John Sevier

Born Sep 23, 1745

John Sevier served four years (1785–1789) as the only governor of the State of Franklin and twelve years (1796–1801 and 1803–1809) as Governor of Tennessee. As a U.S. Representative from Tennessee from 1811 until his death. He also served as the commander of the Washington County, North Carolina, contingent of the Overmountain Men in the Battle of Kings Mountain.… Read More

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A marker also exists on the current grave of John Sevier on the lawn of the Old Knox County Courthouse. This marker claims his birth date was September 23, 1744 in contradiction to most sources that claim his birth year of 1745. … Read More


1761 15 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1761 at the age of 16, he married Sarah Hawkins, and gradually settled into a life of farming.


1773 27 Years Old 1 More Event
Some sources suggest Sevier served as a captain in the Colonial Militia under George Washington in Lord Dunmore's War in 1773 and 1774. … Read More
1775 29 Years Old 1 More Event
Sevier was appointed clerk of the Association's five-man court in 1775, and was elected to the court in 1776. … Read More


…  In 1776, he was elected one of five magistrates of the Watauga Association and helped defend Fort Watauga against an assault by the Cherokee. … Read More
1780 34 Years Old …  On December 16, 1780, he routed a Cherokee force at the Battle of Boyd's Creek, near modern Sevierville. … Read More
1781 35 Years Old In February 1781, Sevier was commissioned colonel-commandant of the Washington County militia following the death of John Carter. … Read More
1782 36 Years Old In September 1782, Sevier set out on an expedition against Dragging Canoe and his band of Cherokee, who were now concentrated in a string of villages in northern Georgia and Alabama. … Read More
1784 38 Years Old In August 1784, Sevier served as president of a convention held at Jonesborough with the aim of establishing a new state. … Read More
1785 39 Years Old In June 1785, Sevier negotiated the Treaty of Dumplin Creek, in which the Cherokee gave up claims to lands south of the French Broad River as far as the Little River–Little Tennessee River divide. … Read More


In February 1788, the rivalry between Sevier and Tipton came to a head in what became known as the "Battle of Franklin." … Read More
In January 1789, Sevier defeated a large Cherokee invasion led by John Watts at the Battle of Flint Creek near Jonesborough.
1793 47 Years Old In the Fall of 1793, following the Cherokee attack on Cavett's Station west of Knoxville, Sevier led the territorial militia south into Georgia, where he defeated a Cherokee force at the Battle of Hightower and destroyed several villages. … Read More


1796 50 Years Old 1 More Event
…  He played a leading role, both militarily and politically, in Tennessee's pre-statehood period, and was elected the state's first governor in 1796.
1803 57 Years Old When Sevier announced his candidacy for governor in 1803, Roane and Jackson made documents from the Nashville land office scandal public, and accused Sevier of bribery. … Read More
1804 58 Years Old In 1804, Sevier helped William C. C. Claiborne get appointed governor of the newly acquired Louisiana Territory, a position Jackson had sought.
1805 59 Years Old Jackson supported Roane in the state's gubernatorial election in 1805, but Sevier won with nearly two-thirds of the vote.


1807 - 1809 2 More Events
1811 65 Years Old 1 More Event
After his last term as governor, Sevier was elected to three terms in the United States House of Representatives, serving from 1811 until his death in 1815.
1812 66 Years Old Sevier was a staunch supporter of the War of 1812, and President James Madison offered him a command in the army, but Sevier turned it down.
1815 70 Years Old In 1815, Sevier died in the Alabama Territory while conducting a survey of lands which Jackson had recently acquired from the Creek tribe. … Read More
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