Humphrey IV of Toron

Humphrey IV of Toron

Born 1166

Humphrey IV of Toron was the lord of Toron, Kerak, and Oultrejordain in the crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem.

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1166 Birth Born in 1166.


1179 13 Years Old Humphrey IV became lord of Toron when his grandfather Humphrey II died of wounds after saving King Baldwin IV's life at Banias in 1179.
1180 14 Years Old In 1180 he became betrothed to Isabella of Jerusalem, daughter of Amalric I and half-sister to Baldwin, under the agreement that Toron would become a royal territory. … Read More
1183 17 Years Old In November 1183 the teenage Humphrey and the eleven-year-old Isabella were married in the fortress of Kerak (the seat of the lordship of Oultrejourdain), which was besieged by Saladin shortly afterwards. … Read More


1186 20 Years Old In 1186, when Baldwin V died, Humphrey's stepfather Raynald tried to convince him to claim the throne in right of Isabella, whom her mother Dowager Queen Maria Comnena and the Ibelin faction wanted to crown as soon as possible. … Read More
1189 23 Years Old He was captured again when Kerak fell in 1189, but was again set free. … Read More
1190 24 Years Old Sibylla's death in 1190, during the siege of Acre in the Third Crusade, deprived Guy of his legal claim to the throne. … Read More
1192 26 Years Old …  In 1192, when Conrad was assassinated by the Hashshashin, Humphrey, along with Richard and various others, was suspected of involvement, although this is unlikely. … Read More


2005 840 Years Old He appears briefly in the 2005 movie Kingdom of Heaven alongside his stepfather Raynald of Châtillon at Kerak. … Read More
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