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Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis, The Lady Haden-Guest is an American actress and author. Although she was initially known as a "scream queen" because of her starring roles in several horror films early in her career, such as Halloween, The Fog, Prom Night, and Terror Train, Curtis has since compiled a body of work that spans many genres, and has won BAFTA and Golden Globe awards.
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A 'Venerable Human Being': Celebrities Pay Heartfelt Tribute To John Hurt
Huffington Post - about 1 month
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Huffington Post article
Betty White Won't Remarry, But She's Open To 'Fooling Around'
Huffington Post - about 1 month
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Looking For Anti-Trump Protests? Here Are Dozens To Choose From.
Huffington Post - about 2 months
function onPlayerReadyVidible(e){'undefined'!=typeof HPTrack&&HPTrack.Vid.Vidible_track(e)}!function(e,i){if(e.vdb_Player){if('object'==typeof commercial_video){var a='',o='m.fwsitesection='+commercial_video.site_and_category;if(a+=o,commercial_video['package']){var c='&m.fwkeyvalues=sponsorship%3D'+commercial_video['package'];a+=c}e.setAttribute('vdb_params',a)}i(e.vdb_Player)}else{var t=arguments.callee;setTimeout(function(){t(e,i)},0)}}(document.getElementById('vidible_1'),onPlayerReadyVidible); A man who bragged about sexually assaulting women, mocked a reporter with a disability and invited a foreign adversary to hack the U.S. government will be sworn in next Friday as the 45th president of the United States. And while it’s a fact that President-elect Donald Trump will be the next leader of the free world ― the first one to refuse to release his taxes since 1976, by the way ― you certainly don’t have to like it. You can voice your concern at one ...
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Billie Lourd's 'Scream Queens' Co-Stars Rally Around Her After Mom Carrie Fisher's Death
Huffington Post - 2 months
Immediately after news of Carrie Fisher’s untimely death surfaced on Tuesday, tributes from family, fans and former co-stars poured in for the iconic actress.  Fisher’s only child, 24-year-old actress Billie Lourd, also received a flood of support from her “Scream Queens” co-stars. Jamie Lee Curtis, Ariana Grande, John Stamos, Lea Michele and more took to social media to remember Lourd’s mother and send well wishes to their friend. “My mother’s heart goes out to this exquisitely talented young woman,” Curtis wrote in an Instagram post. “Her mother’s spirit and talent lives on in her and I’m sure all of Carrie’s fans and friends will give her space and privacy.”  My mother's heart goes out to this exquisitely talented young woman. Her mother's spirit and talent lives on in her and I'm sure all of Carrie's fans and friends will give her space and privacy. A photo posted by Jamie Lee Curtis (@curtisleejamie) on Dec 27, 2016 at 10:18am PST Stamos s ...
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Lady Gaga Tears Up While Talking About The Downsides Of Fame On 'Sunday Morning'
Huffington Post - 3 months
In a revealing new interview with CBS’s “Sunday Morning,” Lady Gaga opened up about the downsides of fame.  The pop star, who made a name for herself by dressing up in outrageous outfits in public, got candid as she spoke about the lack of privacy she experiences as soon as she steps out her front door.  “I’m very acutely aware that once I cross that property line I’m not free anymore. As soon as I go out into the world, I belong, in a way, to everyone else,” she said to CBS’s Lee Cowan. “It’s legal to follow me. It’s legal to stalk me at the beach. And I can’t call the police or ask them to leave.” “I took a long hard look at that property line and I said, ‘Well, if I can’t be free out there, I can be free in here,’” Gaga explained, pointing to her chest.  The “Perfect Illusion” singer also spoke about how much she misses regular, everyday human interactions. “I miss people,” the artist said as she began to tear up. “I miss, you know, going anywhere an ...
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How do screams scare us?
CNN - 4 months
Whose screams raise the hairs on the back of your neck? Janet Leigh's famous shower screech in "Psycho"? One of the many shrieks her daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis, belted out in the "Halloween" films? Or maybe it's Danielle Harris' versions that send you over the edge.
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CNN article
Jamie Lee Curtis Responds To Donald Trump's Disgusting Lindsay Lohan Comments
Huffington Post - 5 months
Jamie Lee Curtis wasn’t going to let Donald Trump’s sickening comments about Lindsay Lohan go unnoticed.  The actress called out the Republican presidential nominee for his gross, recently resurfaced comments about her “Freaky Friday” co-star, which he said during a 2004 interview with Howard Stern. In the clip, a 58-year-old Trump brings up the 18-year-old actress, who was at the height of her “Mean Girls” fame, and references her recent family troubles.  When Stern asked the real estate mogul about “sex with this troubled teen,” Trump responded in the worst way.  “She’s probably deeply troubled and therefore great in bed,” the GOP candidate said. “How come the deeply troubled women, you know, deeply, deeply troubled, they’re always the best in bed?” Curtis fired back at Trump in a Tweet on Friday, telling him, “How dare you. She needed help,” alongside a photo of her with Lohan.  How dare you. She needed help. @realDonaldTrump. "Yeah, you’re probably right, she ...
Article Link:
Huffington Post article
Jamie Lee Curtis and James Corden Stick Up for Kim Kardashian
Wall Street Journal - 5 months
The "Late Late Show" host admonished people on Twitter who made fun of the reality star after she was robbed.
Article Link:
Wall Street Journal article
One Poster Captures Just How Remarkable A Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Be
Huffington Post - 5 months
When Hillary Clinton’s campaign invited Drue Kataoka to attend the Democratic National Convention this past July, the artist wasn’t sure what to expect. Based in Silicon Valley, Kataoka had recently begun distributing a poster titled “Now Is The Time,” a simple tribute to the fact that Clinton could become the first-ever woman president of the United States. Kataoka originally created the poster as a gift to Clinton volunteers in the Bay area; she handed them out to the individuals “working in the trenches” as canvassers or phone bank callers. Through word of mouth, Clinton’s campaign caught onto the image. Fast forward to the DNC, where two seven-foot tall prints of Kataoka’s poster greeted Democrats as they waded through the convention arena. The image consists of an hourglass filled with historic female “firsts,” including the first American woman to earn a bachelor’s degree and the first woman police chief of a major city. The words “First Woman President of the United Stat ...
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Jamie Lee Curtis dishes on season two of 'Scream Queens'
Fox News - 5 months
Reprises her role on hit FOX show
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Fox News article
Not My Job: Jamie Lee Curtis Gets Quizzed On Unlikely Inventions
NPR - 5 months
In the late 1980s, Curtis filed a patent for a diaper/baby wipe combo, so we've invited her to play a game called "Eureka!" Three questions about inventors and their inventions.
Article Link:
NPR article
This is Jamie: Actress, Activist, and Beloved Children's Book Author
Huffington Post - 5 months
Jamie Lee Curtis has a knack for simplifying complex topics, such as adoption and human emotion, and interpreting them in a way children can easily understand when reading her books. Her latest title, This Is Me: A Story of Who We Are & Where We Came From (Workman Publishing) is about emigration, immigration, and the idea of leaving the old behind for the promise of the new. It's a celebration of diversity and self, helping young children to begin the process of discovering what makes them unique and what connects all of us together. "This book is an exploration of adventure," says Curtis. "It's about the possibility of a new life, which is what our country was built upon." Curtis was born in 1958 to movie stars Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis. "Reading books was not a family activity," she says. "I don't have any memory of my family making reading a priority." Nonetheless, Curtis recalls a few favorite childhood books, including Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman. "After the big dog part ...
Article Link:
Huffington Post article
WATCH: Jamie Lee Curtis Talks 'Brangelina' Divorce, Being A Democrat, 'Scream Queens' & New Book
ABC News - 5 months
The daughter of two of Hollywood's biggest stars talks about her new book and how difficult it is to be a child of divorce when your parents are in the spotlight.
Article Link:
ABC News article
PHOTOS: Jamie Lee Curtis Steps Out in Sparkly Stilettos
ABC News - 7 months
Some celebrities never seem to age.
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ABC News article
Future Literary Great Lindsay Lohan Is Writing A Book About Life
Huffington Post - 8 months
After almost two decades of people saying what they want about Lindsay Lohan, the former teen queen is gonna do it her way, so take this for just what it is: a book! (She knows Jamie Lee Curtis isn't writing it, right? "Freaky Friday" is over, girl!) In a new interview with Vanity Fair on the eve of her 30th birthday, Lohan opened up about the next chapter of her life and what we can expect from her as a budding authoress.  "I am in the process of writing a book, and I am very excited to share my personal experiences in life and how to overcome obstacles," said Lohan. "I hope that my words will connect with those who need some guidance when [or] if they are in a tough place." Lohan's rise to fame was, of course, marked with many public scandals, including DUIs, arrests and stays in rehab -- and she may have the worst community service record in the industry. These days, though, she's had some time to reflect. "I am grateful that I have a voice, which I can now feel comfo ...
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Huffington Post article
Orcs, knights and Jamie Lee Curtis launch 'Warcraft'
Reuters.com - 9 months
Actress Jamie Lee Curtis goes green for the global premiere of 'Warcraft', where director Duncan Jones explains why film critics and gamers disagree of the quality of the film.
Article Link:
Reuters.com article
Lady Gaga Explains Why Being Famous Is Incredibly Isolating
Huffington Post - 9 months
In a segment for Variety's "Actors on Actors" series, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lady Gaga discussed the price of fame. "I can't imagine there is someone more famous than you and you've been famous now for a long time," Curtis said to the "Til It Happens to You" singer. "Is fame isolating for you?" Gaga answered Curtis with a resounding yes. "I don't think I could think of a single thing that's more isolating than being famous," she said. She told the "Halloween" actress that she had never wanted to be famous in the first place. "It’s almost impossible for people even to probably look at my career and the things I’ve done and think, 'Oh, she didn’t want [that] -- of course she wanted to be famous, of course she wanted all that attention," the "Applause" singer said. "It’s just, creative expression is what I am and I would’ve been doing this whether I became famous or not ... I wanted to get a job being creative and I did.'' The pop star and "American Horror Story" actress has p ...
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Huffington Post article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Jamie Lee Curtis
  • 2016
    Age 57
    Curtis is a self-described Democrat, and has spoken on behalf of the campaign of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.
    More Details Hide Details Curtis is a staunch supporter of children's hospitals and their advocacy efforts. Currently, she plays a leadership role for Children's Hospital Los Angeles and supported the 2011 opening of a new inpatient facility for the organization. During California's 2008 general election, Curtis appeared in the "YES on Prop 3" TV advertisements. Curtis was guest of honor at the 11th annual gala and fundraiser in 2003 for Women in Recovery, a Venice, California-based non-profit organization offering a live-in, twelve-step program of rehabilitation for women in need. Past honorees of this organization include Sir Anthony Hopkins and Dame Angela Lansbury. Curtis is also involved in the work of the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation, serving as the annual host for the organization's "Dream Halloween" event in Los Angeles, launched every year in October.
    In June 2016, the Human Rights Campaign released a video in tribute to the victims of the 2016 Orlando gay nightclub shooting; in the video, Curtis and others told the stories of the people killed there.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2012
    Age 53
    In March 2012, Curtis was featured with Martin Sheen and Brad Pitt in a performance of Dustin Lance Black's play '8' — a staged reenactment of the federal trial that overturned California's Prop 8 ban on same-sex marriage — as Sandy Stier.
    More Details Hide Details The production was held at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre and broadcast on YouTube to raise money for the American Foundation for Equal Rights.
    In 2012, she appeared in 5 episodes of the television series NCIS, playing the role of Dr. Samantha Ryan, a potential romantic interest of Special Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon).
    More Details Hide Details It has been hinted that her role may be a recurring one. During an interview, she openly said that if they could develop a story line, she would be more than happy to be on the show more. It was at least the second time Harmon has worked with Curtis; he played her character's fiancé and later husband in the 2003 remake of Freaky Friday. Working with illustrator Laura Cornell, Curtis has written a number of children's books, all published by HarperCollins Children's Books. In 1987, Curtis filed a US patent application that subsequently issued as Patent No. 4,753,647. This is a modification of a diaper with a moisture proof pocket containing wipes that can be taken out and used with one hand. Curtis refused to allow her invention to be marketed until companies started selling biodegradable diapers, although the full statutory term of this patent expired February 20, 2007, and is now in the public domain.
  • 2010
    Age 51
    She also starred in the 2010 comedy film You Again, opposite Kristen Bell and Sigourney Weaver.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2007
    Age 48
    She returned to acting after being cast in June 2007 in Disney's live-action-animated film, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, co-starring opposite Piper Perabo as one of three live-action characters in the film.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2006
    Age 47
    In October 2006, Curtis told Access Hollywood that she had closed the book on her acting career to focus on her family.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1994
    Age 35
    She won a Golden Globe for her work in 1994's True Lies.
    More Details Hide Details Her film roles also include Disney's Freaky Friday (2003), opposite Lindsay Lohan, filmed at Palisades High School in Pacific Palisades, California, near where Curtis and Guest live with their children. She was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for this film.
  • 1989
    Age 30
    Curtis made her television debut in an episode of Columbo, but her first starring TV role was opposite Richard Lewis in the situation comedy Anything But Love, which ran for four seasons from 1989 through 1992.
    More Details Hide Details Her performance as Hannah Miller received both a Golden Globe and People's Choice Award. She appeared as nurse Lt. Duran in the short-lived television series, Operation Petticoat; based on the big-screen version which starred her real-life father. She starred in the 1981 TV film Death of a Centerfold: The Dorothy Stratten Story, playing the role of the eponymous doomed Playmate. She earned a Golden Globe nomination for her work in TNT's adaptation of the Wendy Wasserstein play The Heidi Chronicles. More recently, Curtis starred in the CBS television movie Nicholas' Gift, for which she received an Emmy nomination. Curtis also appeared in the science fiction series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, and an early episode of The Drew Carey Show. Jamie Lee Curtis was a game-show panelist on several episodes of Match Game.
  • 1984
    Age 25
    Curtis married actor Christopher Guest on December 18, 1984, becoming the Lady Haden-Guest when her husband inherited the Barony of Haden-Guest in 1996, upon the death of his father.
    More Details Hide Details She originally fell in love when she saw a picture of him from the movie This Is Spinal Tap in Rolling Stone saying to her friend Debra Hill "Oh, I'm going to marry that guy", actually marrying him five months later. The couple have two adopted children (Annie, b. 1986; Thomas b. 1996). Curtis is actor Jake Gyllenhaal's godmother. She is close friends with actress Sigourney Weaver. In a 2015 interview, she admitted that she has never watched Weaver's film, Alien, in its entirety because she was too scared. On her website, Curtis tells her young readers that she "moonlights as an actor, photographer, and closet organizer." She takes time to support various philanthropic groups. Curtis appeared on the cover of the May/June 2008 issue of AARP Magazine, with gray hair and in water up to her chest.
  • 1983
    Age 24
    Her role in 1983's Trading Places helped Curtis shed her horror queen image, and garnered her a BAFTA award as best supporting actress. 1988's A Fish Called Wanda achieved near cult status – while showcasing her as a comedic actress; she was nominated for a BAFTA as best leading actress.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1980
    Age 21
    Curtis had a similar function in both films - the main character whose friends are murdered, and is practically the only protagonist to survive. Film critic Roger Ebert, who had given negative reviews to all three of Curtis's 1980 films, said that Curtis "is to the current horror film glut what Christopher Lee was to the last one-or Boris Karloff was in the 1930s".
    More Details Hide Details Curtis later appeared in Halloween II, Halloween H20: 20 Years Later and Halloween: Resurrection, as well as giving an uncredited voice role in Halloween III: Season of the Witch.
    Her next film, Prom Night, was a low-budget Canadian slasher film released in July 1980.
    More Details Hide Details The film, for which she earned a Genie Award nomination for Best Performance by a Foreign Actress, was similar in style to Halloween, yet received negative reviews which marked it as a disposable entry in the then-popular "slasher film" genre. That year, Curtis also starred in Terror Train, which opened in October and was met with negative reviews akin to Prom Night. Both films performed moderately well at the box office.
    Her next film was the horror film The Fog, which was helmed by Halloween director John Carpenter. The film opened in February 1980 to mixed reviews but strong box office, starting Curtis as a horror film starlet.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1978
    Age 19
    Curtis's film debut occurred in the 1978 horror film Halloween, in which she played the role of Laurie Strode.
    More Details Hide Details The film was a major success and was considered the highest grossing independent film of its time, earning accolades as a classic horror film. Curtis was subsequently cast in several horror films, garnering her the title, "scream queen".
    She made her film debut in 1978 by starring as Laurie Strode in John Carpenter's Halloween (1978).
    More Details Hide Details A big hit, the film established her as a notable actress in horror, and she subsequently starred in Halloween II (1981), The Fog (1980), Prom Night (1980), Terror Train (1980), and Roadgames (1981), gaining the status of "scream queen" to mainstream audiences. Curtis has since compiled a body of work that spans many genres, including the cult comedy films Trading Places (1983), for which she won a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, A Fish Called Wanda (1988), and True Lies (1994), for which she won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in Musical or Comedy. Curtis' other notable films include Blue Steel (1989) and Freaky Friday (2003), for which she received her third Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress - Musical or Comedy. For her role in the television series Anything But Love, Curtis received the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Musical or Comedy. Curtis received her first Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress – Miniseries or a Movie for her performance in the television film, Nicholas' Gift (1998). Curtis currently stars in the comedy horror series Scream Queens on FOX.
  • 1976
    Age 17
    Returning to California in 1976, she attended the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California.
    More Details Hide Details She considered majoring in social work, but quit after one semester to pursue an acting career.
  • 1962
    Age 3
    Curtis was born in Santa Monica, California, to actor Tony Curtis and actress Janet Leigh. Her paternal grandparents were Hungarian Jewish immigrants and two of her maternal great-grandparents were Danish. Curtis's parents divorced in 1962, after which her mother married Robert Brandt.
    More Details Hide Details Curtis has an older sister, Kelly Curtis, who is also an actress, and several half-siblings (all from her father's remarriages), Alexandra, Allegra, Benjamin, and Nicholas Curtis (who died in 1994 of a drug overdose). Curtis attended Westlake School (now Harvard-Westlake School) in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills High School, and graduated from Choate Rosemary Hall.
  • 1958
    Born on November 22, 1958.
    More Details Hide Details
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