Hilkiah was a Hebrew Priest at the time of King Josiah. His name is mentioned in II Kings. He was the High Priest and is known for finding a lost copy of the Book of the law at the Temple in Jerusalem at the time that King Josiah commanded that the Holy Temple be refurbished. His preaching may have helped spur Josiah to return Judah to the worship of Yahweh, God of Israel.… Read More

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1 AD ? Azaryah and Hanan, sons of Hilkiah, both held a sacerdotal function in the Temple of Jerusalem. In the late roster of high priests referred to in 1 Chronicles (5.39 and 9.11), Azaryah IV was the successor of Hilkiah in this function and probably his eldest son, while his other son, Hanan, served by his side as a priest. … Read More
586 AD ? The seal of Hanan and the bulla of Azaryah, two sons of the high priest Hilkiah, represent testimonies of the last years of Solomon's Temple, the first Temple of Jerusalem, before its destruction by Nebuchadnezzar II in 586
1980 ? The first object where his name is mentioned is a seal ring found in 1980. … Read More
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