Jack Kevorkian

Pathologist + Activist
Born May 26, 1928

Jacob "Jack" Kevorkian, commonly known as "Dr. Death", was an American pathologist, euthanasia activist, painter, author, composer and instrumentalist. He is best known for publicly championing a terminal patient's right to die via physician-assisted suicide; he claimed to have assisted at least 130 patients to that end. He famously said, "dying is not a crime". In 1999, Kevorkian was arrested and tried for his direct role in a case of voluntary euthanasia.… Read More

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Learn about the memorable moments in the evolution of Jack Kevorkian.


1928 Birth Kevorkian was born in Pontiac, Michigan, on May 26, 1928, to Armenian immigrants. … Read More


1945 17 Years Old Kevorkian graduated from Pontiac Central High School with honors in 1945, at the age of 17.


1952 24 Years Old In 1952, he graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor. … Read More


1959 31 Years Old Over a period of decades, Kevorkian developed several controversial ideas related to death. In a 1959 journal article, he wrote: … Read More


1976 48 Years Old He returned to the idea of using death row inmates for medical purposes after the Supreme Court's 1976 decision in Gregg v. Georgia re-instituted the death penalty. … Read More


1987 59 Years Old In 1987, Kevorkian started advertising in Detroit newspapers as a physician consultant for "death counseling".


1989 - 1996 5 More Events
1998 70 Years Old 1 More Event
On the November 22, 1998, broadcast of CBS News' 60 Minutes, Kevorkian allowed the airing of a videotape he made on September 17, 1998, which depicted the voluntary euthanasia of Thomas Youk, 52, who was in the final stages of Lou Gehrig's disease.
1999 71 Years Old On March 26, 1999, Kevorkian was charged with second-degree murder and the delivery of a controlled substance (administering the lethal injection to Thomas Youk). … Read More
2005 77 Years Old 1 More Event
In an MSNBC interview aired on September 29, 2005, Kevorkian said that if he were granted parole, he would not resume directly helping people die and would restrict himself to campaigning to have the law changed.
2006 78 Years Old Reportedly terminally ill with Hepatitis C, which he contracted while doing research on blood transfusions, Kevorkian was expected to die within a year in May 2006.
2007 79 Years Old 1 More Event
…  He was released on parole on June 1, 2007, on condition he would not offer advice nor participate nor be present in the act of any type of suicide involving euthanasia to any other person; as well as neither promote nor talk about the procedure of assisted suicide. … Read More
2009 81 Years Old He appeared on Fox News Channel's Your World with Neil Cavuto on September 2, 2009, to discuss health care reform.
In a 2010 interview with Sanjay Gupta, Kevorkian stated an objection to the status of assisted suicide in Oregon, Washington, and Montana. … Read More
In 2011, disability rights and anti-legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia group Not Dead Yet spoke out against Kevorkian, citing potentially concerning sentiments he expressed in his published writing. … Read More
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