Jean Peters
Jean Peters
Jean Peters was an American actress, known as a star of 20th Century Fox in the late 1940s and early 1950s and as the second (or possibly third) wife of Howard Hughes. Although possibly best remembered for her siren role in Pickup on South Street (1953), Peters was known for her resistance to being turned into a sex symbol, preferring to play unglamorous, down-to-earth women.
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When A Young Child Accidentally Shoots Herself, Who's Responsible?
NPR - 10 months
NPR's Lynn Neary talks with Jean Peters Baker, a Missouri prosecutor who has brought murder charges against the father of a toddler who died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
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TV Media Stunt Caused St. Louis High School Lockdown -- What Were They Thinking?
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Last week, a St. Louis-based KSDK-TV reporter caused an hour-long lockdown at Kirkwood High School in his attempts to "test" school security. He failed initially to acknowledge his identity and the station, after repeated calls from the school's communications officer, refused to confirm he was their employee. The school had no choice, but to follow their security protocols which prompted local police to immediately surround the school. What was this TV station thinking? Terrorizing suburban Kirkwood students, teachers and staff, particularly in a community where six years ago a gunman killed six at a Kirkwood City Council meeting, including my friend Councilwoman Connie Karr along with two police officers, shows their complete insensitivity and lack of responsibility. I would even call it inhumane. As a parent in our climate of incessant school shootings, I am beyond angry a local television station tricked a school purely for a ratings bump. Parents like me have lived in fear s ...
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Missouri teen pleads guilty to misdemeanor in assault case
Yahoo News - about 3 years
By Kevin Murphy MARYVILLE, Missouri (Reuters) - A Missouri man accused by a teen girl of sexually assaulting her at a 2012 party when he was 17 pleaded guilty Thursday to misdemeanor charge Of endangering a child, but will face no other charges in a case publicized by the hacker group Anonymous. Matthew Barnett, now 19, received probation and agreed to pay restitution to the girl after pleading guilty at the Nodaway County Courthouse in Maryville, Missouri, Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker told a news conference. Baker said there was insufficient evidence to pursue sexual assault charges in the case, that the girl and her family supported the plea agreement and that Barnett would face no other charges. Nodaway County Prosecutor Bob Rice previously filed felony charges accusing Barnett of sexual assault and another 17-year-old boy of recording the alleged incident on a cellphone.
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Theater: The 'Big Fish' That Got Away; Poor Time Killer
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BIG FISH ** out of **** A TIME TO KILL* 1/2 out of **** BIG FISH ** out of **** NEIL SIMON THEATRE One holiday season years ago, my siblings were all back home. I would be there in a few days but they called me and put me on speakerphone with everyone listening. "We're having an argument," said my brother Chris, "and we need you to settle it. Just say the first thing that comes to mind. What did dad do during the war?" I answered immediately, "He was a nurse during the war, right down to the big hat with wings that jutted out on the side, like the nuns wore." Everyone burst out laughing while I heard my dad good-naturedly exclaiming, "I never said that!" But of course he had, along with a million other stories, some true, many with a grain of truth and more than a few completely untrue but fun and why let facts get in the way of a good story? My father dined and drank with everyone from the Pointer Sisters (probably true, since he barely knew who they were) to Jackie Gleason. He ...
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Shawn Ratigan, Priest, Sentenced To 50 Years For Child Porn
Huffington Post - over 3 years
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City-area priest whose case led to a criminal conviction against his bishop will likely spend the rest of his life in a federal prison after being sentenced to 50 years on Thursday for producing or trying to produce child pornography. The Rev. Shawn Ratigan pleaded guilty in August of last year to five counts – one for each of his five young victims. He was charged in May 2011 after police received a flash drive from his computer containing hundreds of images of children, most of them clothed, with the focus on their crotch areas. Ratigan, 47, apologized to his victims and their families before learning his punishment and asked the judge for the statutory minimum sentence of 15 years for each count, with the terms to all run at the same time. "Prison is hell," Ratigan said. "I know I deserve 15 years, but 50 years? Come on, I don't think so." His public defender, Robert Kuchar, argued that Ratigan's offenses weren't as bad as those of other child pornog ...
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From movement to music
CNN - over 3 years
For Pieter-Jan Pieters, revenge has been both sweet and sonorous. When music schools refused to admit him because he could not read music, he went to a design school instead — and invented a way to make melodies not only without sheet music, but without traditional instruments either.
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Make a hit song by wiggling your finger
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For Pieter-Jan Pieters, revenge has been both sweet and sonorous. When music schools refused to admit him because he could not read music, he went to a design school instead — and invented a way to make melodies not only without sheet music, but without traditional instruments either.
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Thousands Flee Congo Town Amid Renewed Violence
Huffington Post - almost 4 years
GOMA, Congo -- Thousands of people have fled the town of Pinga in eastern Congo following renewed fighting between local armed groups, and nine members of Doctors Without Borders' Congolese staff have gone missing, the aid group said Friday. Jan Peter Stellema, the head of Doctors Without Borders' operations in Goma, said civilians in the area had been facing violence regularly. "Pinga has changed hands eight times in a year and civilians are caught between a rock and a hard place," he said. The town, located on the border between the Masisi and Walikale territories, has been the scene of fighting between the Mai Mai Checka and the APCLS, two local armed groups vying for control of land in the mineral-rich area. Pinga has been controlled by Mai Mai Checka for months but on Sunday, the APCLS attacked, taking control of the town for two days until Mai Mai Checka managed to take Pinga back on Tuesday. APCLS spokesman Col. Augustin Fonu confirmed the attack to T ...
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Man says prayer group leader told him to kill wife
Fox News - over 4 years
Less than three months after he stood as a groomsman in the wedding of two friends he had known since college in Texas, Micah Moore walked into a suburban Kansas City police department and unloaded a dark secret: He had taken the woman's life at the request of her new husband, a charismatic prayer group leader. Police said Bethany Deaton's death initially appeared to be a suicide. Officers found a note and empty bottle of over-the-counter pain medication along with her body in a minivan parked by a lake on Oct. 30. It wasn't until Moore confessed nearly two weeks later that police announced she had been killed. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on a first-degree murder charge Wednesday. In the criminal complaint filed in support of the charge, police detailed a stunning series of allegations that Moore made as part of his confession. Moore, 23, lived with Deaton and her husband, Tyler, in a communal home shared by male ...
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Jackson County Prosecutors Receive Federal DNA Cold Case Grant
Fox 4 - Kansas City; KS - over 4 years
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Jackson County Prosecutors Office has been awarded a federal grant to fund the use of DNA to solve violent cold cases, Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced on Wednesday. The two-year grant worth over $415,000 comes from the U.S. Department of Justice and the National Institute of Justice – the third time the office has received the grants for its DNA cold-case unit, having previously received the grant in 2008 and 2010. “We are extremely pleased and honored to receive a third consecutive Solving Cold Cases with DNA grant from the Department of Justice,” said Ted Hunt, chief trial attorney over the prosecutor office’s Sex Crimes Unit, in a statement. “This award will allow us to continue our critically important work on violent, unsolved cases for the citizens to Jackson County.” Prosecutors say that the unit has resulted in charges in 32 violent crime cases, as well as 27 other criminal filings against “John Doe,” which preserve the charges until a defend ...
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Mother Charged One Day After Police Free Daughter Locked in Closet
Fox 4 - Kansas City; KS - over 4 years
KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A mother faces multiple charges for locking her 10-year-old daughter in a closet.  Police rescued the little girl Friday from a small closet while she stood in her own urine and feces. Jackson County prosecutor Jean Peters-Baker said Jacole N. Prince faces assault in the first degree for knowingly causing serious physical injury to her daughter by failing to provide proper nutrition.  The 29-year-old is also charged with abuse of a child because Peters-Baker said Prince knowingly inflicted cruel and inhuman punishment on her daughter.  Prince also faces a charge of endangering the welfare of a child. Peters-Baker said Prince locked up her daughter in a closet from time to time at their apartment on Highland Ave. near 13th St. Click here to read the story. It was shocking for neighbors who didn’t even know Prince had another child living in the home. “Every time we do go to Jacole’s house, we would knock on the door, tell her to come out, she what she’s doi ...
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Big Brother is watching you
Cape Times - over 4 years
Big brother is watching you. And you virtually cannot escape him in the city centre. ||| Caryn Dolley BIG BROTHER is watching. And you virtually cannot escape him in the city centre. A total 110 CCTV cameras around the CBD can be maneuvered to watch you so closely even your expression can be picked up. And if you’re in a car, the number plate can be read. Aside from the CBD cameras, there are another 500 CCTV “eyes” around the rest of Cape Town, including in small streets and along freeways. The CBD camera footage is viewed in the city’s “Cyclops” centre, opposite the Cape Town International Convention Centre, and in the Transport Management Centre in Goodwood. This is a larger version of the Cyclops centre where footage from a larger number of cameras is screened. Security is tight at these secret centres, where, unbeknown to hundreds of people going about their business, they are watched by a number of camera monitors. Late Monday, a Cape Times team accompanied metr ...
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Salone Milan 2012: AUS Puts Sharjah on the Map at SaloneSatellite
Core 77 - almost 5 years
Image courtesy of AUS The American University of Sharjah—a United Arab Emirates city just north of Dubai—is named not for a particular Western affiliation but the education system itself: "Located in University City, AUS is a not-for-profit, independent institution of higher education formed on the American model." Founded in 1997 by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, Member of the Supreme Council of the United Arab Emirates, Ruler of Sharjah, the school is accredited in the States, offering Bachelor's degrees in Architecture, Interior Design, Design Management, Multimedia Design and Visual Communications through its College of Architecture, Art and Design. Design faculty and students at CAAD have a history of making in applied and aesthetic contexts that contribute significantly to the regional and international material culture made in the Gulf region... CAAD educates award-winning students and graduates that display a high degree of enthusiasm, innovation ...
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Grand jury hears more witnesses in Ratigan case - Kansas City Star
Google News - over 5 years
Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker attended at least some of the sessions. Several sources confirmed the sessions. A spokesman for Baker said he could neither confirm nor deny the existence of a grand jury. The witness lineup suggests the
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Nixon sets Nov. 8 for special elections to fill 4 vacancies in Missouri House - The Republic
Google News - over 5 years
... St. Charles County, and Jake Zimmerman in the 83rd District from St. Louis County. The special elections will also fill the seats from Kansas City previously held by Jean Peters-Baker in the 39th District and Shalonn "Kiki" Curls in the 41st District
Article Link:
Google News article
In Brief | Scare disrupts airport's Terminal C - Kansas City Star
Google News - over 5 years
They are for the 41st District seat vacated by Democrat Kiki Curls, now a state senator, and the 39th District seat once held by Democrat Jean Peters Baker, now Jackson County prosecutor. •In Olathe, Interstate 35 will be down to one lane in each
Article Link:
Google News article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Jean Peters
  • 2000
    Age 73
    Peters died of leukemia in 2000 in Carlsbad, California, two days before her 74th birthday.
    More Details Hide Details She was buried at the Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California.
  • 1971
    Age 44
    Later in 1971, Peters married Stan Hough, an executive with 20th Century Fox. They were married until Hough's death in 1990.
    More Details Hide Details
    In 1971, Peters and Hughes divorced.
    More Details Hide Details She agreed to a lifetime alimony payment of $70,000 annually, adjusted for inflation, and she waived all claims to Hughes' estate. In the media, she refused to speak about the marriage, claiming she preferred to focus on the present and future. She said that she hoped to avoid being known as 'Mrs. Howard Hughes' for the rest of her life, although knowing that would be difficult. "I'm a realist. I know what the score is, and I know who the superstar is."
  • 1969
    Age 42
    According to a 1969 article, she went through life unrecognized, despite being protected by Hughes' security officers all day.
    More Details Hide Details Living in anonymity was easy, according to Peters, because she "didn't act like an actress." It was later reported that during the marriage, Peters was frequently involved in numerous activities, such as charitable work, arts and crafts, and university studies including psychology and anthropology at UCLA.
  • 1957
    Age 30
    During her marriage, which lasted from 1957 to 1971, Peters retired from acting and social events in Hollywood.
    More Details Hide Details
    In 1957, after her divorce from Cramer, Peters married Howard Hughes.
    More Details Hide Details
    She was supposedly discouraged from continuing as an actress by Hughes, and reported in late 1957 that she was planning on becoming a producer.
    More Details Hide Details In March 1959, it was announced that Peters was to return to the screen for a supporting role in The Best of Everything. But, she did not appear in that film; and, despite her earlier announcement, never produced a film. In 1970, rumors arose of Peters making a comeback to acting when the press reported that she was considering three film offers and a weekly TV series for the 1970–1971 season. She chose the television movie Winesburg, Ohio (1973). Afterwards, she said, "I am not pleased with the show or my performance in it. I found it rather dull." At the beginning, she had expressed enthusiasm for the project, saying: "I'm very fond of this script. It's the right age for me. I won't have to pretend I'm a glamour girl." Her co-star William Windom praised her, saying she was "warm, friendly and charming on the set."
    Deciding she had had enough, Peters left Fox to focus on her private life. Following her marriage to Howard Hughes, she retired from acting. In 1957, the producer Jerry Wald tried to persuade her not to leave Hollywood but had no luck.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1954
    Age 27
    In 1954, Peters married Texas oilman Stuart Cramer.
    More Details Hide Details At the time they married, they had known each other for only a few weeks, and they separated a few months later. There was much talk of Peters possibly retiring from the screen, but the actress insisted that after her eight-week leave from Fox, she was to return to Hollywood.
    Other 1954 films co-starring Peters were the westerns Apache and Broken Lance.
    More Details Hide Details Although Broken Lance did not attract much attention, she was critically acclaimed for her performance in Apache. One critic praised her for "giving an excellent account for herself", declaring she was "on her way to becoming one of the finest young actresses around Hollywood today." Peters' next (and ultimately final) film was A Man Called Peter (1955), in which she played Catherine Marshall, the wife of Peter Marshall, a Presbyterian minister and Chaplain of the United States Senate. After the release of A Man Called Peter, Peters refused several roles, for which she was placed on suspension by the studio.
  • 1953
    Age 26
    Peters was unsatisfied with her role and said in a September 1953 interview: "When I heard Dorothy McGuire, Clifton Webb and Maggie McNamara were going to be in the picture, I thought I would finally have the kind of role that suited me.
    More Details Hide Details They sounded like smart, sophisticated company. But when I got to Italy and read the script, I discovered I was going to be an earthy kind of girl again. The script had me nearly being killed in a runaway truck." However, the film became a great success and brought Peters again into the limelight.
    Next, Peters was assigned to replace Crain in the film Three Coins in the Fountain (1954), which was shot on location in late 1953 in Italy.
    More Details Hide Details
    In 1953 she also starred in the film noir Vicki.
    More Details Hide Details The writer Leo Townsend bought the story of the film, a remake of I Wake Up Screaming, as a vehicle for Peters. Townsend said that he gave the role to Peters in December 1952, because she was "one of the greatest sirens he's ever seen."
    Shortly after the film's premiere in July 1953, the studio renewed Peters' contract for another two years.
    More Details Hide Details
    Peters' third film in 1953, A Blueprint for Murder, reunited her with Joseph Cotten.
    More Details Hide Details She was assigned to the film in December 1952 and told the press she liked playing in the film because it allowed her to sing, but there is no song by her in the picture, only the playing of a piano.
    Peters and Marilyn Monroe starred together in another 1953 film noir, Niagara, also starring Joseph Cotten.
    More Details Hide Details In Niagara, Peters replaced Anne Baxter, with whom she co-starred in the anthology film O. Henry's Full House (1952). Shooting of Niagara took place in the summer of 1952. Peters' character was initially the leading role, but the film eventually became a vehicle for Monroe, who was by that time more successful.
    In 1953 the director Samuel Fuller chose Peters over Marilyn Monroe for the part of Candy in Pickup on South Street.
    More Details Hide Details He said he thought Peters had the right blend of sex appeal and the tough-talking, streetwise quality he was seeking. Monroe, he said, was too innocent looking for the role. Shelley Winters and Betty Grable had previously been considered but both had turned it down. Because of the sex symbol status of her character, Peters was not thrilled with the role. She preferred playing more down-to-earth, unglamorous parts as she had done with Anne of the Indies (1951), Viva Zapata! (1952) and Lure of the Wilderness (1952). For Pickup on South Street, Peters was advised to bleach her hair but she refused to do so. She wanted to avoid comparisons with Winters and Grable. She did agree to adopt a "sexy shuffle" for the role. She was helped by Marilyn Monroe to understand the role of a siren. Peters later said that she had enjoyed making the film, but announced in an interview that she was not willing to take on other siren roles. She said: "'on South Street' was fine for my career, but that doesn't mean I'm going to put on a tight sweater and skirt and slither around. I'm just not the type. On Marilyn Monroe it looks good. On me it would look silly." In another interview, Peters explained that playing down-to-earth and sometimes unwashed women have the most to offer in the way of drama.
  • 1951
    Age 24
    Also in 1951, Peters had her first collaboration with Marilyn Monroe, when they had secondary roles in As Young as You Feel.
    More Details Hide Details Peters was set to play the title role in the drama film Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie (1952). It was the first time since the beginning of her career that Peters received this much publicity. While shooting the film in Hutchinson, Kansas, Peters was honored with the title 'Miss Wheatheart of America'.
  • 1950
    Age 23
    In late 1950, she was cast in a secondary role as a college girl in Take Care of My Little Girl (1951), a Jeanne Crain vehicle.
    More Details Hide Details A Long Beach newspaper reported that Peters gained her role by impressing Jean Negulesco with her sewing. She once became famous for being a small country girl, but as she grew up, the studio did not find her any more suitable roles. Due to her insistence, Peters was given the title role in Anne of the Indies (1951), which the press declared was the film that finally brought her stardom. Before its release, she was cast in Viva Zapata! (1952) opposite Marlon Brando. Julie Harris had been considered for this role.
    By 1950, Peters was almost forgotten by the public, although she had been playing lead roles since 1947.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1949
    Age 22
    The film was originally titled Turned Up Toes, and Peters was cast in the film in June 1949, shortly after the release of It Happens Every Spring.
    More Details Hide Details To prepare for a singing and dancing scene, Peters took a few lessons with Betty Grable's dance instructor.
    In early 1949 Peters signed on to play Ray Milland's love interest in It Happens Every Spring (1949).
    More Details Hide Details For the role, she offered to bleach her hair, but the studio overruled this. Although the film became a success, most of the publicity was for Milland's performance. Peters next starred alongside Paul Douglas in the period film Love That Brute (1950), for which she had to wear a dress so snug she was unable to sit.
  • 1947
    Age 20
    During their highly publicized romance in 1947 there was talk of marriage, but Peters said that she could not combine it with her career.
    More Details Hide Details The columnist Jack Anderson claimed that Peters was "the only woman Hughes ever loved." He reportedly had his security officers follow her everywhere even when they were not in a relationship. The actor Max Showalter confirmed this, after becoming a close friend of Peters during shooting of Niagara (1953).
    For her second film, Deep Waters (1948), which Peters filmed in late 1947, she was reunited with her director from Captain from Castile, Henry King.
    More Details Hide Details On this, she commented: "It's really a break for me, because he knows where he's going and what he wants, and I naturally have great confidence in him." The film was not nearly as successful as Captain from Castile, but Peters was again noticed. She was named among the best five 'finds' of the year, among Barbara Bel Geddes, Valli, Richard Widmark and Wanda Hendrix. She was next assigned to co-star next to Clifton Webb in Mr. Belvedere Goes to College (1949), but Shirley Temple later replaced her.
  • 1946
    Age 19
    The soldier and actor Audie Murphy claimed that he had a relationship with Peters in 1946, before she met Howard Hughes.
    More Details Hide Details
    Peters was tested in 1946 for a farm girl role in Scudda Hoo!
    More Details Hide Details Scudda Hay! (1948), but the producer and director decided she was not suitable. Peters was selected to replace Linda Darnell as the female lead in Captain from Castile (1947) opposite Tyrone Power, when Darnell was reassigned to save the production of Forever Amber. Although she had not yet made her screen debut, Peters was highly publicized. She received star treatment during the filming. Captain from Castile was a hit. Leonard Maltin wrote that afterwards, Peters spent the new decade playing "sexy spitfires, often in period dramas and Westerns." She was offered a similar role in the western Yellow Sky (1948), but she refused the part, explaining it was "too sexy". As a result, the studio, frustrated by her stubbornness, put her on her first suspension.
  • 1945
    Age 18
    While studying for a teaching degree at Ohio State, she entered the Miss Ohio State Pageant in the fall of 1945.
    More Details Hide Details From the twelve finalists, Peters won. Sponsored by the photographer Paul Robinson of the "House of Portraits", she was awarded the grand prize of a screen test with 20th Century-Fox. As her agent, Robinson accompanied her to Hollywood, and helped her secure a seven-year contract with Fox. She dropped out of college to become an actress, a decision she later regretted. In the late 1940s, Peters returned to college, in between filming, to complete her work and obtain a diploma. It was announced that in her first film I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now (1947), she would play an "ugly duckling", supported by "artificial freckles and horn-rimmed glasses". She eventually withdrew from the film.
  • 1926
    Born Elizabeth Jean Peters in 1926 in East Canton, Ohio, she was the daughter of Elizabeth and Gerald Peters, a laundry manager.
    More Details Hide Details Raised on a small farm in East Canton, Peters attended East Canton High School. She was raised as a Methodist. She went to college at the University of Michigan and later the Ohio State University, where she studied to become a teacher and majored in literature.
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