Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia

Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia

Born Aug 23, 1863

Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia was a son of Grand Duke Michael Nicolaievich of Russia and a first cousin of Emperor Alexander III. He was a General in the Russian army in World War I. During the Russian Revolution, he was imprisoned by the Bolsheviks and shot by a firing squad, along with his brother, Grand Duke Nicholas Mikhailovich, and his cousins Grand Dukes Paul Alexandrovich and Dimitri Konstantinovich.… Read More

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1863 Birth Grand Duke George Mikhailovich was born at Bielyi-Kliutsch, in the Tiflis Governorate of the Russian Empire (present-day Georgia) on 23 August 1863, the third son and fourth child of the seven children of Grand Duke Michael Nikolaevich of Russia and his wife Grand Duchess Olga Fyodorovna, born Princess Cecily of Baden. … Read More


1892 28 Years Old …  In 1892, he wanted to marry Princess Marie of Edinburgh, but her mother promptly arranged her marriage to Crown Prince Ferdinand of Romania. … Read More


1896 32 Years Old In April 1896, he arrived in Athens and asked her hand in marriage. … Read More
1900 36 Years Old The wedding took place only four years later and at her insistence on Greece soil, in Corfu on 12 May 1900. … Read More


1915 51 Years Old 1 More Event
…  In 1915, he was appointed as aide-de-camp to the commander in chief and Nicholas II employed him as supervisor of operations. … Read More
1916 52 Years Old 1 More Event
At the beginning of 1916, he returned to Russia by Vladivostok, and on his way back inspected the situation in the Far East. … Read More
With the fall of the monarchy he resigned from his military post on 31 March 1917. … Read More
In January 1918, he was informed that Nicholas II and his family were sent as prisoners to Tobolsk. … Read More
1919 55 Years Old Died on January 28, 1919.