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Hermine Braunsteiner

Hermine Braunsteiner

Austrian Concentratoin Camp Guard
Born Jul 16, 1919

Hermine Braunsteiner Ryan was a female camp guard and the first Nazi war criminal to be extradited from the United States.

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Learn about the memorable moments in the evolution of Hermine Braunsteiner.


1919 Birth Born on July 16, 1919.


1937 17 Years Old From 1937 to 1938 she worked in England for an American engineer's household.
1938 18 Years Old In 1938 the Anschluss made her a German citizen, and she returned to Vienna. … Read More
1939 19 Years Old At the urging of her landlord, she applied for a better paying job with better working conditions, supervising prisoners, quadrupling her income in time. She began her training on August 15, 1939, as an Aufseherin under Maria Mandel at Ravensbrück concentration camp. … Read More


1942 22 Years Old On October 16, 1942, she took up her duties in the apparel factory at Majdanek, located near Lublin, Poland. … Read More
1943 23 Years Old 1 More Event
She was promoted to assistant wardress in January 1943 under Oberaufseherin Elsa Ehrich along with five other women. … Read More
1946 26 Years Old The Austrian police arrested her and turned her over to the British military occupation authorities; she remained incarcerated from May 6, 1946, until April 18, 1947.
1948 28 Years Old A court in Graz, Austria convicted her of torture, maltreatment of prisoners and crimes against humanity and against human dignity at Ravensbrück (not Majdanek), then sentenced her to serve three years, beginning April 7, 1948; she was released early in April 1950. … Read More


1958 38 Years Old Russell Ryan, an American, met her on his vacation in Austria. They married in October 1958, after they had emigrated to Nova Scotia, Canada.
1959 39 Years Old She entered the United States in April 1959, becoming a United States citizen on January 19, 1963. … Read More


1964 44 Years Old Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal had followed her trail from a tip in Tel Aviv to Vienna to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and then, via Toronto, to Queens. In 1964 Wiesenthal alerted the New York Times that Braunsteiner might have married a man named Ryan and might live in the Maspeth area of the Borough of Queens in New York. … Read More
1968 48 Years Old On August 22, 1968, United States authorities sought to revoke her citizenship because she had failed to disclose her convictions for war crimes; she was denaturalized in 1971 after entering into a consent judgment to avoid deportation.


A prosecutor in Duesseldorf began investigating her wartime behavior, and in 1973 the German government requested her extradition, accusing her of joint responsibility in the death of 200,000 people. … Read More
1975 56 Years Old The third Majdanek trial (Majdanek-Prozess in German) was held in Düsseldorf. It began on November 26, 1975, and lasted 474 sessions, Germany's longest and most expensive trial. … Read More


1981 62 Years Old On June 30, 1981, the court imposed a life sentence, a more severe punishment than those meted out to her co-defendants.
1996 77 Years Old Complications of diabetes, including a leg amputation, led to her release from Mülheimer women's prison in 1996.
1999 80 Years Old Hermine Braunsteiner Ryan died on April 19, 1999, aged 79, in Bochum, Germany. … Read More
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