Joanna of Castile

Joanna of Castile


Joanna, known as Joanna the Mad, was the first queen regnant to reign over both the Kingdoms of Castile (1504–55) and of Aragon (1516–55), a union which evolved into modern Spain. Besides the kingdoms of Spain, she also ruled the kingdoms of Sardinia, Sicily, and Naples in Italy; a vast colonial empire in the Americas and the Philippines; and the prosperous Burgundian Netherlands, initiating Spanish interests there.… Read More

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1479 Birth Born on November 6, 1479.


1496 16 Years Old 1 More Event
Joanna began her journey to Flanders in the Low Countries, which consisted of parts of the present day Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and Germany, on 22 August 1496. The formal marriage took place on 20 October 1496 in Lier, north of present-day Brussels.
1498 18 Years Old Between 1498 and 1507, she gave birth to six children: two emperors and four queens. … Read More


1502 22 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1502, the Castilian Cortes of Toro recognised Joanna as heiress to the Castilian throne and Philip as her consort. … Read More
1504 24 Years Old Upon the death of her mother in November 1504, Joanna became Queen regnant of Castile and her husband jure uxoris its king. … Read More
1505 25 Years Old 1 More Event
Ferdinand refused to accept this: he minted Castilian coins in the name of "Ferdinand and Joanna, King and Queen of Castile, León and Aragon," and, in early 1505, persuaded the Cortes that Joanna's "illness is such that the said Queen Doña Joanna our Lady cannot govern". … Read More
Ferdinand met Philip at Villafáfila on 20 June 1506 and handed over the government of Castile to his "most beloved children", promising to retire to Aragon. … Read More
In the face of this, Ferdinand II returned to Castile in July 1507. … Read More
1509 29 Years Old He had Joanna confined in the Santa Clara convent in Tordesillas, near Valladolid in Castile, in February 1509 after having dismissed all of her faithful servants and having appointed a small retinue accountable to him alone. … Read More


1516 36 Years Old When Ferdinand II died in 1516, the Kingdoms of Castile and León, and Aragon and their associated crowns and territories/colonies would pass to Joanna I and Charles I. With Charles I still in Flanders, Aragon was being governed after Ferdinand II's death by his bastard son, Alonso de Aragón. … Read More
1519 39 Years Old In 1519 Charles I now ruled the Kingdom of Aragon and its territories and the Kingdom of Castile and León and its territories, in personal union. … Read More


1520 40 Years Old In 1520, the Revolt of the Comuneros broke out in response to the perceived foreign Habsburg influence over Castile through Charles V. The rebel leaders demanded that Castile be governed in accordance with the supposed practices of the Catholic Monarchs. … Read More


1555 75 Years Old Joanna died on Good Friday, 12 April 1555 at the age of 75 in the Convent of Santa Clara at Tordesillas. … Read More
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