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Joe Pantoliano
Joseph Peter "Joe" Pantoliano is an American film and television actor. He played the character of Ralph Cifaretto on The Sopranos, Bob Keane in La Bamba, Cypher in The Matrix, Teddy in Memento, Francis Fratelli in The Goonies, Guido "the Killer Pimp" in Risky Business, and Jennifer Tilly's violent mobster boyfriend, Caesar, in Bound. He also played Deputy U.S. Marshal Renfro in both The Fugitive and U.S. Marshals.
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Right Next Door: Dan Nesser, Bail Bondsman
Huffington Post - about 1 year
Think all bail bondsmen look like Eddie Moscone, the greasy, gruff, foulmouthed character played by Joe Pantoliano in the hit 1988 comedy Midnight Run? You're mistaken. Think of them as vigilantes and renegades? Incorrect again -- unless you've got Dan Nesser in mind, anyway. Bail bondsman Dan Nesser photographed outside the Van Nuys Courthouse, Van Nuys, Ca. © Ian Spanier Photography 2016 Nesser has been a bondsman in the Los Angeles area for more than 15 years. When necessary, he'll use force, he says, but he prides himself on being a different from his peers. He is empowered to kick down doors, apprehend and handcuff bail jumpers, but he's adamant that he genuinely wants to help people in trouble, not just make a quick buck. The money can be good: L.A. bonds average $25,000, of which the bondsman collects 10 percent. Yet the vast majority of criminals Nesser deals with suffer from drug addiction or mental illness (or both), and he wants, whenever possible, to help them ...
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Huffington Post article
Joe Pantoliano cast as which New York Yankee star?
Yahoo News - over 3 years
NEW YORK (AP) — A new play about the New York Yankees will star "The Sopranos" star Joe Pantoliano as Yogi Berra, Francois Battiste as Reggie Jackson, Chris Henry Coffey as Joe DiMaggio, Christopher Jackson as Derek Jeter and Bill Dawes as Mickey Mantle.
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Yahoo News article
Sopranos Creator Honors James Gandolfini at the Late Actor's Funeral
Seattle Pi - over 3 years
Sopranos Creator Honors James Gandolfini at the Late Actor's Funeral Seattle Post-Intelligencer Copyright 2013 Seattle Post-Intelligencer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Published 10:00 pm, Wednesday, June 26, 2013 During Thursday's funeral service for James Gandolfini, The Sopranos' creator David Chase read a letter to the late actor as his eulogy. Italian-American, Italian worker, builder, that Jersey thing - whatever that means - the same social class, Chase said at the 90-minute ceremony held in New York's Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, according to Hitfix. According to the New York Daily News, approximately 2,000 seats had been set up for the memorial, where Chase, Gandolfini's widow Deborah Lin and two family friends Susan Anton and Thomas Richardson paid tribute to the actor. Other attendees included Gandolfini's Sopranos co-stars Edie Falco, Lorraine Bra ...
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Seattle Pi article
Mike Kinosian: Twelve-Step Meeting 'Steps' Into On-Air, Online Spotlight
Huffington Post - almost 4 years
Sadness and disappointment all too often permeate our society. Having a substance abuse issue usually leads to extreme depression; not knowing what to do about it or where to get help however might be even more cataclysmic. As always though, knowledge is power, and potent indeed are the wisdom-packed stories of Powerful Radio Productions' "Steppin' Out Radio," the first and only 12-step meeting on radio and online. "Steppin' Out Radio" doesn't mimic real life -- it is real life. Surviving and thriving is beyond doubt the desired result of the storytellers featured in this gripping, riveting, and triumphant radio show. Common thread woven throughout these compelling narratives is how a person becomes powerless over something capable of literally destroying their life. The brainchild of Powerful Radio President/Executive Producer Denise McIntee, "Steppin' Out Radio" stemmed from the longtime radio veteran's fascination with graduate Psychology courses she was t ...
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Huffington Post article
Regina Weinreich: Gloria Steinem and the Faces of Feminism: MAKERS: Women Who Make America
Huffington Post - about 4 years
The Women's Movement is not only about Gloria Steinem, she will readily tell you. First, as Rita Mae Brown exclaims in MAKERS, a documentary chronicling the most recent phase of the Women's Movement, she's drop dead gorgeous. Then again, she's smart, talented, and even when the focus is on her, as when she walked the red carpet at the MAKERS premiere at Alice Tully Hall on Wednesday night, she really wants to home in on YOU, who you are, what you dream. This poise, an outward gaze, gives Steinem enormous power. But MAKERS is a term for all women, whether or not she calls herself a feminist, makes a home, works on a construction crew. She may be the first woman firefighter, first female brigadier general, or first woman orthodox rabbi. In fact when asked about taking on patriarchal Judaism, Rabba Sara Hurwitz allowed, it was finally the decision of a panel of male rabbis that certified her profession, which may be the point. Clearly competent, she represents the principle an ...
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Huffington Post article
Life is Too Short for Cloud Atlas’s Self-Indulgence
The New Republic - over 4 years
There will be times during the film of Cloud Atlas—somewhere in the dense second hour—when you will recall that the dog needs to be walked and that you may have left the coffee on, and, whatever your age, even if life is an ocean made up of many drops, you may resolve that life is too short for this errant nonsense. I stuck it out, TNR, only for you, and because I wanted to delay as long as possible the desperate plight of actually writing about the film. In the third hour, I have to admit, the disparate parts of this self-indulgent venture do make gestures of coming together. Still, I suspect many will agree that the only emotional payoff comes in the credits. That’s when you realize that a strange cast of players take six or seven roles each over the centuries (and this film stretches from the 1840s to the twenty-second century, unless I missed something). One pastime to take you through the ordeal is to count the appearances—all routine and sub-par—of such actors as Tom Hanks, Hal ...
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The New Republic article
Q&A with Joe Pantoliano, Author of ‘Asylum’
Pscyh Central - over 4 years
This month I had the pleasure of talking to Joe Pantoliano about his recently published book Asylum: Hollywood Tales from My Great Depression: Brain Dis-Ease, Recovery, and Being My Mother’s Son. Below, he discusses everything from stigma toward “brain dis-ease” to his personal struggles with and recovery from the “seven deadlies.” Pantoliano is also the founder of No Kidding, Me Too! (, a nonprofit organization “whose purpose is to remove the stigma attached to ‘brain dis-ease’ through education and the breaking down of societal barriers.” He produced and directed the documentary No Kidding! Me 2!!, an intimate look at the experiences of Americans living with mental illness. Pantoliano has more than 100 movie, TV, and stage credits, and won an Emmy Award for his work on “The Sopranos.” His first book, the memoir Who’s Sorry Now? The True Story of a Stand-up Guy, was a New York Times bestseller. He was born in Hoboken, N.J., and today lives in Connecticut. Q: In t ...
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Pscyh Central article
Linkin Park’s Joe Hahn Has A Movie: MALL
Boom Tron - over 4 years
German Distro Splendid Also Picks Up MACHETE KILLS And SIN CITY 2, Schwarzenegger’s TEN In some late-coming news from the Cannes Film Festival, German film distributor Splendid has snapped up the distribution rights for the impending actioner Ten starring former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who’s apparently decided to give Hollywood a try after a lofty political career.  This same distributor has also bought the distro rights to director Robert Rodriguez’s pair of upcoming sequels, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and Machete Kills.  This news goes from “Meh,” to “Huh, okay, yeah,” but then it veers sharply into “For the love of God, kill me” territory with this tidbit from The Hollywood Reporter: There is a film also forthcoming entitled Mall about a group of folks trapped in a shopping mall during a shooting incident.  This film stars two of my absolute favorites, Peter Stormare and Vincent D’Onofrio.  This film is also directed by a Mr. Joe Hahn, the turntablist for ...
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Boom Tron article
Combatting Mental Illness Stigma in Society
Pscyh Central - over 4 years
The Mental Health Commission of Canada is hosting a three-day conference that is ending today. The Commission believes it is the largest conference ever organized on mental illness stigma. (We apologize Psych Central couldn’t make this conference — but we’re there in spirit.) Stigma and prejudice of mental illness is still a serious problem. It’s one of the few areas in health where people are regularly blamed for their illness, and the perception remains in some sections of society where it’s seen as a personal failing or weakness. Because the mental health system is disconnected from the regular health care system in the U.S., it suffers a second stigmatization as well — as a second-class delivery system that is too often ignored by mainstream medicine and healthcare. While “Health 2.0″ is all the rage in healthcare, few talk about Mental Health 2.0. Put these two together and you have a recipe for misunderstanding, gross generalizations — even by medical doctors and family ...
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Pscyh Central article
Weekend Reading: Joey Pants Talks Brain Dis-Ease And Recovery In “Asylum”
Psych Central - over 4 years
Hey, did you know Joe Pantoliano released a new book just a smidge over a month ago? Well known for his roles in the HBO drama “The Sopranos” and movies like Memento and The Matrix, Pantoliano, a.k.a. Joey Pants, is rapidly becoming well known for his role as a mental health advocate, too. Need a recap? He’s the founder of “No Kidding, Me Too!,” a 501(c)(3) public charity that aims to provide mental health awareness and education. He’s traveled to Iraq to show troops his documentary of the same name and provide them with talk with them about mental health issues. He boldly and frankly told Brian Williams, “You cannot be anonymous with mental illness.” (A statement I personally feel should become some sort of mantra.) Now Pants has released Asylum: Hollywood Tales from My Great Depression: Brain Dis-Ease, Recovery, and Being My Mother’s Son: [...] the story of Joe’s quest for the Hollywood success he was sure would cure him, and the painful downhill spiral into dep ...
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Psych Central article
Authors in L.A.: Buzz Bissinger, Richard Ford and Joe Pantoliano
LATimes - almost 5 years
The writer Buzz Bissinger, who appears in Pasadena on Tuesday (details below), has one of those names that feels made up for a superhero comic book. Over the years, however, the quality of his work has made him one of the finest narrative nonfiction writers we have. Bissinger, whose full name is Harry Gerard Bissinger III, is the author of three highly acclaimed nonfiction books — “Friday Night Lights,” “A Prayer for the City” and “Three Nights in August.” He’s written for Vanity Fair, the Daily Beast, Sports Illustrated and the New York Times Magazine and was coproducer and writer for the ABC television show "NYPD Blue." As a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, he shared a Pulitzer Prize for a series of stories on that city’s court system. He’s also been a Nieman Fellow at Harvard.  He’s probably most famous for “Friday Night Lights,” his book on the Permian High School Panthers of Odessa, Texas, and how that town’s devotion to its football team shaped the community and the ...
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LATimes article
Joe Pantoliano: Our Dis-ease Is Our Cure
The Guestlist - almost 5 years
For the entire month of May we will celebrate mental health awareness. This coincides brilliantly with the release of my new memoir, Asylum: Hollywood Tales From My Great Depression: Brain Dis-Ease, Recovery, and Being My Mother's Son. Mental Health Awareness Month is meant to inspire an open conversation about, and erase the stigma, shame and bigotry surrounding, all forms of mental illness (I prefer to call it "brain dis-ease" or just BD). Our mental health service professionals and I look forward to the day when all of us come to believe that having a brain dis-ease or mood sickness will be as acceptable as having the common cold. We'll recognize that these poor unfortunates who suffer from BD are not just "them" but "us" -- our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, wives and husbands. With 75 percent of Americans facing some episode of BD during the course of a lifetime, it's cool to be out there. A fine sentiment, but we're not quite there ...
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The Guestlist article
Asylum: Sopranos' star Joe Pantoliano reveals all in new memoir
Monsters and Critics - almost 5 years
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Monsters and Critics article
Wake 'Em Up: Joe Pantoliano
CNN - about 5 years
Early Start wakes up <a class="fplink fp-140970" href="/joe+pantoliano">Joe Pantoliano</a>, actor and former "Sopranos" star, to talk about politics and the Iowa caucus.
Article Link:
CNN article
New report maps the roots of Islamophobia - Salon
Google News - over 5 years
So it turns out that going around in funny hats screaming at people for a few years is not a great way to endear yourself to the American public, unless you&#39;re Joe Pantoliano. Better luck with next election cycle&#39;s rebranding campaign that fools
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Google News article
35 Things We Learned From the 'Memento' Commentary - Film School Rejects
Google News - over 5 years
Like that time I took a picture of Joe Pantoliano&#39;s corpse. See what I did there? This week, we&#39;re hitting up one of the finest pieces of…Oh, never mind! Commentators: Christopher Nolan (writer, director), lots of answers…maybe…kind of…damn you
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Google News article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Joe Pantoliano
  • 2013
    Age 61
    In 2013, he was cast as Yogi Berra in the Broadway production of Bronx Bombers, but dropped out during rehearsals due to "creative differences".
    More Details Hide Details When not acting, Pantoliano also writes. He is the author of two memoirs: Who's Sorry Now: The True Story of a Stand-Up Guy and Asylum: Hollywood Tales From My Great Depression: Brain Dis-Ease, Recovery and Being My Mother's Son. In the latter, he writes about his addictions to alcohol, food, sex, Vicodin and Percocet before being diagnosed with clinical depression. Pantoliano lives with his wife, former model Nancy Sheppard, and their four children. He was introduced to his wife by his friend, actress Samantha Phillips. On October 9, 2007, Pantoliano announced on the National Alliance on Mental Illness blog that he has been suffering from clinical depression for the last decade, although he was only formally diagnosed recently. He claims that his recent film Canvas was what helped him come to terms with his depression. Rather than hide his struggle from the public, he has chosen to speak out about it to remove some of the stigmas that are commonly associated with mental illness. He founded a non-profit organization, "No Kidding, Me Too!", to unite members of the entertainment industry in educating the public about mental illness. He is also dyslexic. The title comes from the response he’s heard all too often after divulging how mental illness affected him and his family. He’s also shot a documentary called No Kidding, Me Too!
  • 2012
    Age 60
    In 2012, Joe Pantoliano stars as the eccentric pawn broker Oswald Oswald in the film adaptation of Wendy Mass's popular children's book Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, written and directed by Tamar Halpern.
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  • 2003
    Age 51
    In 2003, Pantoliano replaced Stanley Tucci in the Broadway play Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune.
    More Details Hide Details That same year he won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for The Sopranos.
    Pantoliano is also known for his role as Eddie Moscone, the foul-mouthed, double-crossing bail bondsman, in the Robert De Niro comedy Midnight Run, as Captain Howard in Bad Boys and its sequel Bad Boys 2", as double-crossed mafioso Caesar in Bound, as John "Teddy" Gammell in Memento, and as investigative journalist Ben Urich in Mark Steven Johnson's 2003 Daredevil adaptation.
    More Details Hide Details He also played Deputy Marshal Cosmo Renfro in The Fugitive along with Tommy Lee Jones, and reprised the role in the sequel U.S. Marshals. He is known for his portrayals of criminals, criminal investigators, detectives, and forensic specialists with a wisecracking touch.
  • 1999
    Age 47
    He gained fame amongst a new generation as Cypher in the 1999 landmark sci-fi film The Matrix, and won an Emmy as Ralph Cifaretto in HBO's The Sopranos.
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  • 1985
    Age 33
    He first grew to fame as "Guido the Killer Pimp" in Risky Business, and continued to rise in 1985 when he appeared as the villainous Francis Fratelli in teen classic The Goonies.
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  • 1951
    Born on September 12, 1951.
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