Jeremy Stone

Born Jan 1, 1935
Age 81

Jeremy J. Stone was president of the Federation of American Scientists from 1970 to 2000, where he led that organization's advocacy initiatives in arms control, human rights, and foreign policy. In 2000, he was succeeded as president by Dr. Henry Kelly. Stone continued his work at a new organization called Catalytic Diplomacy. Stone is the son of the journalist I.F. Stone.… Read More

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1935 Birth Born in 1935.


1957 - 1960 3 More Events
1962 27 Years Old In 1962, he left SRI to work at Hudson Institute on issues of war and peace.
1963 28 Years Old In 1963, he began working on an arms control proposal for preventing anti-ballistic missile (ABM) systems.
1964 29 Years Old In 1964-1966 he was a research associate at the Harvard Center for International Affairs (CFIA) where he wrote two books: Containing the Arms Race: Some Specific Proposals (MIT Press, 1966) and Strategic Persuasion: Arms Control Through Dialogue (Columbia University Press, 1967).


1966 31 Years Old He taught mathematics and arms control at Pomona College from 1966-68.
1970 35 Years Old In June 1970 Stone became the CEO of the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), founded in 1945 by atomic scientists as Federation of Atomic Scientists (FAS).
1973 38 Years Old In June 1973, as a consequence of his activism in criticizing Pentagon spending practices, his name appeared as one of the 150 listed on the "enemies" list of President Nixon. … Read More


1976 41 Years Old …  He persuaded the American scientific community to set up human rights committees to defend the rights of Russian scientists and was a leading American advocate for Soviet physicist Andrei Sakharov, who in 1976 described Stone as "creative, articulate and brave." … Read More
1979 44 Years Old Stone designed and secured Carter Administration approval of a follow-on to SALT II ("Shrink SALT II") which was proposed in secret by President Carter at the 1979 Vienna Summit.


1998 63 Years Old In December 1998, he led the first American scientific delegation in 20 years to Iran and, in September 1999, hosted the return visit of the Academy of Sciences of Iran. … Read More
1999 64 Years Old In April 1999, Public Affairs Press published his memoir, "Every Man Should Try": Adventures of a Public Interest Activist, in which he documented his achievements and failures–including those noted above. (The book was published in Russian in March 2004 with an introduction by Academician Evgeny Velikhov.)
2000 65 Years Old 1 More Event
…  In 2000, he was succeeded as president by Dr. Henry Kelly. … Read More
2004 69 Years Old In 2004, he catalyzed the first public visit to Iran in a quarter century of a U.S. Government official, namely that of James Billington, the Librarian of Congress. … Read More
2007 72 Years Old Beginning in 2007, working with a small group of activists, he has been working on issues involving Myanmar (Burma), Cuba, and Afghanistan-Pakistan.
2009 74 Years Old Stone self-published his second memoir, "Catalytic Diplomacy: Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran," in October 2009 on his website. … Read More
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