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Jenean St is also spelled Jenean Street, Jenean Strt, Jenean Str
Cottondale, AL
Time Zone & Current Time
Cottondale, AL lies within the Central Standard Time (or CST). The current time in Central Standard Time is 06:09 AM on 12/18/2014.
Cottondale, AL
Top Streets
15th St, 17th St, 18th St, 58th Ave, 59th Ave, 60th Ave, 61st Ave, 62nd Ave, 63rd Ave, and 66th Ave

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Cottondale, AL
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About Cottondale, AL

Cottondale is an unincorporated community in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, now encompassed in the eastern suburbs of Tuscaloosa. The ZIP Code is 35453. Alternative spellings include Cotton Dale, Kennedale, Kennidale and Konnidale. Cottondale was the site of cotton mills where the Knights of Labor had some success in organizing drives in the late 1880s; and where "Mother" Jones worked in 1904 while studying conditions for working women and children in the South.<blockquote>"Little girls and boys, barefooted, walked up and down between the endless rows of spindles, reaching thin little hands into the machinery to repair snapped threads.... Tiny babies of six years old with faces of sixty did an eight-hour shift for ten cents a day.... The machines, built in the north, were built low for the hands of little children. </blockquote> Children's author Aileen Kilgore Henderson lives in Cottondale. [more on Wikipedia]

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