Jenny McCarthy
American actress and model
Jenny McCarthy
Jennifer Ann "Jenny" McCarthy is an American model, actress, author, activist, and game show host. She began her career in 1993 as a nude model for Playboy magazine and was later named their Playmate of the Year. McCarthy then parlayed her Playboy fame into a successful television and film acting career.
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Anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy and the giant candy cane: A strange holiday tale
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Actress and model Jenny McCarthy smiled as her 13-year-old son cracked a golden hammer against a giant candy cane, chopping it into pieces as a crowd of more than a hundred cheered earlier this month at the All Chocolate Kitchen in west suburban Geneva. Throngs of joyful kids grabbed and gobbled...
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ExxonMobil, Climate Change, and Merchants of Doubt. Big Companies Aren't the Only Ones Slinging Science Bullsh-t.
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For years, the tobacco industry knew that their products were harmful to health. To protect their profits they covered up what they knew, paid scientists to cast doubt on that evidence, and right through their CEOs' public testimony in Congress, just plain lied. As a result of these deceits, tens of thousands of people died. Ultimately this selfish dishonesty came to light, and the industry was held legally liable in a massive settlement with 46 states that cost them $206 billion, to pay for the harm they did. Now the New York Attorney General is investigating ExxonMobil along basically similar lines, as evidence makes clear that the company knew about the potential harm of climate change, and either hid that knowledge or tried to sow public doubt and forestall government action against fossil fuels, the company's lifeblood. Some, including some members of Congress, are also calling on the US Attorney General to investigate ExxonMobil for possible criminal violation of the Rac ...
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Jenny McCarthy slams Charlie Sheen for kissing and not telling
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Actress, who has also spread misinformation about vaccines, raises furor with comments on HIV
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Jenny McCarthy: Knowing co-star Charlie Sheen was HIV+ would have been 'valuable information'
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Jenny McCarthy is not throwing her support behind Charlie Sheen in light of his revelation this week that he was diagnosed as HIV-positive four years ago.
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Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Jenny McCarthy
  • 2015
    Age 42
    In a 2015 Medscape article about celebrities who "speak out about illness", Jeffrey A. Lieberman criticized McCarthy and her views on vaccines, thimerosal, and autism.
    More Details Hide Details He had this to say about her influence: "She has no idea what she is talking about. What she said is misleading and harmful, and the measles outbreak is a clear indication of the response to the spread of such pseudoscientific myths." McCarthy's appointment to The View called forth many protests. Amy Pisani of Every Child By Two stated of McCarthy's anti-vaccination stance, in a letter to The Views Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie, that McCarthy's "unfounded claims that vaccines cause autism have been one of the greatest impediments to public health in recent decades", and that McCarthy's assertions "have spread fear among young parents, which has led to an increased number of children who have not received life-saving vaccines." James Poniewozik, a television critic for Time magazine, criticized McCarthy's addition to the series and Walters' endorsement of McCarthy, arguing that The View is largely aimed at parents, on whom the public health system is dependent, and that the credibility that McCarthy's hiring will give her will endanger the public. Poniewozik argued that McCarthy's views, which might be brought up in discussions with the other hosts, would have the effect of framing the issue of whether vaccines cause autism as a matter of opinion, rather than a firmly refuted idea.
  • 2014
    Age 41
    One month later in May 2014, McCarthy published an opinion-editorial addressing her position on vaccines, which specifically mentions Time writer Jeffrey Kluger:
    More Details Hide Details During a subsequent Daily Beast interview she stated:
    On April 16, 2014 McCarthy announced live on The View that she and Wahlberg were engaged, and they wed on August 31, 2014.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2013
    Age 40
    In an earlier October 2013 interview for TV Guide, McCarthy is quoted as saying:
    More Details Hide Details Jeffrey Kluger, senior writer at Time Magazine, has criticized McCarthy several times. In an open letter article referring to their past conflicts, he chided her and did not accept her denials:
    She debuted as a co-host on September 9, 2013.
    More Details Hide Details The departures of McCarthy and co-host Sherri Shepherd from The View were announced in June 2014. The Wrap reported that ABC had decided not to renew McCarthy's contract. In an interview with Access Hollywood, McCarthy denied being fired from the show. McCarthy became a SiriusXM series host of a show called Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy on July 16. McCarthy once modeled for Candie's, a shoe company. In one magazine ad, McCarthy posed on a toilet seat with her underwear near her ankles. Cultural scholar Collin Gifford Brooke wrote that the ad's "taboo nature" brought it attention, while noting that the ad itself helped to weaken that taboo. Another Candie's ad depicted McCarthy "passing wind" in a crowded elevator.
    In July 2013, McCarthy stated that she was dating Donnie Wahlberg.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2012
    Age 39
    She was on the cover of Playboy in the August 2012 issue after saying she wanted to pose for it again before her 40th birthday.
    More Details Hide Details After 17 guest appearances, in July 2013 McCarthy was announced as a new co-host on ABC's The View, replacing former co-host Joy Behar. Barbara Walters praised McCarthy's intelligence, warmth, humor and fresh point of view, and calling her a great addition to the show.
  • 2011
    Age 38
    In January 2011, McCarthy defended Wakefield, saying that he had listened to parents, reported what they said, and recommended further investigation. "Since when is repeating the words of parents and recommending further investigation a crime?
    More Details Hide Details As I've learned, the answer is whenever someone questions the safety of any vaccines. For some reason, parents aren't being told that this "new" information about Dr. Wakefield isn't a medical report, but merely the allegations of a single British journalist named Brian Deer", she said of the controversy. Having written three books on the subject after McCarthy's son was diagnosed with the syndrome, "by dint of sheer energy and celebrity, she became the nation's most prominent purveyor of anti-vaxxer ideology", and has reiterated that she is not against vaccines.
  • 2010
    Age 37
    In an April 27, 2010 PBS Frontline documentary, she was interviewed about the controversy between vaccine opponents and public health experts.
    More Details Hide Details In addition to conventional, intensive Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy, McCarthy tried for her son a gluten-free and casein-free diet, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, chelation, aromatherapies, electromagnetics, spoons rubbed on his body, multivitamin therapy, B-12 shots, and numerous prescription drugs. "Try everything", she advises parents. "It was amazing to watch, over the course of doing this, how certain therapies work for certain kids and they completely don't work for others. When something didn't work for Evan, I didn't stop. I stopped that treatment, but I didn't stop." McCarthy has stated on talk shows and at rallies that chelation therapy helped her son recover from autism. The underlying rationale for chelation, the speculation that mercury in vaccines causes autism, has been roundly rejected by scientific studies, with the National Institute of Mental Health concluding that children with autism are unlikely to receive any benefit to balance the risks of heart attack, stroke and cardiac arrest posed by the chelating agents used in the treatment.
    In April 2010, McCarthy and Carrey announced that they had split up.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2008
    Age 35
    McCarthy's public presence and vocal activism on the vaccination-autism controversy, led, in 2008, to her being awarded the James Randi Educational Foundation's Pigasus Award, which is a tongue-in-cheek award granted for contributions to pseudoscience, for the 'Performer Who Has Fooled the Greatest Number of People with the Least Amount of Effort'.
    More Details Hide Details Randi stated in a video on the JREF's website that he did sympathize with the plight of McCarthy and her child, but admonished her for using her public presence in a way that may discourage parents from having their own children vaccinated. McCarthy's claims that vaccines cause autism are not supported by any medical evidence, and the original paper by Andrew Wakefield that formed the basis for the claims (and for whose book McCarthy wrote a foreword) has been shown to be based on manipulated data and fraudulent research. The BMJ published a 2011 article by journalist Brian Deer, based on information uncovered by Freedom of Information legislation after the British General Medical Council (GMC) inquiry into allegations of misconduct against Wakefield that led to him being struck off from the medical register (unable to practice medicine in the UK) and his articles retracted, stating that Wakefield had planned a venture to profit from the MMR vaccine scare.
    In 2008, she appeared on a Larry King Live special dedicated to the subject and argued that vaccines can trigger autism.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2007
    Age 34
    McCarthy's book dealing with autism, Louder than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism, was published September 17, 2007.
    More Details Hide Details She stated both in her book and during her appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show that her husband was unable to deal with their son's autism, which led to their divorce.
    Her first fundraiser for TACA, Ante Up for Autism, was held on October 20, 2007, in Irvine, California.
    More Details Hide Details She is a prominent spokesperson and activist for the Generation Rescue foundation, and serves on its Board of Directors as of January 2011.
    McCarthy served as a spokesperson for Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) from June 2007 until October 2008.
    More Details Hide Details She participated in fundraisers, online chats, and other activities for the non-profit organization to help families affected by autism spectrum disorders.
    In May 2007, McCarthy announced that her son Evan was diagnosed with autism in 2005.
    More Details Hide Details Before claiming that her son's autism was caused by vaccination, McCarthy wrote that he was gifted, a "crystal child", and she an "indigo mom". Evan's disorder began with seizures and his improvement occurred after the seizures were treated, symptoms experts have noted are more consistent with Landau–Kleffner syndrome, often misdiagnosed as autism. She has denied that her son was misdiagnosed. In a 2014 Daily Beast article, she says her son is now 12 and doing okay: "Evan's amazing,... He doesn't meet the diagnostic characteristics for autism. He definitely has quirks and issues from the seizures. He has a little bit of brain damage due to his seizures. He doesn't qualify for any more services, but he does have issues in his school."
  • 2005
    Age 32
    In December 2005, McCarthy began dating actor Jim Carrey. They did not make their relationship public until June 2006.
    More Details Hide Details She announced on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on April 2, 2008 that she and Carrey were living together but had no plans to marry, as they did not need a "piece of paper". Carrey almost made a mock proposal to McCarthy as a promotion to the film Yes Man (2008) for Ellen's Twelve Days of Holidays.
    McCarthy and Asher divorced in September 2005.
    More Details Hide Details
    McCarthy has continued her work with Playboy over the years, both as a model and in other capacities. She appeared on the cover of the magazine's January 2005 issue wearing a leopard skin version of the company's iconic "bunny suit" and was featured in a pictorial shot at Elvis Presley's Graceland mansion in that same issue.
    More Details Hide Details She was the second woman (following Carmen Electra) and first former Playmate to become a celebrity photographer for the Playboy Cyber Club, where she photographed model Jennifer Madden. Her younger sister, Amy McCarthy, has also posed for Playboy. She was Cyber Girl of the Week for September 27, 2004, and Cyber Girl of the Month for January 2005. In 2007, McCarthy starred in a five-episode online series, called In the Motherhood, along with Chelsea Handler and Leah Remini. The show aired on MSN and was based on being a mother where users could submit their stories to have it made into real webisodes. She has also appeared in two video games: playing the role of Agent Tanya in the video game Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3, replacing Kari Wührer, and the fitness video game Your Shape Featuring Jenny McCarthy.
    In 2005, McCarthy hosted a show on E! called Party at the Palms.
    More Details Hide Details The reality show, which was filmed at The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, featured hotel guests, party goers, and celebrities.
    In 2005, McCarthy produced, wrote, and starred in the movie Dirty Love, which was directed by her husband at the time, John Asher.
    More Details Hide Details In March 2006, she was given Razzie Awards for "Worst Actress", "Worst Screenplay", and "Worst Picture" for her work on Dirty Love, which also earned Asher a Razzie for "Worst Director." In addition to her early TV fame on MTV and her short-lived, self-titled NBC sitcom, McCarthy has guest starred in a variety of other television shows including Stacked, Charmed, The Drew Carey Show, Wings, Fastlane, Two and a Half Men and Just Shoot Me! She was the voice of Six in the third season of Canadian computer-animated science fiction cartoon Tripping the Rift.
  • 1998
    Age 25
    In 1998, McCarthy's first major movie role was alongside Trey Parker and Matt Stone in the comedy BASEketball.
    More Details Hide Details The following year, she starred in Diamonds. In 2000, she had a role in the horror movie Scream 3, and three years later she parodied that role in horror film spoof Scary Movie 3 along with fellow Playmate and actress Pamela Anderson.
  • 1997
    Age 24
    Also in 1997, she appeared on one of two covers for the September issue of Playboy (the other cover featured Pamela Anderson).
    More Details Hide Details McCarthy also released an autobiography: Jen-X: Jenny McCarthy's Open Book.
    In 1997, McCarthy launched two shows.
    More Details Hide Details The first one was an MTV sketch comedy show The Jenny McCarthy Show, which was sufficiently popular for NBC to sign her for an eponymous sitcom later that year, Jenny.
  • 1996
    Age 23
    In 1996, she landed a small part in the comedy The Stupids.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1995
    Age 22
    In 1995, when MTV chose McCarthy to cohost a new dating show called Singled Out, she left Hot Rocks.
    More Details Hide Details Her job as a host was a success, and Playboy wanted her to do more modeling. That same year, she also appeared at World Wrestling Federation (WWF) pay-per-view event WrestleMania XI as a guest valet for villain Shawn Michaels, who faced heroic WWF Champion, Diesel. She left after the match with the victor, Diesel. McCarthy returned to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE, formerly the WWF) on the edition of August 2, 2008 of Saturday Night's Main Event to thank the fans for supporting Generation Rescue, an autism advocacy organization.
  • 1994
    Age 21
    McCarthy dated manager Ray Manzella from 1994 until 1998 and began dating actor/director John Mallory Asher late in 1998. The couple became engaged in January 1999 and married on September 11 of that year.
    More Details Hide Details They have a son, Evan Joseph Asher, born on May 18, 2002, who was diagnosed with autism on May 10, 2005.
    In 1994, because of her newfound public attention, McCarthy moved to Los Angeles and, for a time, hosted Hot Rocks, a Playboy TV show featuring uncensored music videos.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1993
    Age 20
    McCarthy became the Playmate of the Month for October 1993.
    More Details Hide Details Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner cites McCarthy's "wholesome Catholic girl" persona as the unique quality for which she was selected out of 10,000 applicants. Her layout emphasized her Catholic upbringing with a schoolgirl theme. According to McCarthy, the pictorial caused an uproar in her Catholic neighborhood, and resulted in her house being pelted with eggs, her sisters being taunted at school, and McCarthy, who counted Catholic nuns among her aunts, being lectured about her future damnation by those close to her. McCarthy was later made the Playmate of the Year, and was paid a $100,000 salary.
    She began her career in 1993 as a nude model for Playboy magazine and was later named their Playmate of the Year.
    More Details Hide Details McCarthy then parlayed her Playboy fame into a television and film acting career. She is a former co-host of the ABC talk show The View. McCarthy has written books about parenting and has become an activist promoting research into environmental causes and alternative medical treatments for autism. She has promoted the idea that vaccines cause autism and that chelation therapy helped cure her son of autism. Both claims are unsupported by medical consensus, and her son's autism diagnosis has been questioned. McCarthy has been described as "the nation's most prominent purveyor of anti-vaxxer ideology", but she has denied the charge, stating: "I am not anti-vaccine". McCarthy grew up in Evergreen Park, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago) and South West Chicago. She was born to a working-class Catholic family, and has Irish, German, and Polish ancestry. She lived in the West Elsdon neighborhood of Chicago. She is the second of four daughters; her sisters are named Lynette, Joanne, and Amy. Actress Melissa McCarthy is her cousin. McCarthy's mother, Linda, was a housewife and courtroom custodian, and her father, Dan McCarthy, was a steel mill foreman.
  • 1972
    Born on November 1, 1972.
    More Details Hide Details
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