Gail Kim
professional wrestler, valet, model and actress
Gail Kim
Gail Kim Irvine is a Canadian professional wrestler, valet, model and actress of Korean descent, who is currently signed to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). She is also known for working with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), where she won the WWE Women's Championship in her first match. She began her career wrestling as La Felina on the Canadian independent circuit, before joining WWE in 2002 as Gail Kim.
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Pro Wrestling Superstar Gail Kim Has A Celebrity Crush... On Anderson Cooper!
Huffington Post - 13 days
Gail Kim has a confession to make. Though happily married, the Impact Wrestling Hall-of-Famer has a major celebrity crush. Fortunately for her husband -- world-renowned British chef, author and television star Robert Irvine -- the professional wrestling superstar admits, “My biggest crushes are always gay!” “My husband always jokes, ‘You’re going to leave me for Anderson Cooper,’” Kim shared with a laugh on the first-anniversary episode of Party Foul Radio with Pollo & Pearl. “I’m like, ‘Maybe. He is a silver fox!’ I just love him.” A record-tying six-time Impact Wrestling Knockouts champion, Kim became the first woman inducted into the company’s “Hall of Fame” last year. She made a global splash in sports entertainment upon debuting with World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002. Five years after winning the WWE Women’s championship in her first match with the company, she became the inaugural TNA Knockouts champion. Though Kim and her famous husband – who in Fall 2016 launched ...
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Preview for the January 23, 2014 episode of TNA Impact: Exodus, Chapter 2
Cageside Seats - about 3 years
Is tonight Sting's last hurrah in the company he's been with for nearly as long as WCW? Will we see The American Wolves wrestle? How bad will the Velvet Sky in a Cage match be? Forgetting stealing it, can Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode save the show? Previously on Impact Wrestling The not-a-pay-per-view (PPV)-but-still-special-because-it's-live-and-not-in-Orlando edition of Genesis had wrestling fans buzzing a they opened the show with fifteen minutes of Magnus and Dixie Carter talking. The champ was okay, and might be just fine with a supported cast that had more Rockstar Spud and less Dixie. But that's not what he's got, and what we got out of this was an unbilled six-on-six inter-gender tag team match. Which was good because Samoa Joe got to kill a bunch of people. Then, X-Division champ Austin Aries and Chris Sabin had a contest to see who could say the most sexist and/or degrading thing about Velvet Sky to her face. I think Aries won, but whoever book ...
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Preview for the August 22, 2013 episode of TNA Impact: The Over-the-Hill Gang
Cageside Seats - over 3 years
Previously on Impact Wrestling Viewer discretion was advised, although unless you faint at the sight of spilled Appletini, I'm not sure what there was to be discerning about. Other than the usual TNA-ness of it all. The new alliance between Bobby Roode and Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian of Bad Influence paid immediate dividends, largely due to the aforementioned apple-flavored cocktail. Jeff Hardy was cheated out of 20 Bound for Glory (BFG) series points when Kaz hit him with the drink, then the Fallen Angel threw it on Magnus to allow Roode to put him through a table for 20 of his own. Kurt Angle was written off of Impact the right way, and Dixie Carter's announcement of that set-up the main throughline for the show - how will the Main Event Mafia (MEM) ever manage to fight off those scary Aces and Eights men without our Olympic hero? No one has been able to tell me what happened to Velvet Sky, but the Knockouts tornado tag became a three-way hardcore ...
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Preview for the August 1, 2013 episode of TNA Impact: #OffTheHook
Cageside Seats - over 3 years
Previously on Impact Wrestling Kurt Angle and Sting of the Main Event Mafia (MEM) welcomed new TNA World champion Chris Sabin to the show. Sabin challenged the winner of the scheduled Ultimate X match for his old X Division belt to a "Champion vs. Champion" match on tonight's show. Former world titleholder (but still President of Aces and Eights) Bully Ray demanded that his belt be returned to him by the end of the night, or he'd take it out on TNA like real bikers do - with THE LAW! Each of the Ultimate X participants got a hype video, but in addition to being the only guy under contract, Manik's was just a little bit cooler. Guess who won? It was a well-worked, entertaining match that should have been the main event. Bound for Glory series action abounded as Christopher Daniels (21 points), Mr. Anderson (14 points) and AJ Styles (22 points) all won their matches. Mickie James retained her Knockouts title in a decent match with Gail Kim that wasn't quite as goo ...
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Expectations, Standards, and Women's Wrestling
Cageside Seats - over 3 years
The Diva's championship match between AJ Lee and Kaitlyn that took place at WWE Payback on June 16 in Chicago has earned a lot of praise from both fans and pundits alike. In the span of 10 minutes, they exceeded the expectations of many (including myself) and put on one of the better Diva's matches of late. Some even went so far as to call the match great and the second best match of the night. Throwing the word "great" out there is a step too far and demonstrates a major roadblock with why we don't have great women's wrestling in WWE -- our expectations and standards are just too damn low. So much of the praise and accolades for the match are tinged with the backhanded and ever present "for a Divas/women's match" qualifier. If we are judging AJ vs. Kaitlyn by the same standards that we would a men's match, it was simply decent and not much more than that. If it sounds like I am trying to denigrate women's wrestling, that is not the case. I am denigrating what WWE lam ...
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Underrated and Under Appreciated Wrestler Series: Jackie Moore
Cageside Seats - almost 4 years
If you were to ask wrestling fans, "Who was the greatest female wrestler to have graced the WWE?", the majority of answers would consist of either Trish Stratus, Chyna, or Lita. How far do you have to get down that list until someone mentions arguably the most talented female performer to grace the WWE: Jackie Moore. Jackie Moore was a top-notch worker in a division that (at least in WWE's case) is often sorely lacking. With a strong background in martial arts, Moore utilized a fast-paced and technical style that crafted interesting matches, even with the limited time and ability of her opponents. In a time in which WWE was transitioning to the Diva concept, Jackie Moore showed that beauty and talent didn't have to be mutually exclusive. In an article for, Jim Ross had this to say about Moore's talent: "Jackie Moore is one of, if not THE most underrated female performer ever to work in the wrestling business... "People have to realize, Jackie was operating ...
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Cageside Seats article
TNA Slammiversary results and reactions from last night (June 10): Fun show is fun
Cageside Seats - over 4 years
Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling broke away from the Impact Zone last night (Sun., June 10, 2012) to hold its Slammiversary pay-per-view (PPV) event in Arlington, Texas, in front of a hot crowd. Let's get to reactions to the show: TNA has this habit of making its weekly television show, Impact, almost unbearable, and then turning around and bringing it hard on pay-per-view (PPV). That held true again last night, as I found Slammiversary to be an entertaining three hours that I in no way regretting watching. Sure, it had its low points but nothing is perfect and I don't think it will get too much better than what they put together last night. Bravo. There should be a clause written in to Austin Aries and Samoa Joe's contracts that says they have to wrestle each other at least once on PPV no more than three months apart. That match last night was main event caliber between two talented workers, particularly Aries, whose workrate is unmatched at present time. S ...
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Cageside Seats article
Impact Wrestling *SPOILERS* For 5/10
Wrestling News Source - almost 5 years
WARNING: The following post contains complete spoiler results for the 5/10 edition of Impact Wrestling. If you do not wish to find out what happens ahead of time, please do not read any further. You have been warned. TNA Champion Bobby Roode comes to the ring to open the show. He claims that he will be the longest reigning champion in TNA history before being interrupted by Mr. Anderson, Rob Van Dam, and Jeff Hardy. Impact Wrestling GM Hulk Hogan then appears and announces that there will be a Fatal 4 Way Match as the main event, and that the winner will get a surprise. If either Anderson or Hardy win, they get RVD's scheduled title shot at Sacrifice. If Van Dam wins, he gets to name the type of match he has against Roode at Sacrifice. If Roode wins, he gets to choose his own opponent for Sacrifice. Brooke Tessmacher defeated Velvet Sky. After the match, Tessmacher was attacked by Knockout Champion Gail Kim. Up next was Matt Morgan vs. Crimson, but the match never took place due to Morg ...
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TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers for Thursday 05.03.2012 – Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair on the Mic, RVD vs. Jeff Hardy in the Ring
Inside Pulse- Wrestling - almost 5 years
Below are TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers for Thursday 5/3/12, featuring a verbal exchange between Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair on the Mic, RVD vs. Jeff Hardy in a match, and more: -Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair cut promos on each other going back and forth over a variety of topics. A match between the two in the future is alluded to. -Brooke Tessmacher and Velvet Sky defeated Gail Kim and Madison Rayne. -We get an in-ring promo involving RVD and Bobby Roode. RVD talks about never losing the World Title in the first place. Roode says he plans on adding RVD to the list of guys he beats. Bobby Roode chose Jeff Hardy as RVD’s opponent tonight while RVD chose Mr. Anderson as Roode’s opponent. -Devon defeated Robbie T to retain the TV Title when Robbie E interfered causing a DQ. -TNA Gut Check Judgment for Alex Silva: The Judges are Al Snow, Bruce Pritchard and Ric Flair. There is a big “talent show” feel to the segment. Initially Bruce Pritchard and Flair were going to say no but after some ...
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Inside Pulse- Wrestling article
WWE Extreme Rules 2012 Results: Layla Defeats Nikki Bella to Win Divas Title
Bleacher Report - almost 5 years
At Extreme Rules 2012, Layla El made her surprising return to in-ring action and won the Divas Championship. Initially, Nikki Bella was scheduled to defend her title in a rematch against Beth Phoenix. But at the last minute, Eve Torres, the Executive Assistant to John Laurinaitis, informed the Glamazon that she is not medically cleared to compete and will be pulled from the match. This led Nikki to assume that she had the night off. However, Eve declared that she will defend her title against a mystery opponent (My money was on Kharma). Eve then added, "Don't worry. It's not Kharma." (Crap! Well, how about AJ?) The Bellas made their entrance and Nikki cut about a promo about how she will be the longest-reigning Divas Champion. Her sister Brie chimed in, stating that "they" will have a lengthy reign. Suddenly, the Lay-Cool music hits and out comes Layla El. The match starts, and Layla looks surprisingly good. I think she used a La Magistral pin variation at one point. Of course, ...
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Bleacher Report article
VIDEO: Gail Kim vs. Brooke Tessmacher on TNA Impact
Wrestling News Source - almost 5 years
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Wrestling News Source article
Big TNA Surprise Coming, Upcoming House Shows + Full Card
Wrestling News Source - almost 5 years
Dixie Carter is hyping a big TNA Wrestling surprise at Slammiversary: I promise you an historic night for TNA & big surprises at Slammiversary. I will be announcing soon! You won’t want to miss this night  TNA has house shows  tonight in Fort Lauderdale and tomorrow 4/21 in Estero, Florida. The card for the events is as follows: * TNA champion Bobby Roode vs. James Storm. * TNA Tag Team champions Samoa Joe and Magnus vs Christopher Daniels and Kazarian * TNA XDivision champion Austin Aries vs Zema Ion * TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky * Jeff Hardy vs Gunner * Bully Ray vs Devon * Matt Morgan vs Crimson.
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TNA Impact Wrestling **SPOILERS** for 4/19
Wrestling News Source - almost 5 years
Below are the spoilers for the 4/19 edition of TNA Impact Wrestling: Credit: Travis Beaven & I’m here in Orlando for Tuesday’s Impact taping. Advertised (and I mean this somewhat loosely) are RVD, Jeff Hardy, and Hulk Hogan. For those of you who have never attended, you basically get to hang out in a line under a roller coaster. Every now and then, something falls out of the pocket of one of the riders and hits a hapless taping attendee in the head. Hardcore! Some context: I’m part of the company that built PWTorch’s very fine mobile app (new version coming!). I’m a wrestling fan, but at this point a very passive viewer. The advent of DVR has eliminated the need for many a Teddy Long segment, as I’m positive many of you can appreciate. I appreciate good workrate or I appreciate good entertainment; generally I get one or the other, and more recently neither. Also, in the interest of full disclosure: I’ve never sat through a full TNA show before. Not because I’m a hater of ...
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TNA Impact Wrestling Ratings Data From Last Thursday
Wrestling News Source - almost 5 years
The following ratings data was taken from Q1: 0.83 rating Eric Bischoff introduces his Lockdown team, Gargett Bischoff out and introduced Mr. Anderson as a member of his team, Gunner vs. Mr. Anderson Q2: 0.98 rating Gunner vs. Anderson continuation, Joseph Park and Eric Young backstage, The Motor City Machine Guns promo and verbal exchange with Samoa Joe and Magnus, Mexican America out Q3: 0.92 rating Christopher Daniels vs. Austin Aries, one and a half commercial breaks Q4: 0.91 rating Jeff Hardy promo, James Storm and Montgomery Gentry, Sarita and Rosita flirt with Eric Young, Young and ODB out for the wedding Q5: 1.11 rating Young and ODB wedding vows with Sarita and Rosita interruption, Ric Flair backstage with Eric Bischoff's Lockdown team, Bobby Roode backstage promo Q6: 1.14 rating Bully Ray vs. A.J. Styles, Hulk Hogan out, Eric Bischoff names himself the fifth man on his team, Hogan and Garett introduce Rob Van Dam as the final member of Garett's tea ...
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Complete TNA Lockdown Results Report for April 15, 2012
Headline Planet - almost 5 years Lockdown Results Report: On Sunday night TNA’s most brutal Pay-Per-View of the year, “Lockdown” presented by Direct Auto Insurance aired live on Pay-Per-View, in theaters and on the internet from Nashville, TN. Lethal Lockdown Match: The stipulation of this match states that the team leader from the losing team will have to leave IMPACT WRESTLING. The first two are unleashed in the cage until the next team member is introduced and from this point every two minutes another member from one team will be introduced into the match and a ref is not brought in to the match until all members have been introduced. The match started with Gunner and Garett facing off in the ring. After some back and forth Bully Ray entered and the two beat down on Garett who was already being dominated at the time by Gunner. Austin Aries came in to even the score and help Garett. Next Kazarian, sporting a new haircut was introduced into the match to give team Bischoff the advantage and ...
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Headline Planet article
TNA Lockdown 2012 Results (4/15)
Wrestling News Source - almost 5 years
  We see a video of James Storm walking to his pick up talking about his match tonight We see opening videos of Robert Roode and James Storm training for their big match tonight     Welcome to Lockdown 2012 and we are live from Nashville, Tennessee   Backstage:  Team Garrett is backstage talking about their match tonight and Garrett asks his teammates to let him start off and earn his team's respect   Team Garrett vs Team Eric Garrett and Gunner start out for their respective teams. Gunner charges and Garrett sidesteps and starts  pounding on Gunner. Gunner with the powerslam countered by Garrett who lands a couple of dropkicks. Gunner pushes him into the corner, Garrett off the top ropes with a double axehandle. Gunner back up and elbows to Garrett. Gunner in control now, and 1 minute remaining. Gunner ramming Garrett’s head into the turnbuckle and he drives a knee iinto Gunner wearing him down. 30 seconds and the clock’s counting down.   Gunner driving his knee into Garrett’s head a ...
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Wrestling News Source article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Gail Kim
  • 2016
    Age 38
    On January 19, 2016, Kim defended her title against Awesome Kong.
    More Details Hide Details She then lost her title to Jade in a three way match also involving Madison Rayne after Maria hit Kim with her title belt on the April 5. Two weeks later, Kim was kidnapped by Decay while participating in a Knockouts control Ladder Match (won by Maria) and was released for a tag team title match. On the following week, Kim was forced by Maria to fight Rosemary and was defeated by her after Maria distracted Earl Hebner. On the May 10 episode of Impact Wrestling, Kim faced Jade for the Knockouts championship, which she lost by DQ after Sienna attacked them. On the May 24 episode of Impact Wrestling, Kim defeated Sienna to keep her job, only to be attacked by Sienna and Maria. A week after, with EC3 as a manager for the night, Gail received a match against Maria at Slammiversary and immediately after went on to win a tag team match, teaming up with Jade against Sienna and Allie. At Slammiversary, her match with an injured Maria turned into a Triple Threat match for the TNA Knockouts Championship between her, Jade and Sienna (who eventually won the match).
  • 2015
    Age 37
    On the January 30, 2015 episode of Impact Wrestling, in a three–way match for the Knockouts Championship, Kim and Madison Rayne lost to the defending champion, Taryn Terrell.
    More Details Hide Details On the May 1 episode of Impact Wrestling, Kim started an alliance with Awesome Kong to feud with Terrell, Jade and Marti Bell, collectively known as The Dollhouse. The following week, Kim and Kong were defeated by The Dollhouse in a three–on–two handicap match. Kim sustained an arm injury on the May 29 episode of Impact Wrestling, after unsuccessfully challenging Terrell for the Knockouts Championship in a steel cage match, and was attacked by The Dollhouse afterwards. After some hiatus, Kim returned on the July 15 episode of Impact Wrestling, portraying a superhero-like character and attacking Jade, which allowed Brooke to win the Knockouts Championship. On the September 16 episode of Impact Wrestling, Kim won her fifth Knockouts Championship by winning a four-way match also involving Brooke, Lei'D Tapa and Awesome Kong. Kim went on to defend and successfully retain the championship against Kong at Bound for Glory on October 4. During October and November (taped in July), she participated in the TNA World Title Series, where she ended first of her block, tied with Awesome Kong, advancing to the finals. on the December 2 episode of Impact Wrestling, Kim lost to the then current TNA X Division Championship Tigre Uno and was eliminated from the TNA World Title Series.
  • 2014
    Age 36
    Kim was defeated by Rayne on the January 2, 2014 episode of Impact Wrestling.
    More Details Hide Details Rayne received her championship match on January 16 at Impact Wrestling: Genesis, which she won, ending Kim's reign at 88 days. The rivalry between Kim and Rayne continued as the two competed in a street fight on the February 20 episode of Impact Wrestling, which Kim won after a distraction by Tapa. On March 2, both Kim defeated Rayne in a non-title match for Wrestle-1's Kaisen: Outbreak event in Tokyo, Japan. A week later at Lockdown, Kim was unsuccessful in regaining the TNA Knockouts Championship in a steel cage match. On the March 13 episode of Impact Wrestling, tension between Kim and Tapa began to show when Kim lost to the debuting Brittany after Tapa accidentally attacked Kim. After the match, a brawl between Kim and Tapa ensued, disbanding their alliance. Subsequently, Kim defeated Tapa twice, on Impact Wrestling and TNA Xplosion, ending Tapa's TNA career.
  • 2013
    Age 35
    On January 13, 2013, at the Genesis pay-per-view, Kim competed in a five-woman gauntlet match to determine the number one contender to the TNA Knockouts Championship.
    More Details Hide Details Kim eliminated Miss Tessmacher, ODB and Mickie James but was eventually eliminated by Velvet Sky after referee Taryn Terrell failed to notice Kim's foot under the ropes. On the following episode of Impact Wrestling, Kim received a rematch for Sky's number one contendership, but was again defeated. Kim was defeated on the February 21 episode of Impact Wrestling, in a fatal four–way elimination match for the Knockouts Championship against champion Tara, Miss Tessmacher, and Velvet Sky after physical involvement from referee Taryn Terrell. On March 10 at Lockdown, Kim unsuccessfully challenged Sky for her Knockouts Championship, after being assaulted by referee Taryn Terrell, who Kim slapped during the match. Afterwards, Kim attacked Terrell backstage during an interview. On the following episode of Impact Wrestling, Terrell was placed on probation due to her actions. Later that night, Kim and Tara were defeated by Mickie James and Velvet Sky in a match officiated by Terrell, after Terrell violated her probation by slapping Kim. On the March 21 episode of Impact Wrestling, Terrell was terminated as Knockouts referee by Brooke Hogan, who then immediately signed Terrell to the Knockouts roster, after which Terrell attacked Kim. On the April 4 episode of Impact Wrestling, Kim and Tara defeated Terrell and Sky, with Kim pinning Terrell for the win due to a fast count by special guest referee Joey Ryan. Terrell defeated Kim in singles competition on the April 11 episode of Impact Wrestling.
  • 2012
    Age 34
    On August 18, 2012, Kim's and Robert Irvine's wedding ceremony was documented on an episode of Irvine's Restaurant: Impossible program.
    More Details Hide Details
    Kim married celebrity chef Robert Irvine on May 10, 2012.
    More Details Hide Details
    On the January 5, 2012 episode of Impact Wrestling, Kim and Rayne retained their tag team titles against James and Traci Brooks.
    More Details Hide Details Three days later at Genesis, Kim defeated James by disqualification to retain the Knockouts Championship. On February 12 at Against All Odds, Kim successfully defended the Knockouts Championship against Tara, during which Madison Rayne walked out on her Knockouts Tag Team Championship partner. On the following episode of Impact Wrestling, Rayne won a battle royal to become the number one contender to Kim's Knockouts Championship. In the following weeks, tension between Kim and Rayne began to be teased with the two negatively interfering in each other's matches. On the March 8 episode of Impact Wrestling, Kim and Rayne lost the Knockouts Tag Team Championship to Eric Young and ODB. On March 18 at Victory Road, Kim successfully defended the Knockouts Championship against Rayne. On the March 29 episode of Impact Wrestling, Kim and Rayne reconciled and remained together as a team. On April 15 at Lockdown, Kim defeated Velvet Sky in a steel cage match, following a distraction from Rayne, to retain her title. Afterwards, Kim went on a losing streak against Brooke Tessmacher, which led to TNA naming Tessmacher the number one contender to her title. On May 13 at Sacrifice, Kim defeated Tessmacher, pinning her with her feet on the ropes, for another successful title defense. On the following episode of Impact Wrestling, Kim successfully defended her title against Tessmacher and Velvet Sky in a three-way match. On May 20, Kim became the longest reigning TNA Knockouts Champion in history by breaking Madison Rayne's previous record of 188 days.
  • 2011
    Age 33
    For the first half of 2011, Kim feuded with Melina, due to Melina's claims that Kim was a "horrible friend."
    More Details Hide Details The matches between the two mainly took place on Superstars, and saw Kim emerging victorious in two singles matches on May 30 and June 23. On the August 1 episode of Raw, Kim participated in a battle royal to determine the number one contender for the Divas Championship, however, shortly after the match began, she eliminated herself. Kim later explained that WWE had instructed her to get eliminated from the match within the first minute, so she decided to just eliminate herself. On August 5, Kim announced on her Twitter account that she had quit WWE following the incident. Kim later indicated that WWE did not grant her release, but would instead force her to stay with the promotion for the remainder of her contract. Kim's profile was removed on September 30, indicating that she had officially left the company, and that her contract expired. Kim later stated in an interview with The Sun that she was not happy with her time in WWE due to feeling that the female talent were being held back, while also vowing never to re-sign with the promotion.
    In early 2011, Kim participated in fewer matches on television, as she became the on-screen girlfriend of Daniel Bryan.
    More Details Hide Details She also began accompanying him to the ring during his matches. At that time, Bryan was managed by Nikki and Brie Bella, and after they discovered Daniel Bryan kissing Kim backstage, they assaulted Kim, starting a feud with her. On January 30 at the Royal Rumble, the Bella Twins once again assaulted Kim. The following night on Raw, Kim was at ringside during Bryan's match against Tyson Kidd. After the match, the Bellas entered the ring, Nikki slapped Bryan and Kim attacked her.
  • 2010
    Age 32
    In early 2010, a tournament was held for the newly vacated Divas Championship, and Kim defeated Jillian Hall and Alicia Fox en route to the finals.
    More Details Hide Details The finals were held on the February 22 episode of Raw, which Maryse won to become the new champion. The finals were originally to be held on February 21 at Elimination Chamber, but the match was changed to the team of Maryse and Kim versus Team LayCool (Michelle McCool and Layla), which was won by LayCool as a result of Maryse abandoning Kim during the match. Kim was a part of the losing side of a 10-Diva tag team match, against Team LayCool, Alicia Fox, Vickie Guerrero, and Maryse, at WrestleMania XXVI on March 28. At Fatal 4-Way on June 20, Kim challenged for the Divas Championship in a Fatal 4-Way match that also involved then-champion Eve, Maryse, and Alicia Fox, which Fox would win to become the champion.
  • 2009
    Age 31
    In 2009, Kim was a part of the cast of the independent psychological thriller entitled Royal Kill.
    More Details Hide Details On October 13, 2011, Gail Kim, along with The Miz, John Morrison, Kofi Kingston, Heath Slater and Eve Torres appeared on a special WWE edition of Family BrainSurge.
    She made her first WrestleMania appearance in the 25-Diva Miss WrestleMania battle royal on April 5, 2009 at WrestleMania XXV.
    More Details Hide Details On the April 17 episode of SmackDown, Kim defeated then-Divas Champion Maryse. This earned her a championship match the following week, which she failed to win. On the June 29 episode of Raw, Kim was traded to the Raw brand as part of a 15 wrestler tri-branded trade between Raw, SmackDown, and ECW. A few weeks later on the August 10 episode of Raw, she gained another Divas title shot by winning a Fatal 4-Way match that also involved Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, and Alicia Fox, to become number one contender. She was unsuccessful in winning the championship on the August 17 episode of Raw, when she faced then-champion Mickie James. At Bragging Rights on October 25, Kim, with Melina and Kelly Kelly, represented Raw in a losing effort to Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix, and Natalya, representing SmackDown. Kim was on the winning side of a five-on-five Survivor Series Elimination match on November 22 at Survivor Series.
    She made her return as a fan favorite on the March 27, 2009 episode of SmackDown, interrupting a WWE Divas Championship match between villainous Divas Maryse and Michelle McCool by attacking both competitors.
    More Details Hide Details Kim made her in-ring return on the March 30 episode of Raw on the winning team of an 18-Diva tag team match.
  • 2008
    Age 30
    Kim left TNA in mid-August 2008 after her contract expired.
    More Details Hide Details After leaving TNA, Kim re-signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in late-2008.
    On January 6, 2008 at Final Resolution, Kim defeated Kong in an acclaimed second encounter to retain the championship under no disqualification rules.
    More Details Hide Details In their third and final encounter in the main event of the January 10 episode of TNA Impact!, Kong defeated Kim to win the TNA Women's Knockout Championship.
  • 2007
    Age 29
    During the January 24 episode of TNA Impact!, Kim was awarded the 2007 TNA Knockout of the Year award.
    More Details Hide Details Kim competed in a three way match on March 9 at Destination X against Kong and ODB, which Kong won. On April 13 at Lockdown, she teamed with ODB to defeat the team of Raisha Saeed and Kong in a tag team match. On May 11 at Sacrifice, Kim won a TNA Knockouts Makeover Battle Royal, which involved a battle royal and then a ladder match with the two remaining competitors, to become new one contender TNA Women's Knockout Championship. Kim competed for the championship on the May 15 episode of TNA Impact!, however failed to win the title. At Slammiversary on June 8, Kim teamed with ODB and Roxxi to defeat The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) and Moose in a six woman tag team match. Kim then went on to defeat Love on July 13 at Victory Road. Kim then teamed with ODB and Taylor Wilde to defeat the team of Kong and The Beautiful People on August 10 at Hard Justice, in her last TNA pay-per-view match. Kim's final match with TNA aired on the August 21 episode of TNA Impact! in a losing effort to Kong under street fight rules.
    After the conclusion to her feud with Jacqueline, Kim made two minor pay-per-view appearances in a short feud against Robert Roode, before outlasting nine other competitors in a ten-woman gauntlet match to become the inaugural TNA Women's Knockout Champion on October 14, 2007 at Bound for Glory.
    More Details Hide Details She made her first title defense on November 11 at Genesis, where she retained the renamed TNA Women's Knockout Championship by defeating Roxxi Laveaux, ODB, and Angel Williams. Kim then began a feud with Awesome Kong over the championship. Their first encounter occurred on December 2 at Turning Point, which resulted in Kim retaining the title due to a disqualification by Kong.
    In early 2007, after the dissolution of AMW, Kim began a more active role as an in-ring competitor in TNA.
    More Details Hide Details This began with an on-screen feud with her former alliance, James Storm, and his new manager Jacqueline. The first encounter between the group was on February 11 at Against All Odds in a mixed tag team match, which Kim and her partner, Petey Williams, lost. On March 11 at Destination X, Storm and Jacqueline won a rematch against Kim and Williams in a Double Bullrope match. Kim went on to defeat Jacqueline in a Six Sides of Steel cage match on April 15 at Lockdown. Their feud came to an end on the May 3 episode of TNA Impact!, when Kim defeated Jacqueline under street fight rules.
    After the dissolution of the group, Kim performed as a singles wrestler, eventually becoming the inaugural TNA Knockouts Champion in October 2007.
    More Details Hide Details She later left TNA in August 2008, to return to WWE three months later, where she remained until 2011. The following October she returned to TNA. In 2012, Pro Wrestling Illustrated named Kim the number one female wrestler in the world and in 2016 she was announced as the first female inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame. She is regarded by wrestling fans and wrestlers themselves as one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time.
  • 2006
    Age 28
    Kim made her in-ring debut on July 16, 2006 at TNA's Victory Road pay-per-view in a Six Man Mixed Tag Team match with AMW against A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Sirelda.
    More Details Hide Details However, her team ended up on the losing end of the contest. At Hard Justice on August 13, Kim defeated Sirelda in a singles match.
  • 2005
    Age 27
    She made her TNA debut on the October 8, 2005 episode of TNA Impact!, aligning herself with Jeff Jarrett and America's Most Wanted (AMW) (Chris Harris and James Storm) and taking on the role of AMW's and Jarrett's manager, and regularly got physically involved in the wrestlers' matches.
    More Details Hide Details
    She also competed in Korea and Mexico before being signed by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) on September 6, 2005.
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    After her release from WWE, Kim would make an appearance for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling on January 22, 2005 in South Korea, teaming with Lollipop in a tag team match, where they defeated Malia Hosaka and Nidia.
    More Details Hide Details On June 26, Kim made her debut for World Series Wrestling (WSW) in Melbourne, Australia, losing to Nidia in a singles match. Two days later at another WSW event in Sydney, Kim defeated Nidia in a rematch. The following night, Kim teamed up with A.J. Styles to defeat Nidia and Christopher Daniels in a mixed tag team match. Following her release from WWE and the expiration of her 90-day no-compete clause, Kim made sporadic appearances on the independent circuit, including at Michigan's All World Wrestling League and in Japan.
  • 2004
    Age 26
    Kim, however, was released by WWE on November 3, 2004 as a result of cost cutting.
    More Details Hide Details Kim was caught off guard by her release and was told that management wanted to take the women's division in a new direction.
    In May 2004, Kim submitted then-Women's Champion Victoria twice, in singles match and a six-woman tag match, earning herself a title shot at Bad Blood.
    More Details Hide Details However, Lita pinned Kim on the June 7 episode of Raw, and Lita and Trish Stratus were added to the championship match. At Bad Blood on June 13, she faced Lita, Stratus, and Victoria in a Fatal Four-Way match for the WWE Women's Championship, which was won by Stratus. Kim participated in a battle royal on October 19 at Taboo Tuesday, which was won by Stratus.
    Kim returned to Raw in April 2004 and immediately reforged her alliance with Holly.
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  • 2003
    Age 25
    Her first televised WWE match was a seven-woman battle royal on the June 30, 2003 episode of Raw with the WWE Women's Championship, then held by an injured Jazz, on the line.
    More Details Hide Details Kim won the match by lastly eliminating Victoria. Kim held the title for four weeks, successfully defending it once against Molly Holly, before losing it to Holly on the July 28 episode of Raw. The following week, Kim turned heel on Trish Stratus, which stemmed from a previous Raw episode where Stratus cost Kim and herself a tag match against Victoria and Holly; Kim subsequently formed an alliance with Holly to take on Stratus, defeating her and various partners on several occasions, until Stratus was later assisted by Lita. At WWE's Unforgiven pay-per-view event on September 21, Stratus and Lita defeated Kim and Holly in a tag team match. The four women continued to feud until November, when Kim was sidelined with a broken right collarbone.
  • 2002
    Age 24
    In October 2002, she was hired by the WWF, now renamed World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).
    More Details Hide Details She spent eight months training in their then-developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) and wrestled house shows and dark matches before being called up to their main roster. After several weeks of vignettes showcasing Matrix-like effects aired on Raw, Kim debuted on June 30 as a fan favorite, with a Matrix-inspired outfit.
  • 2001
    Age 23
    Kim was introduced to World Wrestling Federation (WWF) employee Nora Greenwald (known on-screen as Molly Holly) by Jason Sensation in 2001; Greenwald encouraged Kim to send her videos and tapes to WWF officials.
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  • 2000
    Age 22
    She debuted in December 2000, wearing a mask and wrestling as "The Queen of the Cats" La Felina in the Southern Ontario-based Apocalypse Wrestling Federation.
    More Details Hide Details She, however, was eventually unmasked by Tracy Brooks in a "Mask versus Hair" match. Kim worked on the Canadian independent circuit for two years, wrestling for promotions such as Border City Wrestling.
  • 1977
    Kim was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on February 20, 1977.
    More Details Hide Details Kim attended York Memorial Collegiate Institute and majored in kinesiology at the University of Toronto before transferring to Ryerson University and changing her major to nutrition. After obtaining her degree from Ryerson University, Kim decided to become a professional wrestler and joined Ron Hutchinson's School of Pro Wrestling in Toronto. She received supplementary training from Rob Etchevarria at the Squared Circle Pro Wrestling Gym.
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