day at Stuttgart. … Read More
1810 55 Years Old In 1810, Frederick banished the composer Carl Maria von Weber from Württemberg on the pretext that Weber had mismanaged the funds of Frederick's brother, Louis, for whom Weber had served as secretary since 1807.
1813 58 Years Old During the War of Liberation in 1813, Frederick changed sides and went over to the Allies, where his status as the brother-in-law of the British Prince Regent (later George IV) and uncle to the Russian Emperor Alexander I helped his standing. … Read More


1815 60 Years Old Frederick, along with the other German princes, joined the new German Confederation in 1815. … Read More
1816 62 Years Old Died on October 30, 1816.
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