Hugh Hudson
British film director
Hugh Hudson
Hugh Hudson is an English film director. His best-known international success is the 1981 multiple Academy Award-winning film, Chariots of Fire.
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Review: ‘Finding Altamira’: A Prehistoric Discovery, Vehemently Disputed
NYTimes - 5 months
Hugh Hudson’s drama about the uncovering of cave paintings features Antonio Banderas as the 19th-century Spaniard who fought to prove their authenticity.
Article Link:
NYTimes article
Ian Linden: Border Crossings
Huffington Post - over 4 years
The headline 'Mo-mentous' summed up the tabloid press verdict on the Olympics. The wide-eyed, victorious face of Muhammad 'Mo' Farah, a British Somali track athlete, was the defining picture, a stake through the heart of the anti-immigrant, racist politics of the extreme Right in Europe. Dracula will doubtless drag himself out of his coffin but it was a moment to be savoured. Like a pint of newly poured Guinness, the media froth coming off the Games has taken a long time to settle. Can the Paralympics do for physical disability what the Olympics may have done, at least temporarily, for perceptions of immigrants and people of other faiths? Perhaps. It will certainly enhance the spirituality of sport, the aura of the Games. Daniel Barenboim's West-Eastern Divan Orchestra playing at the Proms in London during the Olympic Games, for me, was part of that aura, almost a counterpoint. Though the Olympic movement is about individual competition it is often portrayed as a competi ...
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Huffington Post article
Chariots of Fire stars turn out to celebrate re-release of the 1981 Olympics classic
Daily Mail (UK) - over 4 years
They collected four Oscars including Best Picture for their 1981 Olympics epic, Chariots of Fire, and tonight Ben Cross, Hugh Hudson and Nigel Havers celebrated their success once more.
Article Link:
Daily Mail (UK) article
Hugh Hudson Set to Direct Midnight Sun
Movies Web - almost 5 years
Ashok Amritraj's Hyde Park Entertainment and Image Nation Abu Dhabi will finance and co-produce the Arctic adventure Midnight Sun. Directed by Hugh Hudson (Chariots of Fire, Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes), the film is from a script by Hugh Hudson and Bart Gavigan. Jake Eberts (Dances with Wolves, Gandhi) and Brando Quilici (Iceman Autopsy) will produce alongside Hyde Park Entertainment's Ashok Amritraj (Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance). Hyde Park International will introduce the project at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival, and will represent worldwide rights. The project has already generated significant interest among buyers, including Medusa, which has purchased Italian rights, and Alliance Atlantis, which has purchased Canadian rights. Midnight Sun is a four-quadrant family adventure film in the vein of Free Willy and Dolphin Tale, set amongst the ice fields of Northern Canada. The hero is a young boy, Luke, who defies the dangerous elements of natur ...
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Movies Web article
Hollywood`s Hugh Hudson to head Mumbai Film Festival - Zee News
Google News - over 5 years
Mumbai: Hollywood director Hugh Hudson and Bond movie `Tomorrow Never Dies` maker Roger Spottiswoode will be the jury members of the 13th Mumbai Film Festival. The two will head the international competition sections along with Arnold Schwarzenegger
Article Link:
Google News article
This Must be the Place to open UK Jewish Film Festival - Screen International
Google News - over 5 years
The programme also includes a special screening of the 1981 classic Chariots of Fire in celebration of the films 30 th anniversary, with director Hugh Hudson attending as guest of honour. Executive Director of the festival Judy Ironside,
Article Link:
Google News article
The cast and crew of Scarface: where are they now? - Den Of Geek
Google News - over 5 years
After the disaster of Hugh Hudson's Revolution in 1985, Pacino took a sabbatical from cinema and immersed himself in his first love – theatre. Finally returning to the big screen with Sea Of Love in 1989 and The Godfather Part III in 1990,
Article Link:
Google News article
Help Astronomers Build a Movie of the 2017 Eclipse - Wired News (blog)
Google News - over 5 years
“In a normal eclipse you get only a few minutes to observe the corona,” said Hugh Hudson, senior research scientist at the Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, one of the project leaders. “We'll get a much better view
Article Link:
Google News article
Tarzan – Review (1932) - Movies Forum
Google News - over 5 years
Die Regie in Tarzan führte Hugh Hudson. Das Drehbuch wurde von Robert Towne und Michael Augustin nach der Vorlage der Original-Buchausgabe verfasst. Die Filmmusik stammt von John Scott. Der adlige John Clayton erleidet Schiffbruch und verliert seine
Article Link:
Google News article
Astronomers Plan Crowdsourced Megamovie of 2017 Solar Eclipse - MIT Technology Review (blog)
Google News - over 5 years
Now Hugh Hudson at the Space Sciences Laboratory, UC Berkeley, and a group of chums have announced the most ambitious crowdsourced project so far. These guys want to make a megamovie of a solar eclipse using stills taken by amateur photographers
Article Link:
Google News article
Estreia o filme Planeta dos Macacos: A Origem - Bem Parana
Google News - over 5 years
Rupert Wyatt viu O Garoto Selvagem, de François Truffaut, e Greystoke, A Lenda de Tarzan, de Hugh Hudson. Absorveu o melhor desses filmes raros. Andy Serkis, o mais desconhecido dos grandes atores, vira de novo macaco - foi o rei Kong - e expressa,
Article Link:
Google News article
U.S. National Park Service formed in 1916 - Bend Bulletin
Google News - over 5 years
Movie director Hugh Hudson is 75. Author Frederick Forsyth is 73. Actor David Canary is 73. Movie director John Badham is 72. Filmmaker Marshall Brickman is 70. Rhythm-and-blues singer Walter Williams (The O'Jays) is 69. Actor Anthony Heald is 67
Article Link:
Google News article
Gaultiero Jacopetti dies at 91 - Variety
Google News - over 5 years
... editor and a maker of newsreels before he turned to feature films. His last film, which he wrote but did not direct, was "Fangio -- Una vita a 300 all'ora," a documentary about the Formula One racecar driver Juan Manuel Fangio helmed by Hugh Hudson
Article Link:
Google News article
Historia de cien años de música en el cine (IX) - Gente Digital
Google News - over 5 years
Un año después, la composición que escribe para Carros de fuego, de Hugh Hudson, le vale el Oscar a la Mejor Banda Sonora y le catapulta a ese parnaso de las bandas sonoras al que nos referimos. Con el teclista griego, el mago de los sintetizadores,
Article Link:
Google News article
Estate Romana Programma 30 Luglio - Funweek
Google News - over 5 years
Per la serata d'apertura, alle 21.30, c'è la proiezione del film “Momenti di gloria” di Hugh Hudson. Alle ore 21, a Villa Doria Pamphilj (via di San Pancrazio, 10), si tiene La Tradizione del melodramma nell'Italia del XIX secolo
Article Link:
Google News article
Exodus sees team struggle - Penarth Times
Google News - over 5 years
Jamie Hitchen was 42 not out, Hugh Hudson 34 not out and James Groves 28. It was extremely encouraging to see the club's youngsters stand up and be counted in what was a very difficult situation. The Fourth team were at home to Pentwyn and fielded a
Article Link:
Google News article
Et si on parlait plutôt politique ? -
Google News - over 5 years
Dans ce superbe film britannique de Hugh Hudson, « Les chariots de feu », qui se déroule autour des Jeux Olympiques de 1924 à Paris, Harold Abrahams (Ben Cross à l'écran), qui remportera le 100 mètres, dispose d'un entraîneur personnel en la personne
Article Link:
Google News article
Arnie, damaged brains and lost selves at film festival - New Scientist (blog)
Google News - over 5 years
A collaboration between Broks, former Bond girl Maryam d'Abo and her husband, director Hugh Hudson, Rupture was inspired by d'Abo's own experience of surviving a brain haemorrhage. While Machine in the Ghost got festival-goers pondering the outer
Article Link:
Google News article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Hugh Hudson
  • 2016
    Age 79
    In 2016, Hudson directed the period drama Altamira, about the discovery of the famous Spanish cave paintings.
    More Details Hide Details The film stars Antonio Banderas and Rupert Everett.
  • 2012
    Age 75
    Also in 2012, it was announced that Hudson would direct Midnight Sun, a feature film about a child who tries to help a family of polar bears on the shrinking polar ice cap.
    More Details Hide Details Hudson co-wrote the script as well.
    Hudson co-produced Chariots of Fire, the 2012 stage adaptation of the film of the same title.
    More Details Hide Details The stage adaptation was his idea, for the London Olympic year.
  • 2008
    Age 71
    In 2008 Hudson re-edited Revolution, giving the film a narration by Al Pacino.
    More Details Hide Details The Observer film critic Philip French writing about the new version said, "Revolution was misunderstood and unjustly treated on its first appearance twenty years ago. Seeing it again in the director's slightly revised version it now strikes me as a masterpiece – profound, poetic and original. Hudson's film should take its place among the great movies about history and about individual citizens living in times of dramatic social change. One hopes it will finally find the wide audience it deserves."
  • 2006
    Age 69
    In 2006 Hudson was reported to be working, together with producer John Heyman, on an historical epic based on the life of the monotheistic Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti.
    More Details Hide Details The film centres around their tempestuous relationship.
  • 2003
    Age 66
    In November 2003, he married actress Maryam d'Abo, who played Kara Milovy in The Living Daylights (1987).
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1999
    Age 62
    In 1999 Hudson directed My Life So Far.
    More Details Hide Details Jean Claude Carriere wrote of it, "Hugh Hudson's film My Life So Far is a delightful bittersweet film, which covers the start of a boy's life during the first part of the 20th century – from his last baby's bottle to his first cigar. A film which sadly is not known as well as it should be. It is a variation on a universal theme which will never end. There will always be men and women, old people and youngsters, horses and dogs." Hudson next directed I Dreamed of Africa (2000), which was the closing film of the Cannes Film Festival of that year.
  • 1989
    Age 52
    Hudson's next theatrical feature film was Lost Angels (1989), nominated for the Palme d'Or at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival.
    More Details Hide Details The film was an American-based drama starring Donald Sutherland and Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys and dealing with disaffected youth in California.
  • 1988
    Age 51
    In 1988 Hudson directed a 2½-minute advert for British Rail, a parody of the Post Office Film Unit's 25-minute documentary, Night Mail, made in 1936.
    More Details Hide Details Poet W. H. Auden had written verse specifically to fit the original 1936 film's footage, which showed the enormous scale of BR's daily operation and the structure of the 'sectorised' business. The opening sequence of Hudson's British Rail advert features the northbound Travelling Post Office with Auden's original verse, narrated by Sir Tom Courtenay. Some of the other many acclaimed advertisements created by Hudson include the 1989 British Airways "Face" advert seen in over 80 countries around the world and running for almost a decade; the 1979 Fiat Strada Figaro advert; and the Benson & Hedges "Swimming Pool" and "salvage" adverts. In 2007 he created his Silverjet advert, a direct parody of his own 1989 British Airways advert. He also created the Courage Best "Gercha" advert and the Cinzano "Aeroplane" advert. Hudson also directed Kinnock – The Movie (1987), an election broadcast for the British Labour Party.
  • 1985
    Age 48
    In 1985 Hudson directed Revolution, which depicted the American War of Independence, and which was released before it was a fully completed film.
    More Details Hide Details The film was a critical and commercial failure at the box office and earned Hudson a Golden Raspberry Award nomination for Worst Director.
  • 1984
    Age 47
    Hudson had rejected numerous feature film offers before Chariots of Fires success. His next production was Greystoke - The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (1984) which received four Oscar nominations, and was Ralph Richardson's last screen performance, for which he was nominated in the 1984 Oscars as Best Supporting Actor.
    More Details Hide Details It was a success at the box office and with critics.
  • 1981
    Age 44
    Vincent Canby of the New York Times wrote in 1981 "It's to the credit of both Mr. Hudson and Mr. Welland that Chariots of Fire is simultaneously romantic and commonsensical, lyrical and comic....
    More Details Hide Details It's an exceptional film, about some exceptional people."
  • 1979
    Age 42
    From 1979 to 1980 Hudson directed his first and most successful feature film, Chariots of Fire (1981), the story of two British track runners, one a devout Christian and the other an ambitious Jew, in the run-up to the 1924 Olympic Games.
    More Details Hide Details The film is said to have revitalised the fading British film industry, and it won four Academy Awards, including Best Picture; Hudson earned a nomination for Best Director. His friend and colleague Vangelis produced an Academy Award-winning score for the film.
  • 1977
    Age 40
    Hudson's first marriage on 25 August 1977, was with painter Susan Michie, born 8 December 1946, the daughter of Alastair Milne Michie, with whom he had a son, born in 1978.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1973
    Age 36
    Between 1973 and 1975 Hudson wrote and directed Fangio, A life at 300 km/h, a documentary film about motor racing seen through the eyes of Juan Manuel Fangio, five times the world Formula 1 Champion.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1956
    Age 19
    He began his National Service in the Royal Armoured Corps from 28 January 1956, reaching the rank of second lieutenant and remained as a lieutenant in the Army Reserve of Officers until he was discharged on 16 January 1960.
    More Details Hide Details In the 1960s, after three years of editing documentaries in Paris, Hudson headed a documentary film company with partners Robert Brownjohn and David Cammell. The company produced, among others, the documentaries A for Apple, which won a Screenwriters' Guild Award, and The Tortoise and the Hare, which was nominated for a BAFTA award. The company emerged with much success in the 1960s, winning many awards and pioneering a new graphic style for documentary and advertising films. He then began a career in advertising, producing and directing many advertisements. His first filmmaking job was as a second-unit director on Alan Parker's Midnight Express.
  • 1942
    Age 5
    He was sent to boarding school in 1942 at the age of 6, and thereafter was educated at Eton College.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1936
    Born on August 25, 1936.
    More Details Hide Details
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