Helen Gurley Brown
American author, editor, publisher, and businesswoman
Helen Gurley Brown
Helen Gurley Brown was an American author, publisher, and businesswoman. She was the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine for 32 years.
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Nonfiction: Was She a Feminist? The Complicated Legacy of Helen Gurley Brown.
NYTimes - 8 months
“Enter Helen” and “Not Pretty Enough” assess the life and influence of the longtime Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown.
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NYTimes article
Naked Burt Reynolds and man-hunting in Vietnam: Helen Gurley Brown biographer Brooke Hauser on how the Cosmo girl came to be
LATimes - 10 months
In 1962, when a 40-year-old Los Angeles ad copywriter published an advice manual on love and work, no one could have imagined that the book would help fuel the Sexual Revolution and change the course of publishing. Helen Gurley Brown's "Sex and the Single Girl" landed like a liberated lightning...
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LATimes article
Librarians! Here's A Little Snark to Brighten Your Day.
Huffington Post - about 1 year
Librarians! Here's A little Snark to Brighten Your Day Although some members of the public imagine that we librarians are paid to sit around on our tushies reading books all day, anyone who actually works at a library knows that it's a tough, challenging job. Library work can be stressful. But laughter is a great way to relieve stress, which is why I follow @LousyLibrarian on Twitter. Every day, @LousyLibrarian posts a snaRky, insightful and often hilarious Tweet about library life. So who is @LousyLibrarian? When I reached out, I learned that he/she wishes to remain anonymous, disclosing no information about age, gender or location of library workplace. All I know is that @LousyLibrarian a sanity-saver if you're reeling from an encounter with a toxic patron or just feeling overwhelmed by your workload. Here are a few of my favorite Tweets: The only things librarians love as much as cats are space heaters. "Why are these shelves labeled 'Holiday Books?'" "Because 'Substa ...
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Fashion Blogger's Bizarre Beauty Secret: Sperm Facials (NSFW)
Huffington Post - over 1 year
A skin care treatment being promoted by a British model-turned-fashion blogger is rubbing some experts the wrong way. Her secret: A daily dose of semen smeared on her face. Tracy Kiss, a former glamor model with two kids, was looking for ways to ease her rosacea, a condition that causes the face to redden, often producing pus-filled bumps, according to the Mayo Clinic. Kiss may love sperm facials, but dermatologists are strongly against her bodily fluid beauty regimen. Kiss came about the method after a beautician suggested an acid facial for her rosacea. The 28-year-old decided to try more natural skincare methods instead. "Semen builds babies, they come out very soft and have beautiful skin, and it leaves my skin nice and soft, so I'm very happy to use this as a facial," she said, according to the Mirror.  "It feels like a face pack that pulls the skin inwards, it feels so glossy to wipe it off. It's like having a kind of oil on the face or a wax where it just ...
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Headlines and Hamachi: How I Learned to Edit -- And Eat Alone
Huffington Post - almost 2 years
I learned a lot from Howard, the former news director of TIME, during my three years at the magazine: how to propel prose forward with the right verbs, when it was okay to insert yourself into a story, and the exact point in time, after shit had hit the fan, you had to tell law enforcement that you were a journalist. But most important, I learned how to eat alone. Eating out wasn't a big to-do for me and my family growing up. We stuck to the usual suburban haunts: Applebee's, Bonefish Grill, a local sushi spot we liked that was located in a strip mall by our house. Even after college when I moved to New York City, a mecca for foodies, I still didn't really care about dining, much less dining alone. Eating by myself felt awkward; I was too insecure and worried about getting odd looks from strangers. In a cramped kitchen that couldn't fit both my boyfriend and me at the same time, I instead made dollar pasta and sad salads with wilting lettuce and baby carrots. When I came into extra ...
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Huffington Post article
Rosie O'Donnell Reveals Cosmopolitan Stopped Her From Coming Out As Gay In 1992 Article
Huffington Post - about 3 years
Rosie O'Donnell had planned on coming out as gay to the public ten years earlier than she did, but a major magazine editor axed her big reveal. The talk show host sat down with Marlo Thomas and talked about how life has changed for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) families over time. In 1995, when she adopted her son, Parker, she said everyone close to her knew she was a lesbian, but the public did not. While O'Donnell says she came out in 1992 during an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, the disclosure never ran. "At that time, nobody printed it," she said. "I remember [Editor-in-Chief] Helen Gurley Brown took it out of an interview that [a reporter] had done with me in, like, 1992. He said, 'Are you gay?' and I said, 'Yes.' She took it out ... She was protecting me because at that time it would've been a huge issue, right? So, I think it's changed a lot. I think it's much more common and people are much more used to it. Being a part of a gay family was not nearl ...
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Take a look at Lena Dunham’s book cover
Salon.com - about 3 years
Lena Dunham on Monday shared a snap of the book jacket for her forthcoming collection of essays, "Not That Kind of Girl." It reminds me of this really lovely edition of Joan Didion's "The White Album" and, as my colleagues Mary Elizabeth Williams and Laura Miller pointed out, also takes a little something from Helen Gurley Brown's "Sex and the Single Girl" and Jacqueline Susann's "Valley of the Dolls." It's a fine-looking book jacket, and clearly a nod to other influential women writers. Well played, people who designed Dunham's book jacket! Continue Reading...
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Salon.com article
7 Winter Spa Treatments That Will Warm You Up
The Street - about 3 years
SAN DIEGO (TheStreet) -- Here's a great way to rid yourself of the winter chills: Have your body slathered in a-self warming seaweed mud and wrapped from head to toe in foil and thermal warming blankets like a human burrito. The result is pure, blissful, cozy warmth. And silky smooth skin -- all in the dead of winter. This is just one example of the luxurious warming winter treatments spas across the country are rolling out to help shake off the winter blues (and dry skin). To be fair, I had my decadent Champagne of the Sea body treatment at the Hilton Bayfront, in San Diego, where there's really no such thing as winter. That makes the city a great choice for a bone warming escape and pampering destination for people in colder parts of the country. If you can't make it to San Diego to defrost, though, there are plenty of other spas across the country that have recently added luxurious winter warming treatments to their offerings. From candle wax massages to honey application from h ...
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Motorist alleges Brown refused to show insurance
Houston Chronicle - over 3 years
A northwest Houston woman has filed a police report alleging City Councilwoman Helena Brown refused to provide proof of insurance following an Oct. 25 fender-bender. Allison Kerlegon, in a Nov. 2 police report, told Houston police she was stopped behind a stalled vehicle on the westbound Katy Freeway feeder road near Brittmore in a Chevrolet Read More
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Houston Chronicle article
Brown fails to lower city tax rate
Houston Chronicle - over 3 years
For weeks, the city has held largely unattended public hearings on the proposed property tax rate while guests on conservative talk radio debated the different types of calculations. When the tax rate came up for a final vote at City Council Wednesday,  Helena Brown of District A sought to slash it. In a press release  Read More
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Houston Chronicle article
Our Money and Our Movie Stars
Huffington Post - over 3 years
"CHINA and India will, separately and together, unleash an explosion of demand," said Indian financier Muckesh Abami. WELL, China's explosion of demand is heavy on Hollywood these days. American-based stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, John Travolta, Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor, Kate Beckinsale and Catherine Zeta-Jones made an appearance at the unveiling of China's billion dollar studio complex in the city of Qingdao. (The unveiling of its plans, anyway. It was kind of like a groundbreaking ceremony.) Along for the ride were super-moguls such as Harvey Weinstein of New York City. The name behind the push is The Wanda Group and nobody knows for sure if anything as big as promised will come out of all the hoopla. As the Hollywood Reporter noted: "The Chinese are famous for wildly exaggerating what they are going to do." But nobody wants to diss the Chinese market even if it is a bit flaky in its predictions. The Asian take on American films is considerable. To the poi ...
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Huffington Post article
NYPL to Launch Afterschool Program
Wall Street Journal - over 3 years
The New York Public Library will launch a $15 million project in the name of the late editor Helen Gurley Brown for eighth-graders living in underserved neighborhoods in Manhattan and the Bronx.
Article Link:
Wall Street Journal article
ArtsBeat: Helen Gurley Brown Trust Donates $15 Million for College Prep at New York Libraries
NYTimes - over 3 years
The five-year program, called NYPL BridgeUP, will provide academic and social support to eighth graders at five library branches in the Bronx and Manhattan.     
Article Link:
NYTimes article
PHOTOS: 1969 Cookbook Wants You To Seduce With Meat
Huffington Post - over 3 years
The problems of dating in 1969 are generally the same as those of dating in 2013. There's the long-held conviction that there just aren't any suitable potentials out there, the awkwardness of who follows up with who and the appropriate way to communicate one's interest. There's the flirty message. There's flowers. And then there's food. The latter was the conclusion reached by Helen Gurley Brown, the iconic Cosmo editor who passed away on this day last year, when she published "The Single Girl's Cookbook." A follow-up to her 1962 best-seller "Sex And The Single Girl," this guide to eating, drinking and entertaining one's way into another's heart provides an amusing glimpse into the past. Photo via Tiny Banquet Committee For instance, I need to frame this gem, on the topic of serving highballs (Tiny Banquet Committee agrees): [W]atch out for anybody who demands cream soda or clam juice or some other esoteric beverage. You have a nut on your hands and the next th ...
Article Link:
Huffington Post article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Helen Gurley Brown
  • 2012
    Age 90
    However, she stayed on at Hearst publishing and remained the international editor for all 59 international editions of Cosmo until her death on August 13, 2012.
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  • 2010
    Age 88
    Helen, and her husband David who passed away in 2010, were laid to rest late November 2012 in adjacent graves at Sisco Cemetery, Helen's maternal family cemetery just south of the village of Osage in Carroll County, Arkansas.
    More Details Hide Details Just seven months prior to her death, continuing the work started with her husband David in forming the Helen Gurley Brown Trust, Brown established the Brown Institute for Media Innovation. This institution is housed at both the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and Stanford's Engineering School. Their $38 million donation to the two schools develops journalism in the context of new technologies. Following her death, the trust continues donating much of its fortune to programs that serve the children of New York and foster advancements in education and technology. $15 million was donated to the New York Public Library, and $7.5 million donated to the American Museum of Natural History. These donations have collectively created new media programs (David and Helen Gurley Brown Institute for Media Innovation) and started initiatives to benefit at-risk youth (NYPL BridgeUp) and increase representation of women and minority groups in STEM disciplines (the AMNH BridgeUp:STEM program).
    After more than 50 years of marriage, her husband, David Brown, died at the age of 93 on February 1, 2010.
    More Details Hide Details In 1965 Helen took over as editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine and was in that position until 1997. Brown revamped the magazine by taking it from a women’s magazine written by men to one of the most widely sold women’s magazines, now available in more than 100 countries. When she began at the magazine, Brown had no editing experience. Her take on the magazine was to be frank when talking about sex in this new version of Cosmopolitan. Sex and the Single Girl gave Brown the formula that is today’s Cosmopolitan. She gave women the freedom to know that women do have sexual desires. The New York Times described the Cosmo Girl that Brown was after as “self-made, sexual and supremely ambitious.... she looked great, wore fabulous clothes and had an unabashedly good time when those clothes came off.” After being gently let go, Brown went on to be editor of the international Cosmopolitan magazines.
  • 2008
    Age 86
    In September 2008, Brown was named the 13th-most-powerful American over the age of 80 by Slate magazine.
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  • 1997
    Age 75
    In 1997, Brown was ousted from her role as the U.S. editor of Cosmopolitan and replaced by Bonnie Fuller.
    More Details Hide Details When she left, Cosmopolitan ranked sixth at the newsstand and, for the 16th straight year, ranked first in bookstores on college campuses.
  • 1965
    Age 43
    In 1965, Brown became editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, then a literary magazine famed for high-toned content, and reinvented it as a magazine for the modern single career-woman.
    More Details Hide Details In the 1960s, Brown was an outspoken advocate of women's sexual freedom and sought to provide women with role models in her magazine. She claimed that women could have it all – "love, sex, and money". As a result of her advocacy, glamorous, fashion-focused women were sometimes called "Cosmo Girls". Her work played a part in what is often called the sexual revolution.
  • 1962
    Age 40
    In 1962, when Brown was 40, her book Sex and the Single Girl was published in 28 countries, and stayed on the bestseller lists for over a year.
    More Details Hide Details In 1964 the book inspired a film of the same name starring Natalie Wood.
  • 1959
    Age 37
    In 1959 she married David Brown, who would go on to become a noted film producer.
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  • 1947
    Age 25
    In 1947, Cleo and Mary moved to Osage, Arkansas, while Brown stayed in Los Angeles.
    More Details Hide Details After working at the William Morris Agency, Music Corporation of America, and Jaffe talent agencies, she worked for Foote, Cone & Belding advertising agency as a secretary. Her employer recognized her writing skills and moved her to the copywriting department, where she advanced rapidly to become one of the nation's highest-paid ad copywriters in the early 1960s.
  • 1941
    Age 19
    After Brown's graduation, the family moved to Warm Springs, Georgia. She attended one semester at Texas State College for Women and then moved back to California to attend Woodbury Business College, from which she graduated in 1941.
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  • 1937
    Age 15
    In 1937, Brown, her sister Mary, and their mother moved to Los Angeles, California.
    More Details Hide Details A few months after moving, Mary contracted polio. While in California, Brown attended John H. Francis Polytechnic High School.
  • 1922
    Age 0
    Born on February 18, 1922.
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