Hermann Fegelein

Hermann Fegelein

Military Officer; Brother-in-law of Eva Braun
Born Oct 30, 1906
Hometown Ansbach
Died Apr 29, 1945
Death Place Berlin
Other Names "Flegelein"

SS-Gruppenführer Hans Georg Otto Hermann Fegelein was a General of the Waffen-SS in Nazi Germany. He was a member of Adolf Hitler's entourage and brother-in-law to Eva Braun through his marriage to her sister, Gretl. Fegelein was highly decorated for his service on the Eastern Front during World War II, where units under his command were responsible for the deaths of over 17,000 Jews and other civilians at the Pripyat swamps in Byelorussian SSR in 1941.… Read More

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  • Margarete Braun
    Married 1944 - 1945


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Hermann Fegelein
Hermann Fegelein


  • Eva Fegelein
    Eva Fegelein
    Daughter, d.1975


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1906 Birth Born on October 30, 1906.


1925 18 Years Old In 1925, after studying for two terms at Munich University, Fegelein joined the Reiter-Regiment 17 (Cavalry Regiment 17).


1927 20 Years Old On 20 April 1927, he joined the Bavarian State Police in Munich as an officer cadet.
1930 23 Years Old While in Munich, he came into contact with National Socialism, joining the Nazi Party (membership number 1,200,158) and the Sturmabteilung (SA) in 1930.
1933 26 Years Old Fegelein transferred to the SS on 10 April 1933, with membership number 66,680. … Read More
1936 29 Years Old Fegelein oversaw the preparation of the courses and facilities for the equestrian events of the Berlin Olympic Games in 1936.


1937 30 Years Old Fegelein won the Deutsches Spring- und Dressurderby international tournament in 1937, as did his brother, Waldemar, in 1939. … Read More
1939 32 Years Old 1 More Event
In September 1939, after the end of the Polish Campaign, Fegelein commanded the SS Totenkopf Reiterstandarte (Deaths-Head Horse Regiment). … Read More
On 23 April 1941 Fegelein and his unit were caught stealing money and luxury goods intended for transportation back to Germany. … Read More
1942 35 Years Old On 20 April 1942 he was appointed commander of the 8th SS Cavalry Division Florian Geyer and returned to service on the Eastern front until September 1943.
After Fegelein was wounded for a third time in action on the Russian front, Himmler reassigned him on 1 January 1944 to Hitler's headquarters staff as his liaison officer and representative of the SS.
…  Fegelein was shot for desertion on 28 April 1945, two days before Hitler's suicide. … Read More
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