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Georges Joseph Christian Simenon was a Belgian writer. A prolific author who published nearly 200 novels and numerous short works, Simenon is best known for the creation of the fictional detective Maigret.

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Learn about the memorable moments in the evolution of Georges Simenon.


1903 Birth Although Georges Simenon was born on 13 February 1903 superstition resulted in his birth being registered as having been on the 12th. … Read More
1905 2 Years Old In April 1905, two years after Georges Simenon's birth, the family moved to 3 rue Pasteur (now 25 rue Georges Simenon) in Liège's Outremeuse (FR) neighborhood.
1906 3 Years Old Georges Simenon's brother Christian was born in September 1906 and eventually became their mother's favorite child, much to Georges Simenon's chagrin. … Read More
1908 5 Years Old At the age of three, Simenon learned to read at the Saint-Julienne nursery school. Then, between 1908 and 1914, he attended the Institut Saint-André.


1914 - 1918 3 More Events
In January 1919, the 15-year-old Simenon took a job at the Gazette de Liège, a newspaper edited by Joseph Demarteau. … Read More
1921 18 Years Old From 1921 to 1934 he used a total of 17 pen names while writing 358 novels and short stories.
1922 19 Years Old Simenon's father died in 1922 and this served as the occasion for the author to move to Paris with Régine Renchon (hereafter referred to by her nickname "Tigy"), at first living in the 17th arrondissement, not far from the Boulevard des Batignolles. … Read More


1923 - 1928 2 More Events
1929 26 Years Old In 1929, he decided to have a boat built, the Ostrogoth. … Read More
1930 27 Years Old In 1930, the most famous character invented by Simenon, Commissaire Maigret, made his first appearance in a piece in Detective written at Joseph Kessel's request. … Read More
1932 29 Years Old 1 More Event
1932 saw Simenon travel extensively, sending back reports from Africa, eastern Europe, Turkey, and the Soviet Union. … Read More


1938 35 Years Old At the beginning of 1938, he rented the villa Agnès in La Rochelle, and published La Suspect, and then, in August, purchased a farm house in Nieul-sur-Mer (also in the Charente-Maritime) where his and Tigy's only child, Marc, was born in 1939. … Read More


1945 42 Years Old 1 More Event
Simenon escaped questioning in France and in 1945 arrived, along with Tigy and Marc, in North America. … Read More
1949 46 Years Old 1 More Event
…  He and Tigy remained married until 1949, but it was now a marriage in name only. … Read More
1950 47 Years Old Simenon and Denyse Ouimet were then married in Reno, Nevada in 1950 and eventually had three children, Johnny (born in 1949), Marie-Jo (born in 1953) and Pierre (born in 1959).
1952 49 Years Old In 1952, Simenon paid a visit to Belgium and was made a member of the Académie Royale de Belgique. … Read More


1955 52 Years Old 1 More Event
In accordance with the divorce agreement, Tigy continued to live in close proximity to Simenon and their son Marc, an arrangement that continued until they all returned to Europe in 1955.
1961 58 Years Old Teresa, who had been hired by Simenon as a housekeeper in 1961, had by this time become romantically involved with him and remained his companion for the rest of his life.


1963 60 Years Old After living in a rented house in Echandens, in 1963 he purchased a property in Epalinges, north of Lausanne, where he had an enormous house constructed to his own design.
1964 61 Years Old Simenon and Denyse Ouimet separated definitively in 1964.
1977 74 Years Old In 1977 he claimed that he had had sex with 10,000 women in the 61 years since his 13th birthday. … Read More
1978 75 Years Old His long-troubled daughter Marie-Jo committed suicide in Paris in 1978 at the age of 25, an event that darkened Simenon's later years. … Read More
1984 81 Years Old Simenon underwent surgery for a brain tumor in 1984 and made a good recovery. … Read More
1988 85 Years Old He gave his last televised interview in December 1988.
1989 86 Years Old 1 More Event
The ambiguities of the war years notwithstanding, the city of La Rochelle eventually honored Simenon, naming a quay after him in 1989. … Read More
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