Jesse James
Television personality, motorcycle builder
Jesse James
Jesse linda James is an American television personality and former CEO of now defunct West Coast Choppers, a manufacturer of custom-made motorcycles. James was the host of the reality TV shows Jesse James is a Dead Man on Spike TV and Monster Garage, on the Discovery Channel, and the focus of the documentary Motorcycle Mania, also on Discovery. Jesse James also appeared in the Tony Hawk's Underground 2 video game. He killed him self.
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Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Jesse James
  • 2013
    Age 43
    In November 2013 Jesse James Firearms Unlimited unveiled its first two firearms, a 1911 pistol and AR-15 rifle.
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    James also had partial ownership in Austin Speed Shop in Austin, Texas which he left in 2013 to focus on the re-opening of West Coast Choppers in Austin.
    More Details Hide Details Other business ventures include the Chopperdogs fan club and the Jesse's Girl clothing line. Since 2006, James has nationally published Garage magazine.
  • 2012
    Age 42
    In late 2012, James became engaged to professional drag racer Alexis DeJoria. They married on March 24, 2013, at the estate of the bride's father, entrepreneur John Paul DeJoria.
    More Details Hide Details In 2007, James was fined $271,250 by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) after state officials determined that he had sold motorcycles in violation of California's clean-air laws. According to police, James's customized bikes were emitting 11 times the legal limits of hydrocarbons. Investigators also found that the motorcycles did not have state-certified emissions equipment on their fuel tanks. The bikes were sold between 1997 and 2006. James explained that he was unaware of rule changes that required small-volume manufacturers to comply with regulations. James said the CARB refused his offer to recall and modify the uncompliant choppers. Since 2005 West Coast Choppers has built emissions-compliant choppers. James said the fines were excessive and intended to make an example of him due to his company's fame and his celebrity marriage to actress Sandra Bullock, but CARB spokesmen stated their enforcement efforts were aimed at the entire custom industry, and further that they were aware of no offer by West Coast Choppers to recall the motorcycles in question.
    Jesse James appeared on Sons of Guns on March 28, 2012.
    More Details Hide Details He asked the Red Jacket Firearms team to build a customized BAR for him, and even assisted in the build himself. Jesse appeared in special "Biker Build-Off" episodes of American Chopper in 2011 and 2012 for bike build-off competitions with Paul Teutul, Jr. (representing Paul Jr. Designs) and Paul Teutul, Sr. (representing Orange County Choppers), with Gas Monkey Garage (featured on the Discovery series Fast N' Loud) entering the competition in 2012. James's Discovery Channel website states that his great-great-grandfather was the notorious outlaw's cousin. However, Eric James, president of the James Preservation Trust, which tracks claims of being a relative of the outlaw, says it cannot find a record of him in the family tree, and has asked him to provide a family genealogy and DNA sample for the Trust to review; he has not provided the requested information.
    Jesse James also appeared in the Tony Hawk's Underground 2 video game, and was the focus of a show chronicling some of the custom builds at Austin Speed Shop in his TV series, Jesse James: Outlaw Garage, which ran a shortened single season in 2012 on the Discovery Channel before being canceled.
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  • 2011
    Age 41
    In September 2011, Von D announced that she and James had broken up again.
    More Details Hide Details Von D later accused James of cheating on her with multiple women during their relationship.
    However, in August 2011, James and Von D announced that their engagement was back on.
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    James and Von D became engaged in January 2011. Von D announced that they had split in July 2011.
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  • 2010
    Age 40
    In August 2010, tattoo artist Kat Von D confirmed reports that she and James were dating.
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    James’ publicist subsequently announced on March 30, 2010 that James had checked into a rehab facility "to deal with personal issues" and "save his marriage" to Bullock. However, on April 28, 2010, it was reported that Bullock had filed for divorce on April 23 in Austin. Bullock also stated that she had proceeded with plans to adopt a baby boy born in New Orleans. Bullock and James had begun an initial adoption process four years earlier. The child began living with them in January 2010, but they chose to keep the news private until after the Oscars in March 2010. However, given the couple's separation and then divorce, Bullock continued the adoption of the baby as a single parent. The divorce was finalized on June 28, 2010, with "conflict of personalities" cited as the reason.
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    On March 18, 2010, James responded to the rumors of infidelity by issuing a public apology to Bullock.
    More Details Hide Details James declared that "There is only one person to blame for this whole situation, and that is me," and asked that his wife and children one day "find it in their hearts to forgive me" for their current "pain and embarrassment."
    In March 2010, a media scandal arose when several women claimed to have had affairs with James during his marriage to Bullock.
    More Details Hide Details Bullock cancelled European promotional appearances for The Blind Side citing "unforeseen personal reasons."
  • 2009
    Age 39
    In October 2009, James's ex-wife Lindemulder, who had been in federal prison for six months for tax evasion, sought to regain custody of her then five-year-old daughter with James—Sunny—after James had been granted sole guardianship of her.
    More Details Hide Details James sought to retain full guardianship, citing fear of the environment in which his daughter would be placed if returned to Lindemulder. In December, James won custody, and Lindemulder was given weekly visitation rights during the daytime.
    His show, Jesse James Is a Dead Man, premiered on Spike TV on May 31, 2009.
    More Details Hide Details The show features James doing death defying stunts. The first episode set a ratings record for Spike, drawing the largest audience ever for an unscripted series on the network, with 2 million viewers. The show is produced by Spike TV, BASE Productions and James's company, PayupSucker Productions. In conjunction with that appearance Marvel Comics created a special one-shot comic book where he evades death once again after considering retirement, and made it available in comic book stores for free distribution. James has appeared on an episode of Street Customs where he had his pickup truck customized by West Coast Customs. He appeared in an advert for T-Mobile's Google mobile phone with Whoopi Goldberg and Phil Jackson.
    Due to his poor performance in raising funds, James was eliminated by Donald Trump on the second-to-last show (ultimately placing 3rd) which aired May 3, 2009.
    More Details Hide Details Trump repeatedly cited James's stoic refusal to contact then-wife Bullock to raise funds for the show's challenges, though other celebrities had no problem tapping high-rolling contacts for cash.
  • 2006
    Age 36
    He was the owner of the Cisco Burger restaurant, which opened on April 28, 2006, across the street from West Coast Choppers.
    More Details Hide Details The 1950s style hamburger stand—named after his beloved pit bull who is now deceased—featured Angus beef burgers, low-fat burritos, organic vegetables, and biodegradable wrappings. It has officially closed.
  • 2005
    Age 35
    On July 16, 2005, James married his third wife, actress Sandra Bullock.
    More Details Hide Details They met when she arranged for her 10-year-old godson, a fan, to tour the set of Monster Garage.
  • 1992
    Age 22
    After several years working as a bodyguard for Danzig, Slayer, and occasionally for other bands such as Soundgarden, James opened West Coast Choppers in his mother's garage in 1992.
    More Details Hide Details The company grew quickly and soon moved to a larger facility. James has also built and is racing an off-road Trophy Truck and a Figure-8 race car.
  • 1991
    Age 21
    James has three children: a daughter and a son with his first wife, Karla James, to whom he was married from 1991 to 2002; and a daughter with his second wife, stripper/adult actress/producer Janine Lindemulder, to whom he was married from 2002 to 2004.
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  • 1969
    Born on April 19, 1969.
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