Ippolito d'Este

Cardinal + Archbishop + Bishop
Born Mar 20, 1479

Ippolito d'Este (March 20, 1479 – September 3, 1520) was an Italian Roman Catholic cardinal, and Archbishop of Esztergom. He was a member of the House of Este.

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Learn about the memorable moments in the evolution of Ippolito d'Este.


1479 Birth Born in 1479.
1485 6 Years Old Born in Ferrara, he was the son of Duke Ercole I d'Este and Eleonore of Aragon and was immediately educated for the ecclesiastical career. In 1485, at the age of six, he was already at the head of an abbacy and two years later, thanks to his aunt Beatrix of Aragon who had married the King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary, he was named archbishop of Esztergom in his Kingdom. … Read More


1493 14 Years Old After Matthias' death, he travelled frequently to Italy. During one of these trips, he was created cardinal by Alexander VI, on September 20, 1493. … Read More
1497 18 Years Old He was appointed archbishop of Milan in 1497 and named cardinal in 1509, after which he resided in Rome governed the archdiocese of Milan through a vicar.


1500 21 Years Old From the tax reports of the Curia for the year 1500, he was the fifth richest member. … Read More
1503 24 Years Old He remained in Rome until February 15, 1503, and later his relationship with the pope deteriorated due to Ercole's philo-French maneuvers.
1507 28 Years Old After Alexander's death, Pius III appointed him as bishop of Ferrara, but Ippolito was again at short terms with his successor Julius II, and in 1507 he left the Curia. … Read More


1509 30 Years Old In 1509 he successfully led a military contingent to regain the Polesine territories that the Este had lost in the war with Venice in 1484, winning the decisive battle of Polesella. … Read More
1511 32 Years Old On May 16, 1511 he was among the cardinals who signed the appeal to the pope to speak at the schismatic Council of Pisa. … Read More
1513 34 Years Old In 1513 Ippolito moved again to Hungary but, when in his absence Leo X Medici was elected pope, he returned again to his native city.
1514 35 Years Old On April 22, 1514 he and his family were pardoned for all their past anti-papal acts.


1519 40 Years Old In 1519 he left the archbishopric of Milan to his nephew Ippolito II d'Este. … Read More
1520 41 Years Old Died in 1520.
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