Jack Nicholson

Born Apr 22, 1937

John Joseph "Jack" Nicholson is an American actor, film director, producer, and writer. He is known for his often dark portrayals of neurotic characters. His twelve Oscar nominations make him the second most nominated actor of all time, tied with Katharine Hepburn and Laurence Olivier, and behind only Meryl Streep. In 1994 he became the youngest actor ever to be awarded the AFI Life Achievement Award.… Read More

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Learn about the memorable moments in the evolution of Jack Nicholson.


1937 Birth Nicholson was born on April 22, 1937, in Neptune City, New Jersey, the son of a showgirl, June Frances Nicholson (November 5, 1918 – July 31, 1963) (stage name June Nilson). … Read More


1954 17 Years Old 1 More Event
Nicholson grew up in Neptune City, New Jersey. He was raised in his mother's Roman Catholic religion. Before starting high school, his family moved to an apartment in Spring Lake, New Jersey. "When Jack was ready for high school, the family moved once more—this time two miles (3 km) farther south to old-money Spring Lake, Jersey's so-called Irish Riviera, where Ethel May set up her beauty parlor in a rambling duplex at 505 Mercer Avenue." "Nick", as he was known to his high school friends, attended nearby Manasquan High School, where he was voted "class clown" by the Class of 1954. … Read More


1962 25 Years Old Nicholson's only marriage was to Sandra Knight from June 17, 1962, to August 8, 1968; they had been separated for two years prior to the divorce. … Read More


1967 30 Years Old With his acting career heading nowhere, Nicholson seemed resigned to a career behind the camera as a writer/director. His first real taste of writing success was the screenplay for the 1967 counterculture film The Trip (directed by Corman), which starred Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper. … Read More
1970 33 Years Old 1 More Event
Nicholson starred in Five Easy Pieces alongside Karen Black in 1970 in what became his persona-defining role. … Read More
1971 - 1973 2 More Events
1974 37 Years Old In 1974 he starred in Roman Polanski's noir thriller, Chinatown, and was again nominated for Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as Jake Gittes, a private detective. … Read More
1975 38 Years Old 1 More Event
One of Nicholson's greatest successes came in 1975 with his role as Randle P. McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. … Read More


1982 45 Years Old In 1982 he starred as in immigration enforcement agent in The Border, directed by Tony Richardson. … Read More


1989 52 Years Old 1 More Event
In the 1989 Batman movie, Nicholson played the psychotic murderer and villain, The Joker. … Read More
1996 59 Years Old In 1996, Nicholson collaborated once more with Batman director Tim Burton on Mars Attacks!, pulling double duty as two contrasting characters, President James Dale and Las Vegas property developer Art Land. … Read More


1999 - 2005 5 More Events
2008 71 Years Old 1 More Event
In May 2008, then-California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and First Lady Maria Shriver announced that Nicholson would be inducted into the California Hall of Fame, located at The California Museum for History, Women and the Arts.
2010 73 Years Old In 2010, Nicholson was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame.
2011 74 Years Old In 2011, Nicholson received an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree from Brown University at its 243rd commencement. … Read More
2013 76 Years Old In 2013, Nicholson co-presented the Academy Award for Best Picture with First Lady Michelle Obama. … Read More
2015 78 Years Old On February 15, 2015, Nicholson made a special appearance as a presenter on SNL 40, the 40th anniversary special of Saturday Night Live.
2016 79 Years Old 1 More Event
It had been widely reported in subsequent years that Nicholson had retired from acting, but in a May 2016 Vanity Fair article, Nicholson clarified that he did not consider himself retired, merely that he was now being much more selective about film roles.
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