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Heinrich Müller

General + Military Person
Born Apr 28, 1900

Heinrich Müller was a German police official under both the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany. He became chief of the Gestapo, the political secret state police of Nazi Germany, and was involved in the planning and execution of the Holocaust. He was known as "Gestapo Müller" to distinguish him from another SS general named Heinrich Müller.… Read More

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1900 Birth Born in 1900.


1919 19 Years Old Müller was born in Munich, Bavaria, the son of working class Catholic parents. After service in the last year of World War I as a pilot for an artillery spotting unit, during which he was decorated several times for bravery (including the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class, Bavarian Military Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords and Bavarian Pilots Badge), he joined the Bavarian Police in 1919. … Read More


1929 29 Years Old Before the seizure of power Müller was employed in the political department of the Police Headquarters. He did his duty both under the direction of the notorious Police President Koch Koch, the Munich Police President 1929–33, and under Nortz and Mantel. … Read More


1933 33 Years Old 1 More Event
On 9 March 1933, during the Nazi putsch that deposed the Bavarian government of Minister-President Heinrich Held, Müller had advocated to his superiors using force against the Nazis. … Read More
1934 34 Years Old Müller joined the SS in 1934.
1936 36 Years Old By 1936, with Heydrich head of the Gestapo, Müller was its operations chief.
1939 39 Years Old 1 More Event
Müller continued to rise quickly through the ranks of the SS: in October 1939 he became an SS-Oberführer, in November 1941 - Gruppenführer and Lieutenant General of the police.


1941 41 Years Old …  During 1941 he dispatched Eichmann on tours of inspection of the occupied Soviet Union, and received detailed reports on the work of the Einsatzgruppen, who killed an estimated 1.4 million Jews in 12 months.
Reinhard Heydrich was Müller's direct superior until his assassination in 1942. … Read More
1943 43 Years Old 1 More Event
During 1943 he had differences with Himmler over what to do with the growing evidence of a resistance network within the German state apparatus, particularly the Abwehr and the Foreign Office.
1944 44 Years Old 1 More Event
After the assassination attempt against Adolf Hitler on 20 July 1944, Müller was placed in charge of the arrest and interrogation of all those suspected of involvement in the resistance. … Read More
In April 1945 he was among the last group of Nazi loyalists assembled in the Führerbunker in central Berlin as the Red Army fought its way into the city. … Read More
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