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George Lincoln Rockwell

George Lincoln Rockwell

Born Mar 9, 1918

George Lincoln Rockwell was the founder of the American Nazi Party. Rockwell was a major figure in the neo-Nazi movement in the United States, and his beliefs and writings have continued to be influential among white nationalists and neo-Nazis.

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Learn about the memorable moments in the evolution of George Lincoln Rockwell.


1918 Birth Born on March 9, 1918.


1938 20 Years Old In August 1938, Rockwell enrolled at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island as a philosophy major. … Read More
1940 22 Years Old In his sophomore year, Rockwell dropped out of Brown University and accepted a commission in the United States Navy. He appreciated the order and discipline of the Navy, and attended flight schools in Massachusetts and Florida in 1940.
1943 25 Years Old On April 24, 1943, Rockwell married Judy Aultman, whom he had met while attending Brown University. … Read More


1952 34 Years Old In 1952, Rockwell was ordered to report to Norfolk, Virginia, where he was notified by a superior officer that he would be transferred to Iceland. … Read More
1953 35 Years Old He met Þóra Hallgrímsdóttir there, and they were married on October 3, 1953 in the Icelandic National Cathedral by Þóra's uncle, the Bishop of Iceland. … Read More
1955 37 Years Old 1 More Event
Rockwell saw a business opportunity in publishing a magazine for United States servicemen's wives. In September 1955, he launched the U.S. Lady. … Read More


1958 40 Years Old In July 1958, Rockwell demonstrated in front of the White House in an anti-war protest against President Dwight D. Eisenhower's decision to send peace-keeping troops to the Middle East. … Read More
1959 41 Years Old In March 1959, Rockwell founded the World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists (WUFENS), a name selected to denote opposition to state ownership of property. … Read More
1960 42 Years Old In order to attract media attention, Rockwell held a rally April 3, 1960, on the National Mall of Washington, D.C., where Rockwell addressed the crowd with a two-hour long speech. … Read More
1961 43 Years Old 1 More Event
Rockwell told Þóra about his political beliefs, and she replied that he would either be a "bum or a great man". She divorced him on October 15, 1961. … Read More
1964 46 Years Old In the presidential election of 1964, Rockwell ran as a write-in candidate, receiving 212 votes. … Read More
1965 47 Years Old 1 More Event
Despite this, in 1965 Malcolm X sent Rockwell a telegram while Rockwell was on his "Hate Bus" tour of the South, threatening Rockwell with "maximum physical retaliation from those of us who are not hand-cuffed by the disarming philosophy of nonviolence" should Martin Luther King, Jr. or "any other black Americans who are only attempting to enjoy their rights as free human beings" be harmed. … Read More
On January 1, 1967, Rockwell announced the party's next stage of development. … Read More
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