Houari Boumediene

Houari Boumediene

President of Algeria
Born Aug 23, 1932
Hometown Guelma Province
Died Dec 27, 1978
Death Place Algiers
Political Party Revolutionary Cou...
Religion Sunni Islam

Houari Boumedienne (also known as Mohammed Ben Brahim Boukharouba) served as Algeria's Chairman of the Revolutionary Council from 19 June 1965 until 12 December 1976, and from then on as the second President of Algeria to his death on 27 December 1978.… Read More

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1932 Birth Born on August 23, 1932.


1955 22 Years Old Mohamed Ben Brahim Boukharouba was born near Héliopolis in the province of Guelma and educated at the Islamic Institute in Constantine. He joined National Liberation Front (FLN) in the Algerian War of Independence in 1955, adopting Houari Boumediène as his nom-de-guerre (from Sidi Boumediène, the name of the patron saint of the city of Tlemcen in western Algeria, where he served as an officer during the war, and Sidi El Houari, the patron saint of nearby Oran).
1960 27 Years Old He reached the rank of Colonel, then the highest rank in the FLN forces, and from 1960 he was chief of staff of the ALN, the FLN's military wing. … Read More
1962 29 Years Old In 1962, after its vote of self-determination, Algerians declared independence and the French announced it was independent. … Read More


1965 32 Years Old He grew increasingly distrustful of Ben Bella's erratic style of government and ideological puritanism, and in June 1965, Boumédienne seized power in a bloodless coup. … Read More
1967 34 Years Old Initially, he was seen as potentially a weak ruler, with no significant power base except inside the army, and it was not known to what extent he controlled the officer corps. But after a botched coup against him by military officers in 1967 he tightened his rule.
1971 38 Years Old …  Algeria had virtually no advanced production at the time, but in 1971 Boumédienne nationalized the Algerian oil industry, increasing government revenue tremendously (and sparking intense protest from the French government).


1973 40 Years Old He then put the soaring oil and gas resources—enhanced by the oil price shock of 1973—into building heavy industry, hoping to make his country the Maghreb's industrial centre. … Read More
1975 42 Years Old A significant regional event was his 1975 pledge of support for an Western Saharan self-determination, admitting Sahrawi refugees and the Polisario guerrilla movement to Algerian territory, after Morocco and Mauritania claimed control over the territory. … Read More
…  The constitution reintroduced the office of president, which Boumedienne entered after a single-candidate referendum in 1978. … Read More
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