Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna of Russia

Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna of Russia

Second Daughter of Tsar Nicholas Ii of Russia
Born Jun 10, 1897

Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna of Russia (In Russian Великая Княжна Татьяна Николаевна), (29 May /10 June 1897 – 17 July 1918), (after 1900, Tatiana's birthday was celebrated on 11 June) was the second daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, the last monarch of Russia, and of Tsarina Alexandra. She was born at the Peterhof, Saint Petersburg. She was better known than her three sisters during her lifetime and headed Red Cross committees during World War I.… Read More

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Born in 1897.
1901 4 Years Old In the spring of 1901, Olga had typhoid fever and was confined to the nursery for several weeks away from her younger sisters. … Read More
1907 10 Years Old …  In the autumn of 1907, Tatiana's aunt Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of Russia was escorted to the nursery by the Tsar to meet Rasputin. … Read More


Young Tatiana was aware of the tension in the nursery and afraid of her mother's reaction to Tyutcheva's actions. "I am so afr(aid) that S.I. can speak... about our friend something bad," the twelve-year-old Tatiana wrote to her mother on 8 March 1910. "I hope our nurse will be nice to our friend now." … Read More
…  When she was nearly fourteen, an ill Tatiana begged her mother to permit her to get out of bed in time to go to a review so she could watch a soldier she was infatuated with. "I would like so much to go the review of the second division as I am also the second daughter and Olga was at the first so now it is my turn," she wrote to Alexandra on 20 April 1911. " Yes, Mama, and at the second division I will see whom I must see... you know whom "
Tatiana was strongly patriotic and apologized in a 29 October 1914 letter for saying something negative about the Germans in her mother's presence. … Read More
1915 18 Years Old Tatiana was also fond of an officer named Vladimir Kiknadze, whom she cared for when he was wounded in 1915 and again in 1916, according to the diary of Valentina Ivanovna Chebotareva, a nurse who worked with Tatiana during the war. … Read More
1916 19 Years Old …  Tatiana attended Rasputin's funeral on 21 December 1916, and Rasputin was buried with an icon signed on its reverse side by Tatiana, her mother and sisters. … Read More


…  The drastic change in circumstances and the uncertainty of captivity took its toll on Tatiana as well as on the rest of her family. "She pines without work," wrote her fellow nurse Valentina Chebotareva after receiving a letter from Tatiana on 16 April 1917. "It is strange to sit in the morning at home, to be in good health and not to go to the change of bandages!" Tatiana wrote Chebotareva.
…  Her nursing skills were called upon at the end of June 1918 when she gave an injection of morphine to Dr. Eugene Botkin to ease his kidney pain.
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