Jennifer Aniston
American actress
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Joanna Aniston is an American actress, film director, and producer. Aniston gained worldwide recognition in the 1990s for portraying Rachel Green on the television sitcom Friends, a role which earned her an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Aniston has also enjoyed a successful Hollywood film career.
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He’d Like to Buy the World Something Other Than a Coke
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Thanks to Rohan Oza, celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Aniston and 50 Cent are chugging and plugging soft-drink alternatives.
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Sorry Internet, But Men Have Been Wearing Chokers For Decades
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The internet had their chokers a little too tightly wound on Tuesday when word spread that Asos offers chokers for men. Just one day later, Matt Lauer got some attention on the “Today” show for trying one on: What a time. — Maura Brannigan (@maura_brannigan) January 4, 2017 But we cannot sit idly by a second longer without calling attention to the fact that a) everyone should wear whatever they want, whenever they want and b) men have been wearing chokers for decades. It is in that spirit that we present to you some of our favorite men-in-choker moments, in no particular order, because they are all equally epic, gosh darn it.   Jared Leto as Jordan Catalano in “My So-Called Life”  OK, we lied. This one is our favorite. Jordan Catalano forever.  Mick Jagger Waiting to see a replica of this one on the internet in 3..2.. David Bowie Just one of Bowie’s many iconic fashion moments.  Lenny Kravitz Before th ...
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These Abandoned Buildings Are Adorned With Stunning Portraits Of Women
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For Architectural Digest, by Sara Tardiff. There are few artists whose work you are just as likely to encounter in a gallery as you are walking down the street. Melbourne artist Rone got his start painting stylized, larger-than-life portraits of women not on canvases but in abandoned buildings and other unexpected surfaces around his home city. With more than ten years of work in the industry, Rone is now recognized worldwide, exhibiting in the National Gallery of Australia, collaborating with the likes of Jean-Paul Gautier and showing in galleries from London to San Francisco (and everywhere in between). His haunting paintings are an examination of the synergetic relationship between beauty and decay, installing stunning portraits in spaces that are often ravaged by nature and time. His most recent exhibition, "Empty," took place this past October in the historic Fitzroy building in Melbourne, which is due to be torn down in the coming weeks. Rone fully embraces the fleeting nature o ...
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Celebrities send holiday greetings to fans - 2 months
Celebrities, including Will Smith, Helen Mirren, Matt Damon and Jennifer Aniston, send their holiday greetings to fans around the world. Rough cut (no reporter narration).
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Jennifer Aniston: I knew I was funny when ...
CNN - 3 months
Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman sat down to discuss their upcoming comedy, "Office Christmas Party." The duo talked about why the self-professed best friends love working together, and Aniston told CNN the moment she realized she was funny.
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Jennifer Aniston: I knew I was funny when...
CNN - 3 months
Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman sat down to discuss their upcoming comedy, 'Office Christmas Party.' The duo talked about why the self-professed best friends love working together, and Aniston told CNN the moment she realized she was funny.
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Aniston brings glamor to the Office Christmas Party - 3 months
Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry and Olivia Munn bring glamor to the premiere of 'Office Christmas Party' about a festive party that goes out of control. Rough Cut - no reporter narration
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A Look Into The NYC That Was Never Built
Huffington Post - 3 months
For Architectural Digest, by Nick Mafi. It's almost impossible to imagine New York City without such landmarks as Central Park. Yet, were it not for a mid-19th-century bill enacted by the state legislature calling for more than 750 acres to be allocated for the grounds, New Yorkers would've never been able to experience the spoils of the iconic park. But what about other would-be landmarks that, for reasons political or other, were never realized in New York City? The new book Never Built New York (Metropolis Books, 2016) explores that very topic. Included in this tome are unbuilt projects such as a beautiful Park Avenue skyscraper by Zaha Hadid; a design for Brooklyn’s Dodger Stadium that featured a giant dome to shield players and fans from the rain; an airport perched on steel columns 200 feet above street level, spanning from 24th to 71st Street and Ninth Avenue to the Hudson River; and many others. "The drawings in this book . . . are for me not a compendium of nostalgia, re ...
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Jennifer Aniston: 'Women Do A Lot Of Incredible Things Other Than Procreate'
Huffington Post - 3 months
Jennifer Aniston wants women to support women. The 47-year-old actress appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Wednesday morning to discuss her upcoming movie “Office Christmas Party” and what she’s up to this holiday season. During the show, Aniston took a moment to comment on her July 2016 op-ed, “For The Record,” written on The Huffington Post. In her essay, Aniston highlighted the sexism and objectification she experiences on a daily basis from tabloids and gossip sites. “The objectification and scrutiny we put women through is absurd and disturbing,” Aniston wrote. “The way I am portrayed by the media is simply a reflection of how we see and portray women in general, measured against some warped standard of beauty.” Aniston explained that she was inspired to write the piece after she returned from a vacation with her husband. She arrived at the airport to find a mob of paparazzi swarming her, questioning whether she was pregnant based on a tabloid phot ...
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Chelsea Handler Jokes About Pitt-Jolie Children In Brutal Roast Of Celebrity Divorces
Huffington Post - 3 months
Chelsea Handler’s favorite pastime ― outside of drinking vodka on a beach somewhere with Jennifer Aniston and topless Instagram posting ― appears to be making fun of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  Recently, Handler could be heard calling Jolie a “f**king lunatic” in a clip shared around social media. On Thursday night, she slammed the couple once again, but this time it was for a good cause. (Seriously, if someone could medal in Jolie-Pitt roasts, Handler would be running around Hollywood with a torch in hand and more than one gold around her neck.) Speaking at the Gala for the Children, an event raising money for the children’s organization A Place Called Home, Handler took the stage to introduce celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser.  Wasser, who is commonly referred to as the “Disso Queen” (as in “dissolution of marriage”) is currently representing Jolie in her divorce from Pitt. The couple’s children have been the primary focus of the divorce negotiations, as both Pitt ...
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These 7 Celebrities Share A Secret To Success
Huffington Post - 3 months
There’s more evidence today than ever before that sleep ― and more specifically getting enough of it ― is a key pillar of staying healthy. Snoozing seven to nine hours per night (what experts recommend) has been shown to help with everything from learning to focus to keeping emotions in check to avoiding catching colds to regulating metabolism to preventing chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. And while data suggests more than a third of Americans get less than they should, personal testimonials ― like these below from top athletes and other performers ― hint that others are waking up to all the reasons getting enough sleep can be so helpful. Here’s what some of the biggest sports and entertainment stars have said about sleep:  1. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons quarterback 2. Lin Manuel Miranda, actor and Hamilton creator  3. Serena Williams, professional tennis player 4. Kim Cattrall, actress 5. Tom Brady, New England Pat ...
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Amy Adams in Arrival: Master of Tongues
Huffington Post - 3 months
In the movie Arrival, Amy Adams plays Louise, a linguist dealing with some creatures from outer space in Denis Villaneuve's parable bringing into our world beings from the beyond. They appear to be giant floaty plasma mushrooms and arrive in an ovoid structure with one part flat. An academic with some sorrow in her past, Louise is enlisted to communicate. Amidst a world of aggressive action against the unknown, the message in how she figures out their language is to behave with gentle caution, with heart open, and optimistic courage. In a movie that values the pleasures of compassion, Amy Adams is not your usual action hero. At a special screening at the Crosby Hotel in early fall, when the stars Adams and Jeremy Renner just returned from Toronto where the movie was a big hit, they talked to guests about the filmmaking. Denis Villaneuve was not present, off shooting a sequel to Bladerunner, but this Canadian director, distinguished for Prisoners, and last year's Sicario was present i ...
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Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Jennifer Aniston
  • 2016
    Age 47
    In July 2016, Jennifer Aniston wrote an essay for The Huffington Post, in reply to recent rumors about her, where she criticized "The objectification and scrutiny we put women through " and stated that "We are complete with or without a mate, with or without a child.
    More Details Hide Details We get to decide for ourselves what is beautiful when it comes to our bodies.We don’t need to be married or mothers to be complete. We get to determine our own “happily ever after” for ourselves." The essay was supported by many celebrities and thoroughly discussed in the media. Aniston's accolades include a Primetime Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award.
    In 2016, Aniston ranked 4th on Forbes Top Earning Actresses, earning US$21 million in that year.
    More Details Hide Details She has been on the Forbes Top Earning Actresses for 15 years, every year since 2001. In 2005, Aniston became the first-ever GQ Woman of the Year. She has frequently appeared on Peoples annual list of "Most Beautiful Women", and was number-one in 2004 and recently in 2016. She also topped the magazine's Best Dressed List in 2006. She has been a regular on FHMs 100 Sexiest Women list since 1996, ranking at number 79 in 2012, number 81 in 2010, number 24 in 2009, and number 27 in 2008. In 2011, The Daily Telegraph reported the most sought after body parts of the rich and famous revealed by two Hollywood plastic surgeons who carried out a survey among their patients to build up the picture of what the perfect woman would look like. Under the category of the most sought after body shape, Aniston was voted in the top three, alongside Gisele Bündchen and Penélope Cruz. In the same year, readers of Men's Health magazine voted Aniston the "Sexiest Woman of All Time".
    In 2016, Aniston was honored by SmartWater for her ongoing philanthropic work for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital at a special event in LA for the hospital that was attended by numerous celebrities.
    More Details Hide Details During the event, Aniston spoke of the importance of philanthropy in her life to InStyle magazine stating, "We live an extremely beautiful, fortunate life being able to do what we get to do for a living. And so it's a way of being able to be in a position to do something for people who are less able. It’s something that makes my heart smile."
    In 2016, she became the spokesperson for MyEyeLove Campaign.
    More Details Hide Details
    In 2016, Aniston joined the animated movie Storks in which she will voice the role of Sarah Gardner, alongside Andy Samberg and Kelsey Grammer.
    More Details Hide Details The film will be released on September 23, 2016. She will also star in Office Christmas Party where she find back the director Josh Gordon & Will Speck and the actor Jason Bateman. The film will be released on December 9, 2016. Aniston has appeared in various commercials and music videos throughout her career. In 1996, she was in Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers music video for "Walls". In 2001, Aniston was in Melissa Etheridge's music video for "I Want To Be In Love". She was cast in a Heineken commercial which was later banned in the U.S. due to branding issues. Aniston has also been in commercials for L'Oreal hair products. In 1995, Aniston and her Friends co-star Matthew Perry shot a 60-minute instructional video for the release of Microsoft's Windows 95 operating system. Along with Brad Pitt and Brad Grey, CEO of Paramount Pictures, Aniston founded the film production company Plan B Entertainment in 2002, although she and Grey withdrew in 2005. In 2008, she and producer Kristin Hahn formed the production company Echo Films.
  • 2015
    Age 46
    In 2015, Aniston ranked 5th on Forbes Top Earning Actresses, earning US$16.5 million in that year.
    More Details Hide Details
    Aniston commented on the divorce in a January 2015 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, stating that "Nobody did anything wrong.
    More Details Hide Details It was just like, sometimes things happen."
  • 2014
    Age 45
    Her net worth is estimated to be 150 million as of 2014.
    More Details Hide Details
    In 2014, Aniston ranked 3rd on Forbes Top Earning Actresses, earning US$31 million in that year.
    More Details Hide Details
    Aniston practices yoga and a Budokan karate. In 2014, Aniston spoke of her Transcendental Meditation practice.
    More Details Hide Details Aniston said she had undiagnosed dyslexia, which had affected her education and self-esteem, and that after being diagnosed in her 20s, her outlook toward life changed. She stated, "I thought I wasn't smart. I just couldn't retain anything. Now I had this great discovery. I felt like all of my childhood trauma-dies, tragedies, dramas were explained." In 2007, Forbes rated Aniston as one of the top 20 richest women in entertainment and estimated her net worth to be about 110 million. Aniston was also included in the annual Star Salary Top 10 of trade magazine The Hollywood Reporter for 2006. According to Forbes, in October 2007, Aniston was the top-selling celebrity face of the entertainment industry. She was also Hollywood's most profitable actress. Aniston has been on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, based on "earnings and fame", every year since 2001, topping the list in 2003. For the year of 2008, Forbes listed Aniston's earnings as 27 million.
  • 2012
    Age 43
    In January 2012, Aniston and Theroux purchased a home in Los Angeles's Bel-Air neighborhood for roughly 22 million. They became engaged on August 10, 2012 and were married on August 5, 2015 at their Bel-Air estate.
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  • 2011
    Age 42
    Aniston started a relationship with actor, director, and screenwriter Justin Theroux in May 2011.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2010
    Age 41
    On Earth Day 2010, she joined Courteney Cox, Woody Harrelson, Ben Stiller and others, in "The Cove PSA: My Friend is ", an effort to stop the slaughter of dolphins and protect the Japanese people from the toxic levels of mercury found in dolphin meat.
    More Details Hide Details Other charities that Aniston has supported include AmeriCares, Clothes Off Our Back, Feeding America, EB Medical Research Foundation, Project A.L.S., OmniPeace, and Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network. Aniston donated 500,000 to Doctors Without Borders, Haitian health care provider Partners In Health and AmeriCares, and also participated in the Hope for Haiti Now telethon. In 2013, she was named the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) ambassador for the Saks Fifth Avenue Key To The Cure campaign, which raises funds for the EIF Women's Cancer Research Fund to support research into the detection, treatment, and cures for women's cancers. In 2015, she supported the Comic Relief, Inc. charity.
    Thanks to a contract sign with Elizabeth Arden, Inc. Aniston worked for over a year on a new perfume, which was released on July 21, 2010, at Harrods in London.
    More Details Hide Details Original plans called for the perfume to be named Lolavie by Jennifer Aniston, but to avoid confusion with a similarly named perfume, the name was changed to simply Jennifer Aniston. In an interview following the launch, Aniston said that she would also like to create a fragrance for men. In 2014, she launched her second perfume named J. In 2015, she launched her third perfume named Near Dusk and created her fourth scent in 2016, named Beachscape. Since 2007, Aniston has worked in a publicity campaign for the drink SmartWater; on March 7, 2011, she released a YouTube video, titled "Jennifer Aniston Goes Viral", for SmartWater, which tripled online interest in the product within 24 hours of its release. In January 2013, Aniston became the new spokesperson and face of Aveeno Skincare. The commercials began airing in May 2013. She is also a spokesperson and co-owner of hair care brand Living Proof. In 2015, she became the new face of Emirates airline in a deal reported to be roughly 5 million. Aniston's marketing campaign for the Dubai-based Emirates airline was reportedly a success, with the airline bagging No.1 position as the most popular brand in the UAE for the second consecutive year.
    By June 20, 2010, Aniston's movies had grossed more than 1 billion in the United States and over 1.7 billion worldwide.
    More Details Hide Details Aniston's romantic comedy Just Go with It (2011), with Adam Sandler, was released on Valentine's Day weekend. The story is about a plastic surgeon, played by Sandler, who asks his office manager, played by Aniston, to pose as his wife, to prove his honesty to his much younger girlfriend, played by Brooklyn Decker. Aniston starred in the comedy movie Horrible Bosses (2011), with Colin Farrell, Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jamie Foxx, directed by Seth Gordon. The film focuses on a trio of employees who plot to murder their titular tyrannical supervisors. Aniston played one of the bosses, a sexually aggressive dentist who harasses Charlie Day's character. She reprised her role in the sequel Horrible Bosses 2 (2014). Aniston appeared in the comedy Wanderlust (2012) with Paul Rudd, with whom she co-starred in the movie The Object of My Affection (1998) and also Friends. The script for Wanderlust, bought by Universal Pictures, was written by Rudd, Ken Marino, and David Wain, with the latter also directing the film, and was produced by Judd Apatow. The movie was about a married couple who join a commune after losing their money and deciding modern life is not for them. Wanderlust received mixed reviews and was a box office failure, grossing only $21 million worldwide, against a production budget of $35 million.
    In March 2010, Aniston appeared in the romantic comedy action film The Bounty Hunter, which costarred Gerard Butler.
    More Details Hide Details The film was panned by critics. The Hollywood Reporter described it as a "mishmash ends up as a thoroughly unfunny adult cartoon." It was a modest box office success, garnering over 130 million worldwide. A lukewarm box-office reception greeted her next film, the romantic comedy The Switch (2010), in which she co-starred with Jason Bateman. The film's opening weekend drew what The Hollywood Reporter dubbed "a dispiriting 8.4 million." The film received generally mixed reviews, with review site Metacritic showing 13 out of 30 critics delivering a positive verdict.
  • 2009
    Age 40
    On July 16, 2009, Aniston received an Emmy nomination in the category of Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her role on 30 Rock.
    More Details Hide Details Aniston was a guest star on the season 2 premiere of ABC's sitcom Cougar Town, playing a psychiatrist. Her announcement to appear on Cougar Town garnered excitement and was dubbed as her return to television. The A.V. Club wrote, "Aniston plays Jules' therapist, and the part is more or less a twist on the old, 'The psychiatrist is crazier than the patient!' gimmick, though the show has a lot of fun with the idea that the therapist is obviously batshit It's a funny bit, and it highlights just how much Jennifer Aniston is built to be a TV star." Numerous media outlets also praised her performance.
  • 2008
    Age 39
    She subsequently dated musician John Mayer from 2008 to 2009.
    More Details Hide Details
    On December 25, 2008, the comedy-drama Marley & Me, in which Aniston starred alongside Owen Wilson, was released.
    More Details Hide Details It set a record for the largest Christmas Day box office ever with 14.75 million in ticket sales. It earned a total of 51.7 million over the four-day weekend and placed number one at the box office, a position it maintained for two weeks. The total worldwide gross was 242.7 million. Her next film in wide release, the romantic comedy-drama He's Just Not That Into You (2009), where she starred opposite Ben Affleck, opened in February. The movie grossed $178.8 million globally and ranked at number one at the United States box office for its opening weekend. While the film received mixed reviews, Aniston, along with Affleck, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Jennifer Connelly, were often praised by critics as being the stand-outs in the film.
  • 2007
    Age 38
    In 2007, Aniston guest starred in an episode of Courteney Cox Arquette's series Dirt, playing Arquette's rival, Tina Harrod.
    More Details Hide Details She appeared in the third episode of Season 3 of NBC's 30 Rock playing Liz Lemon's old college roommate who stalks Jack Donaghy.
  • 2006
    Age 37
    Aniston noted that she was inspired to direct by actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who also directed a short film in 2006.
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  • 2005
    Age 36
    Aniston dated actor Vince Vaughn from 2005 to December 2006.
    More Details Hide Details
    Aniston denied that this was the cause of their split in an August 2005 Vanity Fair magazine interview, stating, "I've never in my life said I didn't want to have children.
    More Details Hide Details I did and I do and I will... I would never give up that experience for a career." Aniston also revealed that her divorce prompted her to reach out to her mother, Nancy, from whom she was estranged for nearly a decade. They initially became estranged when Nancy talked about her daughter on a television show and later wrote a book entitled, From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir (1999). Aniston has also stated she was devastated by the death of her longtime therapist, whose work helped make her separation from Pitt easier. Aniston said her relationship with Pitt, which she does not regret, was "seven very intense years together" and that "it was a beautiful, complicated relationship".
    In 2005, media reports speculated that the split was due to Aniston's refusal to have children with Pitt.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2002
    Age 33
    In 2002, film critic Roger Ebert declared the role as her breakthrough film, stating that, "after languishing in a series of overlooked movies that ranged from the entertaining Office Space to the disposable Picture Perfect (1997), Jennifer Aniston has at last decisively broken with her "Friends" image in an independent film of satiric fire and emotional turmoil.
    More Details Hide Details It will no longer be possible to consider her in the same way." Aniston's biggest box office success to date was her appearance in the comedy Bruce Almighty (2003), in which she played the girlfriend of Jim Carrey's title character. Aniston then starred in the romantic comedy film Along Came Polly (2004) opposite Ben Stiller. Aniston appeared in two major studio films, the thriller Derailed (2005), and the rom-com Rumor Has It (2005). Aniston appeared in the low-budget drama Friends with Money (2006), which was first shown at the Sundance Film Festival and received a limited release. Aniston's next film was the romantic comedy The Break-Up (2006) alongside Vince Vaughn which received mixed reviews. The A.V. Clubs Keith Phipps gave the film a negative review stating, "It’s like watching the 'we were on a break' episode of Friends stretched to feature length, and without the blessed relief of commercial breaks or the promise of Seinfeld around the corner." CinemaBlend gave the film a positive review stating, "In an era of formulaic romantic movies that bear no resemblance to reality, The Break-Up offers a refreshing flipside." It was released on June 2 and grossed approximately 39.17 million during its opening weekend. The film was successful at the box office grossing 204 million worldwide.
  • 2000
    Age 31
    She married Pitt, after two years of dating, on July 29, 2000 in a lavish Malibu wedding. For a few years, their marriage was considered the rare Hollywood success, but on January 7, 2005, they announced their separation and finalized their divorce on October 2, 2005.
    More Details Hide Details During their divorce proceedings, there was intense speculation in the media that Pitt had been unfaithful to Aniston with his Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star Angelina Jolie, whom he started dating soon after the split. In the following months, the public's reaction toward the divorce was reported in the press, and "Team Aniston" and "Team Jolie" T-shirts appeared throughout the country. The divorce made the front-pages of tabloid magazines for years, and it still continues to be discussed in the media.
  • 1996
    Age 27
    Following a four-year hiatus from cinema, Aniston returned to film work in 1996, when she performed in the ensemble cast of the independent films She's the One (1996), and Dream for an Insomniac (1998).
    More Details Hide Details Aniston's first starring vehicle was the film Picture Perfect (1997), in which she starred opposite Kevin Bacon and Jay Mohr. While the film received mixed reviews, Aniston's performance was more warmly received, with many critics suggesting that she had screen presence. She starred in the cult film Office Space (1999) for director Mike Judge. She appeared in The Object of My Affection (1998), a comedy-drama about a woman who falls for a gay man (played by Paul Rudd). She gained critical acclaim for her performance in the low-budget film The Good Girl (2002), playing an unglamorous cashier who cheats on her husband. The latter film opened in relatively few theaters – under 700 in total – taking 14 million at the U.S. box office.
  • 1995
    Age 26
    She also dated actor Tate Donovan from late 1995 until 1998.
    More Details Hide Details Aniston's high-profile relationship with actor Brad Pitt was frequently publicized in the press.
    In 1995, Aniston dated musician Adam Duritz.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1994
    Age 25
    She played the character of Rachel from 1994 until the show ended in 2004.
    More Details Hide Details The program was successful and Aniston, along with her co-stars, gained world-wide reputation among television viewers. Aniston received a salary of 1 million per episode for the last two seasons of Friends, as well as five Emmy nominations (two for Supporting Actress, three for Lead Actress), including a win for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. She was also nominated for two Golden Globe Awards and won, in 2003, the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Musical or Comedy. According to the Guinness World Book of Records (2005), Aniston (along with her female costars) became the highest paid TV actress of all time with her 1 million-per-episode paycheck for the tenth season of Friends. Her relationship with Ross Geller, portrayed by David Schwimmer in the show, was widely popular among audiences, and the couple were frequently voted as TV's favorite couple by polls and magazines.
    Depressed over her four unsuccessful television shows, Aniston approached Warren Littlefield at a Los Angeles gas station asking for reassurance about her career. The head of NBC entertainment encouraged Aniston to continue acting, and a few months later helped cast her for Friends, a sitcom that was set to debut on NBC's 1994–1995 fall lineup.
    More Details Hide Details The producers of the show originally wanted Aniston to audition for the role of Monica Geller, but Courteney Cox was considered to be better suited to the role. Thus, Aniston was cast as Rachel Green. She was also offered a spot as a featured player on Saturday Night Live, but turned it down to do Friends.
  • 1990
    Age 21
    Aniston was cast in her first television role in 1990, starring as a regular on the short-lived series Molloy.
    More Details Hide Details She then co-starred in Ferris Bueller, a television adaptation of the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986), and like Molloy also quickly canceled. Aniston then appeared in two more failed television comedy series, The Edge and Muddling Through. Other roles included the horror film Leprechaun (1993), the TV movie Camp Cucamonga(1990), and guest roles on Quantum Leap, Herman's Head, and Burke's Law.
  • 1989
    Age 20
    In 1989, Aniston appeared on The Howard Stern Show, as a spokesmodel for Nutrisystem.
    More Details Hide Details That year, Aniston moved back to Los Angeles.
  • 1985
    Age 16
    Her father is best known for his role as Victor Kiriakis on the NBC daytime drama Days of Our Lives, which he originated in 1985.
    More Details Hide Details Her mother appeared in two 1960s TV series, The Wild Wild West and The Beverly Hillbillies. Having discovered acting at age 11 at the Waldorf school, Aniston enrolled in and graduated from Manhattan's Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, where she joined the school's drama society. In 2015, she spoke about a childhood incident that led to her lifelong fear of water. She stated during a special event for her film Cake, "I basically have a real fear of going underwater. I was a kid and I was riding this tricycle around a swimming pool and I drove my tricycle into the swimming pool and I didn't let go and my brother tried to (help). So, I can't go underwater and no one will believe me. I honestly can't." The incident led to filming a swimming pool scene 30 times on the set of the film with director Daniel Barnz before getting it right.
  • 1969
    Age 0
    Born on February 11, 1969.
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