Heather Mills

Former Glamour Model + Activist + Skier + Second Wife of Paul Mccartney
Born Jan 12, 1968

Heather Anne Mills is a former model, English charity campaigner and the ex-wife of former Beatles member, Sir Paul McCartney. In 1993, in London, England, Mills was struck by a police motorbike and suffered serious injuries which resulted in the loss of her left leg from six inches below the knee. She subsequently sold her story to the News of the World and used the proceeds to establish the Heather Mills Health Trust which recycles discarded prosthetic limbs.… Read More

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1968 Birth Born on January 12, 1968.


1983 15 Years Old During her stated period of homelessness, her school records indicate that she and her sister were both enrolled at Usworth comprehensive in Tyne and Wear until April 1983, and then at Hydeburn Comprehensive, in Balham, on 6 June 1983, where they both stayed until 2 July 1984. … Read More
1986 18 Years Old Alfie Karmal (the son of a Palestinian father and Greek mother) was ten years older than Mills when they met in 1986. … Read More
1987 19 Years Old In 1987, Mills went to live in Paris, telling Karmal that a cosmetics company had given her a modelling contract, but became the mistress of millionaire Lebanese businessman George Kazan for two years and took part in a photo session for a stills-only German sex education manual called Die Freuden der Liebe (The Joys of Love). … Read More


1990 22 Years Old While married to Karmal, she suffered two ectopic pregnancies, so Karmal paid for her to go on holiday to Croatia with his children and ex-wife (with whom Mills had become friends) in 1990, but Mills ended up living with her ski instructor, Miloš Pogačar, shortly before the Croatian War began. … Read More
Karmal and Mills were divorced and Mills was later engaged to Raffaele Mincione (a bond dealer for the Industrial Bank of Japan) in 1993.
1994 26 Years Old The first convoy of limbs arrived in Zagreb in October 1994 and Mills travelled with the convoy to film interviews with some of the recipients for the Good Morning with Anne and Nick daytime TV show. … Read More
1995 27 Years Old In 1995, Mills got engaged to British media executive Marcus Stapleton, after being together for only 16 days, and was then engaged to respected documentary filmmaker Chris Terrill in 1999, after only 12 days in Cambodia, where they were making a film about landmines. … Read More


1999 31 Years Old 1 More Event
Mills met McCartney at the Dorchester Hotel, during the Pride of Britain Awards event in April 1999, which McCartney had attended to present an award to an animal rights activist. … Read More
2000 32 Years Old 1 More Event
Her relationship with Sir Paul McCartney brought further public attention in the year 2000.
2001 33 Years Old 1 More Event
While on holiday in the Lake District, McCartney proposed to Mills on 23 July 2001, giving her a £15,000 diamond and sapphire ring he had purchased in Jaipur, India, while they were both there on holiday.
2002 34 Years Old 1 More Event
They married in June 2002 and Mills gave birth to Beatrice Milly McCartney on 28 October 2003. The couple separated in 2006 and finalised their divorce in 2008.
During a Parkinson chat show on 22 February 2003, host Michael Parkinson asked if it was because of McCartney that Mills did not give any interviews, and she replied that she wanted to protect McCartney, his children, and their privacy.
2004 36 Years Old Mills was invited by Larry King to interview Paul Newman, which was broadcast by CNN on 17 April 2004. … Read More
After some time apart, Mills and McCartney separated on 17 May 2006.
…  Mills joined a Viva! film team at a pig farm in Somerset, in February 2007, to publicise the use of restrictive farrowing crates, which are used for sows who are suckling piglets. … Read More


The divorce was granted on 12 May 2008, and the preliminary divorce decree was finalised six weeks later. … Read More
…  In 2009, Mills reported a bogus charity had been set up to extract information about her marriage.
2011 - 2012 3 More Events
2013 45 Years Old 1 More Event
In May 2013 she sold the restaurant premises to local record producer Fatboy Slim and opened a new, enlarged VBites in East Street in Brighton.
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