Humphrey IV of Toron

Humphrey IV of Toron

Born 1166

Humphrey IV of Toron was the lord of Toron, Kerak, and Oultrejordain in the crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem.

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1166 Birth Born in 1166.
1173 7 Years Old Humphrey was still a child when his father died around 1173. … Read More
1174 8 Years Old She married Miles of Plancy, Seneschal of Jerusalem, but he was murdered in October 1174. … Read More


1179 13 Years Old Humphrey inherited the Lordship of Toron from his grandfather who died of wounds received in the Battle of Banyas on 22 April 1179.
1180 14 Years Old 1 More Event
…  He renounced Toron on his engagement to the half-sister of Baldwin IV of Jerusalem, Isabella, in 1180, because Baldwin wanted to prevent him from uniting two large fiefs.
Humphrey married Isabella in Kerak Castle in autumn 1183. … Read More


1186 20 Years Old …  Guy granted Toron and Chastel Neuf (two domains that Humphrey had abandoned in 1180) to Joscelin of Courtenay in 1186, stipulating that should Joscelin restore the two estates to Humphrey, he would receive the compensation that Humphrey had received for them.
1187 21 Years Old Humphrey's stepfather, Raynald of Châtillon, plundered a caravan moving from Egypt to Syria in early 1187, claiming that the truce between the Kingdom of Jerusalem and Saladin did not cover his Lordship of Oultrejourdan. … Read More
After the death of Sybilla in autumn 1190, most barons of the realm (including Isabella's stepfather, Balian of Ibelin) wanted to give Isabella in marriage to Conrad of Montferrat, a successful military leader. … Read More
1191 25 Years Old Humphrey was among the barons who accompanied Guy of Lusignan, who did not renounce the kingdom, to meet Richard I of England in Limassol in Cyprus in May 1191. … Read More
1192 26 Years Old The widowed Isabella married Henry II, Count of Champagne in Acre on 5 May 1192.


1198 32 Years Old Humphrey died in 1198, shortly after the marriage of his ex-wife, Isabella, and Aimery of Lusignan, King of Cyprus. … Read More
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