John Lewis

U.S. Congressman
Born Feb 21, 1940

John Robert Lewis is the U.S. Representative for, serving since 1987. He was a leader in the American Civil Rights Movement and chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), playing a key role in the struggle to end segregation. He is a member of the Democratic Party and is one of the most liberal legislators.… Read More

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1940 Birth Born on February 21, 1940.


1961 21 Years Old In 1961, Lewis joined the Freedom Riders. … Read More
In 1963, when Chuck McDew stepped down as SNCC chairman, Lewis, one of the founding members of SNCC, was quickly elected to take over. … Read More
1964 24 Years Old In 1964, Lewis coordinated SNCC's efforts for "Mississippi Freedom Summer," a campaign to register black voters across the South. … Read More
1965 25 Years Old On March 7, 1965—a day that would become known as "Bloody Sunday" – Lewis and fellow activist Hosea Williams led over 600 marchers across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama. … Read More
1966 26 Years Old After leaving SNCC in 1966, Lewis worked with community organizations and was named community affairs director for the National Consumer Co-op Bank in Atlanta.


Lewis first ran for elective office in 1977, when a vacancy occurred in Georgia's 5th congressional district. … Read More


1980 40 Years Old He held that job for two and a half years, resigning as the 1980 election approached.
1981 41 Years Old 1 More Event
Before being elected to Atlanta City Council in 1981, Lewis faced "years of criticism as a holier-than-thou publicity seeker who challenged city leaders on ethical matters". … Read More
1988 48 Years Old 1988–2012 During this time period Lewis was re-elected 17 times, each time winning with at least 69% of the vote. … Read More


1992 52 Years Old 1 More Event
He was only challenged in the Democratic primary twice: in 1992 and 2008.
1994 54 Years Old …  What does it profit a great nation to conquer the world, only to lose its soul?" In 1994, when Clinton was considering invading Haiti, Lewis, in contrast to the Congressional Black Caucus as a whole, opposed armed intervention. … Read More
1998 58 Years Old In 1998, when Clinton was considering a military strike against Iraq, Lewis said he would back the president if American forces were ordered into action.


2001 - 2003 3 More Events
2004 64 Years Old 1 More Event
In the 2004 Presidential race, Lewis endorsed Senator John Kerry (Democrat).
On February 27, 2008, Lewis formally changed his support and endorsed Obama. … Read More
2009 69 Years Old 1 More Event
In February 2009, forty-eight years after he had been bloodied by the Ku Klux Klan during civil rights marches, Lewis received an apology on national television from a white southerner, former Klansman Elwin Wilson.
2010 70 Years Old On November 17, 2010, Lewis was awarded the First LBJ Liberty and Justice for All Award, given to him by the Lyndon Baines Johnson Foundation.
2011 71 Years Old In 2011, Lewis was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama.
2012 72 Years Old In 2012, Lewis was awarded honorary LL.D. degrees from Brown University, Harvard University, and the University of Connecticut School of Law.
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