Jeong Yak-yong

Born 1762

Jeong Yak-yong was a leading Korean philosopher in the late Joseon Dynasty. He has been usually regarded as one of the greatest thinkers in so-called "Practical Learning" movement. Jeong thought that Neo-Confucianism, the dominant ideology of the time lacked practicality and relevance to his time, suggesting the need to reappreciate the spirit of the early Confucianism in general, i.e. , practicality.… Read More

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Learn about the memorable moments in the evolution of Jeong Yak-yong.


Born in 1762.


1776 14 Years Old …  In 1776, Dasan was married to Hong Hwabo of the Pungsan Hong clan, the daughter of a royal secretary; in that year he moved to Seoul, where his father received an appointment in the Board of Taxation after the accession of King Jeongjo. … Read More


1783 21 Years Old In 1783, Dasan passed the chinsagwa (literary licentiate examination), which allowed him to enter the Seonggyungwan (national Confucian academy).
1784 22 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1784 the king was deeply impressed by the “objectivity” of Dasan’s replies to a set of questions he had formulated. … Read More
1788 26 Years Old After the promotion of Chae Je-gong in 1788, Dasan took top place in the daegwa (higher civil service exam) in 1789 and was offered a position in the Office of Royal Decrees, together with 5 other members of the Southerner faction.
1789 27 Years Old In 1789, Yun Ji-chung, one of the first baptized and a cousin to Dasan on his mother’s side, had gone to Beijing and received confirmation. … Read More


1792 30 Years Old Dasan was particularly interested in civil engineering and in 1792 the king, impressed by a pontoon bridge he had designed, asked him to design and supervise the construction of the walls for the Hwaseong Fortress (modern Suwon), which surrounded the palace where the king would live when he visited the new tomb he had constructed for his father. … Read More
1795 33 Years Old Dasan’s most important task in 1795, the 60th anniversary of the birth of Crown Prince Sado, was to help the King decide on a new honorary title for his father. … Read More
1796 34 Years Old In 1796, he was brought back to Seoul and promoted but his many enemies continued to accuse him of supporting the pro-western Catholics and he preferred to take up a position as county magistrate at Goksan in Hwanghae province.
1799 37 Years Old In 1799 he even withdrew to his family home but was summoned back to Seoul by the king in 1800. … Read More
Jeong Yak-jong was the head of the Catholic community, he was one of the first to be arrested and executed, together with Yi Seung-hun, in the spring of 1801. … Read More


The newly arrived exile had little or no money and no friends, he found shelter in the back room of a poor, rundown tavern kept by a widow, outside the East Gate of the walled township of Gangjin, and there he lived until 1805. … Read More


1830 68 Years Old 1 More Event
Cho-ui who, during his visit to Seoul in 1830, shared his tea with a number of scholars. … Read More
1836 74 Years Old He used Yeoyudang as his final pen-name, it was the name of the family home where he lived quietly, near the Han River, until he died in 1836, on his sixtieth wedding anniversary.
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