Heather Graham

Born Jan 29, 1970
Age 46
Hometown Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Other Names Joan Heather Graham

Heather Joan Graham is an American actress. Graham received critical acclaim for her performance in the 1989 film Drugstore Cowboy and for her role as Rollergirl in 1997's Boogie Nights, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

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Heather Graham
Heather Graham
Age 46


  • James Graham
    James Graham
  • Joan (née Bransfield)
    Joan (née Bransfield)



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1970 Birth Born on January 29, 1970.


1986 16 Years Old In 1986, she appeared on a special "Teen Week" episode of the NBC-TV game show Scrabble.
1987 17 Years Old Then she appeared in numerous television commercials, and the sitcom Growing Pains in 1987.
1988 18 Years Old In the 1988 teen comedy License to Drive, she co-starred with Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. … Read More
1989 19 Years Old Graham was cast in a number of parts as a supporting actress including the part of Nadine in the 1989 film Drugstore Cowboy.


1991 21 Years Old In 1991, she appeared in the TV series Twin Peaks as Annie Blackburn, Dale Cooper's second-season love interest. … Read More
1996 26 Years Old She appeared in a brief but important role in the 1996 hit Swingers.
1997 27 Years Old Her breakthrough role proved to be that of the porn starlet "Roller Girl" in 1997's Boogie Nights, in which she appeared in scenes with frontal nudity and received several award nominations. … Read More
1999 29 Years Old 1 More Event
Her first starring role was as Felicity Shagwell in the 1999 sequel Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. … Read More


2001 31 Years Old Graham's other appearances in mainstream roles include her playing Mary Kelly in the 2001 film From Hell, based on the story of Jack the Ripper, and Judy Robinson in 1998's film Lost In Space. She has appeared in many independent films. Some of those films, like 2006's Bobby, received critical acclaim, while others, such as the 2002 straight-to-video erotic thriller Killing Me Softly, have been poorly received. … Read More
2003 33 Years Old 1 More Event
In 2003, she also posed for a photoshoot by photographer Sam Jones, during which she was levitated several feet into the air by a magician, who later also sawed her in half.
2006 36 Years Old 1 More Event
Graham starred in the US ABC-TV comedy series Emily's Reasons Why Not, in 2006. … Read More
2007 37 Years Old Graham is a public advocate for Children International. She also supported the climate change campaign Global Cool in 2007.
2009 39 Years Old In 2009, she played the stripper Jade in The Hangover. … Read More
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