Isabella of France

Isabella of France

Queen Consort of England
Born Mar 17, 1292

Isabella of France, sometimes described as the She-wolf of France, was Queen consort of England as the wife of Edward II of England. She was the youngest surviving child and only surviving daughter of Philip IV of France and Joan I of Navarre. Queen Isabella was notable at the time for her beauty, diplomatic skills and intelligence. Isabella arrived in England at the age of twelve during a period of growing conflict between the king and the powerful baronial factions.… Read More

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1295 - 1298 2 More Events
1299 4 Years Old She is described as born in 1292 in the Annals of Wigmore, and Piers Langtoft agrees, claiming that she was 7 years old in 1299.
1303 8 Years Old Since she had to reach the canonical age of 7 before her betrothal in May 1303, and that of 12 before her marriage in January 1308, the evidence suggests that she was born between May and November 1295. … Read More
1305 10 Years Old A Papal dispensation by Clement V in November 1305 permitted her immediate marriage by proxy, despite the fact that she was probably only 10 years old.


1308 13 Years Old 1 More Event
The French chroniclers Guillaume de Nangis and Thomas Walsingham describe her as 12 years old at the time of her marriage in January 1308, placing her birth between the January of 1295 and of 1296.
1311 16 Years Old 1 More Event
During 1311, however, Edward conducted a failed campaign against the Scots, during which Isabella and he only just escaped capture.
1312 - 1313 2 More Events
1314 19 Years Old Isabella concluded that the pair must have been carrying on an illicit affair, and appears to have informed her father of this during her next visit to France in 1314. … Read More


1316 - 1320 3 More Events
Despite the momentary respite delivered by Isabella, by the autumn of 1321, the tensions between the two factions of Edward, Isabella and the Despenser, opposing the baronial opposition led by Thomas of Lancaster, were extremely high, with forces still mobilised across the country.
1322 27 Years Old Isabella effectively separated from Edward from here onwards, leaving him to live with Hugh Despenser. At the end of 1322, Isabella left the court on a ten-month-long pilgrimage around England by herself.
1323 28 Years Old On her return in 1323 she visited Edward briefly, but refused to take a loyalty oath to the Despensers and was removed from the process of granting royal patronage.
1324 29 Years Old 1 More Event
At the end of 1324, as tensions grew with Isabella's homeland of France, Edward and the Despensers confiscated all of Isabella's lands, took over the running of her household and arrested and imprisoned all of her French staff. … Read More


…  Isabella could not tolerate Hugh Despenser and by 1325 her marriage to Edward was at a breaking point. … Read More
1326 31 Years Old Taking Prince Edward with them, Isabella and Mortimer left the French court in summer 1326 and travelled north to William I, Count of Hainaut. … Read More
1327 32 Years Old 1 More Event
…  The session was held in January 1327, with Isabella's case being led by her supporter Adam Orleton, Bishop of Hereford. … Read More
1328 33 Years Old 1 More Event
Isabella's reign as regent lasted only four years, before the fragile political alliance that had brought her and Mortimer to power disintegrated. 1328 saw the marriage of Isabella's son, Edward III to Philippa of Hainault, as agreed before the invasion of 1326; the lavish ceremony was held in London to popular acclaim. … Read More
1329 34 Years Old In January 1329 Isabella's forces under Mortimer's command took Lancaster's stronghold of Leicester, followed by Bedford; Isabella – wearing armour, and mounted on a warhorse – and Edward III marched rapidly north, resulting in Lancaster's surrender. … Read More
1330 35 Years Old 1 More Event
Edmund was finally involved in a conspiracy in 1330, allegedly to restore Edward II, whom he claimed was still alive: Isabella and Mortimer broke up the conspiracy, arresting Edmund and other supporters – including Simon Mepeham, Archbishop of Canterbury. … Read More
1331 36 Years Old …  Isabella remained extremely wealthy; despite being required to surrender most of her lands after losing power, in 1331 she was reassigned a yearly income of £3000, which increased to £4000 by 1337. … Read More


1342 47 Years Old In 1342, there were suggestions that she might travel to Paris to take part in peace negotiations, but eventually this plan was quashed.


1348 53 Years Old She was also appointed to negotiate with France in 1348 and was involved in the negotiations with Charles II of Navarre in 1358. … Read More


She remained interested in Arthurian legends and jewellery; in 1358 she appeared at the St George's Day celebrations at Windsor wearing a dress made of silk, silver, 300 rubies, 1800 pearls and a circlet of gold. … Read More
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