Henry Masauko Blasius Chipembere

Henry Masauko Blasius Chipembere

Politician + Historian
Born Aug 5, 1930

Henry Masauko Blasius Chipembere was a Malawian nationalist who played a significant role in bringing independence from colonial rule to his native country, formerly known as Nyasaland. He died in exile in Southern California, of complications arising from diabetes.… Read More

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1930 Birth Born in 1930.


1954 24 Years Old On December 30, 1954, he attended an informal meeting in Blantyre, Nyasaland, with like-minded young Nyasas, including Kanyama Chiume, who decided to ally themselves with the Nyasaland African Congress (NAC), then a rather moribund political organization dominated by an earlier generation demoralized by its failure to prevent the federation, in 1953, of Nyasaland with bordering Southern and Northern Rhodesia. In 1955, in order to provide a safety valve for African political self-expression, the Colonial Office agreed that the number of seats reserved for Africans on the Legislative Council should increase from three to five. … Read More
In March 1956, aged only 25, Henry Chipembere resigned his civil service post in order to stand for election. … Read More
1957 27 Years Old In March 1957, TDT Banda, a leading member of Congress supported by the younger element, went to the Gold Coast to participate in that country's independence celebrations, and while he was there visited Banda in order to try to persuade him. … Read More
In June 1958, Chipembere, Dunduzu Chisiza and Chief Kutanja, joined with Banda in meeting the Colonial Secretary, Lennox-Boyd, in London to discuss a new constitution for Nyasaland (one which had already been roundly rejected by Nyasaland's governor, Robert Armitage). … Read More
1959 29 Years Old 1 More Event
On January 24 and 25, 1959, there was a meeting of Congress held without Banda near Blantyre, which became known as the "bush meeting". … Read More


The mood in Britain, meanwhile, had long been moving toward relinquishing the colonies. Banda was released from prison in April 1960 and was almost immediately invited to London for talks at Lancaster House aimed at bringing about constitutional changes. … Read More
1961 - 1963 2 More Events
1964 34 Years Old Three other cabinet members (Yatuta Chisiza, Willie Chokani and John Msonthi) resigned on the same day, causing the Cabinet Crisis of 1964. … Read More
1965 35 Years Old In March 1965, Chipembere, through Governor General Glyn Jones, made overtures to Banda to proclaim an amnesty in exchange for his agreement to leave the country. … Read More
1966 36 Years Old Chipembere spent the rest of his life in exile. He remained in California until August 1966 when he left for Tanzania, then ruled by Julius Nyerere and his African-Socialist Tanzanian African National Union (TANU) party. … Read More
1968 38 Years Old In early 1968, he attempted reconciliation with Banda through Lady Listowel and, through her, Glyn Jones. … Read More
1969 39 Years Old In 1969, Chipembere returned to the US, where he taught at California State University.


1975 45 Years Old He died in 1975, aged 45, survived by his wife, Catherine, and seven children. … Read More
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