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Harun al-Rashid

Abbasid Caliph

Hārūn al-Rashīd was the fifth Arab Abbasid Caliph that encompassed modern Iraq. His birth date remains a point of discussion, though, as various sources give the dates from 763 to 766). He ruled from 786 to 809, and his time was marked by scientific, cultural and religious prosperity. Art and music Hamd o Na'at also flourished significantly during his reign. He established the legendary library Bayt al-Hikma ("House of Wisdom").… Read More

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763 AD Birth Born in 763.


780 AD 17 Years Old Hārūn became caliph when he was in his early twenties. Before that, in 780 and again in 782, he had already nominally led campaigns against the Caliphate's traditional enemy, the Byzantine Empire. … Read More


796 AD 33 Years Old In 796, Hārūn decided to move his court and the government to Ar Raqqah at the middle Euphrates. … Read More
802 AD 39 Years Old …  In 802 Harun sent Charlemagne a present consisting of silks, brass candelabra, perfume, balsam, ivory chessmen, a colossal tent with many-colored curtains, an elephant named Abul-Abbas, and a water clock that marked the hours by dropping bronze balls into a bowl, as mechanical knights—one for each hour—emerged from little doors which shut behind them. … Read More


807 AD 44 Years Old In 807 Caliph Harun al-Rashid issued a decree that Jews wear a yellow belt and that Christians wear a blue belt.
808 AD 45 Years Old In 808, Harun went to settle the insurrection of Rafi ibn al-Layth in Transoxania, became ill, and died in 809. … Read More
809 AD 46 Years Old Died in 809.
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