James Colnett

James Colnett

Explorer + Trader + Cook
Born 1753

James Colnett was an officer of the British Royal Navy, an explorer, and a maritime fur trader. He served under James Cook during Cook's second voyage of exploration. Later he led two private trading expeditions that involved collecting sea otter pelts in the Pacific Northwest of North America and selling them in Canton, China, where the British East India Company maintained a trading post.… Read More

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1753 Birth Born in 1753.


1779 26 Years Old He rose in the ranks, passing his lieutenant's examination on 4 February 1779, and ten days later, on 14 February, he was appointed third lieutenant of.


1783 30 Years Old He was with Bienfaisant until 1783, when he joined as her first lieutenant.
1786 33 Years Old On 17 August 1786 he went on half pay as work for naval officers fell following the end of hostilities. … Read More
1788 35 Years Old 1 More Event
…  In August 1788 Duncan sailed the Princess Royal to Hawaii where he found Colnett and the Prince of Wales. … Read More
…  Colnett is remembered largely for his involvement in the Nootka Crisis of 1789 - initially a dispute between British traders and the Spanish Navy over the use of Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island that became an international crisis that led Britain and Spain to the brink of war before being peacefully resolved through diplomacy and the signing of the Nootka Conventions.
…  Bowing to pressure from Britain, Spain agreed to sign the Nootka Conventions in 1790, ending the Nootka Crisis and beginning the first phase of the Spanish withdrawal from the Pacific Northwest. … Read More
1792 39 Years Old Later, in 1792, he sailed to the Galapagos Islands on behalf of private whaling interests. … Read More


1795 42 Years Old He was given command of the sloop, and in March 1795 examined the coastal defences of the east coast of England from the River Thames to Boston aboard the galley, subsequently producing a report for the Admiralty.
1796 43 Years Old He was advanced to post-captain on 4 October 1796 and appoint to command the following day. … Read More
1802 49 Years Old On 29 June 1802, he was appointed to command the transport, on what became his last Pacific voyage. … Read More


1805 52 Years Old He remained in command of Glatton until 7 March 1805, when he retired on half-pay.
1806 53 Years Old He died at his lodgings at Great Ormond Street in London on 1 September 1806. … Read More
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