John Mahoney
John Mahoney
John Mahoney is an American actor, best known for playing Martin "Marty" Crane in the American sitcom Frasier on NBC. Born in England, he became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1959. He started his career on the stage in 1977, moving into film in 1980. He appeared in Frasier from its inception in 1993 until the final episode in 2004. He has also worked as a voice actor, and performed on Broadway and in Chicago theatre.
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John Mahoney and women directors at Steppenwolf next season
Chicago Times - 22 days
The Steppenwolf Theatre ensemble member John Mahoney will return to his company in the fall to star alongside Francis Guinan in the Chicago premiere of "The Rembrandt," directed by Hallie Gordon. Guinan will play a museum guard who decides to touch a famous painting in the new play by Jessica Dickey,...
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Johanna Snyder, John Mahoney
NYTimes - 7 months
The bride, who graduated from Northwestern, and the groom, a Georgetown graduate, were married in Darien, Conn.
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Oscar nominations uproar raises the question: Did racial bias, conscious or not, come into play?
LATimes - about 1 year
When actor John Mahoney sat down to fill out his ballot for this year's Oscar nominations, he did what he always does. The 75-year-old longtime academy member, known for his work in films such as "Say Anything..." and as the lovably gruff dad on the sitcom "Frasier," said he simply chose what he...
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A Brief (Pun Intended) History of Lawyers in Movies, Part II
Huffington Post - almost 2 years
Lawyers in motion pictures have been portrayed as one of two extremes, devils or angels, almost since celluloid was invented. The first film dealing specifically with a law firm and attorneys, 1933's Counsellor at Law, starring John Barrymore, portrayed its J.D.s as upstanding citizens, as did the early Perry Mason films of the same period. This quickly changed, however, with many attorneys portrayed as being capable of the same brand of skullduggery as their shifty clients. With that in mind, we bring you a list of the good, the bad and the ugly of lawyers in movies. Enjoy, and please refrain from suing us if you feel otherwise... 1. Devil's Advocate (1997) Keanu Reeves plays Kevin Lomax, a hot-shot young Florida lawyer who is all about climbing the ladder. When he gets an offer he can't refuse from a high-powered New York firm, led by the legendary John Milton (Al Pacino). Soon Kevin's wife (Charlize Theron) is plagued by demonic visions and he realizes he's literally so ...
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A Brief (Pun Intended) History of Lawyers in Movies
Huffington Post - almost 2 years
Lawyers in motion pictures have been portrayed as one of two extremes, devils or angels, almost since celluloid was invented. The first film dealing specifically with a law firm and attorneys, 1933's Counsellor at Law, starring John Barrymore, portrayed its J.D.s as upstanding citizens, as did the early Perry Mason films of the same period. This quickly changed, however, with many attorneys portrayed as being capable of the same brand of skullduggery as their shifty clients. With that in mind, we bring you a list of the good, the bad and the ugly of lawyers in movies. 1. To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) Gregory Peck's Atticus Finch became the boilerplate for the Noble Movie Lawyer in this iconic, 1962 adaptation of Harper Lee's award-winning novel. Atticus Finch, a small town attorney in the Depression-era South, must defend a black man (Brock Peters) falsely accused of raping a white woman, causing the already-divided town's racial tensions to boil over. Through it all, ...
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'Frasier' Cast Reunites (VIDEO)
Huffington Post - over 3 years
The cast of "Frasier" gathered together for a reunion hosted by "Good Morning America" and Entertainment Weekly. Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce, John Mahoney, Peri Gilpin and Jane Leeves were all on hand to reminisce about the classic sitcom, which ended in 2004 after 11 years on NBC. Surprisingly, Kelsey Grammer, who played psychiatrist and radio host Dr. Frasier Crane, revealed that at first he wasn’t completely on-board with the “Cheers” spinoff. "Well my initial feelings were that Frasier should die with Cheers," Kelsey Grammer said. Luckily, that didn't happen. On the other hand, the show immediately spoke to John Mahoney, who Frasier and Niles' father Martin Crane. "The script was so brilliant I'd be an idiot to turn it down," Mahoney said. "Plus, to work with Kelsey meant a great deal to me." Another interesting tidbit that emerged from the reunion was that before "Friends," Roz was originally supposed to be played by Lisa Kudrow. But at the last minute, the role went ...
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Kelsey Grammer: starting over
Guardian (UK) - about 4 years
Much loved, much married, much divorced, Kelsey Grammer has spent half his life as a sitcom star or a tabloid laughing stock. But at 58, he's ready to be taken seriously In his compelling new television drama, Boss, Kelsey Grammer plays the (fictional) mayor of Chicago, Tom Kane, as a cross between Richard III and Richard Nixon: a ruthless, rage-filled gangster so hollowed out by the getting and keeping of power that there's no one he won't betray. In one memorable early scene, alone in his kitchen at night, Kane opens a gift-wrapped package to discover the bloody, severed ears of a businessman who's been obstructing his plans. He drops them into the garbage-disposal unit, then nonchalantly goes to tell his wife (estranged, of course, though they live in the same house) that they'll need to call a plumber. But watching all this, it's hard to avoid the thought that Mayor Kane's true target – the man he'd really like to finish off with a swift bullet to the head in some dark Chicago al ...
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Guardian (UK) article
Northlight Theatre adds new shows
Chicago Times - about 4 years
Northlight Theatre is announcing part of its 2013-14 season, including a new production of Neil Simon's "Lost in Yonkers," the Chicago-area premiere of "4000 Miles" by Amy Herzog and a new Irish drama that will star John Mahoney.  
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Chicago Times article
Tell It Like It Is! Blog on Concord Patch
Concord Patch - almost 5 years
  About this time last year, Patch rolled out a new platform for members of the community to be heard. Now, we're making it even easier to get involved in Concord Patch's Local Voices. How easy is it? At Patch, we're devoted to finding ways to make your life as ridiculously easy as possible. So we've changed the way blogging works to make it easier for you to start blogging right away. All you have to do to get started is visit our blogging page and click "Post on Patch." From there, let your typing fingers run rampant (but coherently, please) and when you're done writing and have saved your work, hit submit! Why should I blog? Patch is more than a news site. It is a free place to post upcoming events. It's an online conversation about the community. But to keep the conversation going, we need your voice! You may be asking yourself, "What would I even write about?" Well, the answer is, anything! A blog offers the opportunity to share your thoughts, c ...
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Swampscott Lands Two Delegates in National Democratic Convention
Swampscott Patch - almost 5 years
  A huge turnout across the state marked last Saturday's events held by Massachusetts Democrats to elect delegates to this year’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC.   Two of the Massachusetts delegates are from Swampscott, Ralph Edwards and Margaret A. Somer.   Convention delegates will cast their votes to officially nominate President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden for a second term and approve the Democratic Party platform.   Massachusetts delegates to the Democratic Nation Convention are selected in three ways: At this weekend’s caucuses, registered Democrats in each congressional district elected four men, four women and one alternate delegate. On May 5th, the Democratic State Committee will elect a slate of delegates to represent party leaders and elected officials. Finally, some Democrats are automatic delegates by virtue of holding leadership positions in party organizations or high elected office.   This year’s caucuses saw a huge turnout of grass ...
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Mass. Dems Elect Delegates to National Convention, Including Weston Resident
Weston Patch - almost 5 years
  Massachusetts Democrats elected delegates Saturday, April 21 at statewide caucuses to attend this year’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. One Weston resident was elected: Nazda Alam. In September, convention delegates will cast their votes to officially nominate President Barack Obama for a second term. Massachusetts delegates are selected to the Democratic National Convention by three ways, according to the Massachusetts Democratic Party: At this weekend’s caucuses, registered Democrats in each congressional district elected four men, four women and one alternate delegate. On May 5, the Democratic State Committee will elect delegates to represent party leaders and elected officials. Some Democrats are automatic delegates by virtue of holding leadership positions in party organizations or a high-elected office. Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh spoke about the statewide caucuses. “We have elected an impressive and diverse group ...
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Weston Patch article
Elysabeth Alfano: Kelsey Grammer Accepts the Hugo Career Achievement Award
Huffington Post - almost 5 years
Cinema/Chicago and the Chicago International Film Festival honored Kelsey Grammer with the Career Achievement Award at the 48th Hugo Television Awards Ceremony on Thursday night, April 19. Chicago favorite and renowned actor in his own right, John Mahoney, paid tribute to Mr. Grammer, who then spoke to the crowd in a brief and moving acceptance speech, despite an unruly crowd. I have interviewed many artists of the years, some of international acclaim and others still hoping to break through. They all speak of the forces that propel them in their work and Mr. Mahoney and Mr. Grammer, life-long and consummate professionals, both of whom have enjoyed fame over the years, broke through the E Entertainment aspect of the evening to touch on these quintessential points true to their artistic careers. 1. Hard work. Despite the glory and the glitz, there is no way around hard work; that unending process of honing in on your craft, and being vigilant about always refining your s ...
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Huffington Post article
Palos Park To Get Tough On Litterbugs
Palos Patch - almost 5 years
Palos Park Mayor John Mahoney and Police Commissioner Dan Polk have announced that one component of the Village’s Litter Awareness program will include ticketing litterbugs. Mayor Mahoney said, “Litter is a pervasive problem thatadversely affects the health, wealth and welfare of Palos Park residents. As we move into spring, we are asking everyone to join us in our renewed effort to make anti-littering the mantra of Palos Park. Litter poses health risks, harms water quality and wildlife habitat, and is an offense against communities.” Palos Park Police Commissioner Dan Polk said, “he wants to alert motorists that littering violations will result in police issuing actual tickets to anyone caught littering, and particularly from their vehicles. The fine for littering violations can be as high as $750 per violation.” Commissioner Polk announced the “ Pick it up or Pay it out” campaign, by asking all area residents and visitors to help reduce litter by participating in local clean ...
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Palos Patch article
Northlight to stage world premiere by author of 'The Outgoing Tide'
Chicago Times - almost 5 years
Northlight Theatre said Monday that the formerly unannounced fifth show of its 2012-13 season will be a new play by Bruce Graham, the author of “The Outgoing Tide,” a successful past Northlight production starring John Mahoney and Rondi Reed that's expected to move to New York.
Article Link:
Chicago Times article
Football preview: Columbia River running over opponents - The Columbian
Google News - over 5 years
Key players: Andrew Morgan, sr., lg-lb; Justin Frost, sr., lt-olb; Remick Kawawaki, jr., rb-lb; Darius Raiford, sr., rb-db; Clayton Frank, jr., qb; Tanner Bogart, sr., wr-db; John Mahoney, sr., wr-lb; Thomas Jacobson, sr., wr-db;
Article Link:
Google News article
Park seeks signage bids for 10-mile bike route - Regional News
Google News - over 5 years
Mayor John Mahoney congratulated the group on raising the funds. “It is really fantastic to be able to raise that type of money” Mahoney said. “It goes a long way.” The Village Council will next meet at 7:30 pm Monday, Sept
Article Link:
Google News article
A Grim, Compelling Case Against Google Street View as Documentary Photography - Popular Photography Magazine
Google News - over 5 years
In the last few years, as Google's Street View photography cars continue their march around the world, several artists and photographers have made use of Google's vast archive in their work, combing it for images of
Article Link:
Google News article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of John Mahoney
  • 2011
    Age 70
    In 2011, he had two guest appearances on the TV Land sitcom Hot In Cleveland as Roy, a waiter and a love interest for Betty White's character, Elka. This reunited him with his Frasier co-star Jane Leeves as well as Wendie Malick whose character he eventually married in Frasier and his co-star in the movie The American President. Mahoney was a featured ensemble cast member in The Birthday Party, playing in Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre from January 24 to April 28, 2013.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2010
    Age 69
    In 2010, he made a guest appearance on $#@!
    More Details Hide Details My Dad Says as homophobic retired naval officer Lt. Commander Wally Durham. Despite the numerous successes throughout his career, Mahoney has maintained that his early work in Lyle Kessler's play Orphans has "affected people more than any other play I've ever done. I still get mail from it, I still get people stopping me on the street, and it's twenty years later." Beginning in April 2011, Mahoney began rehearsing The Outgoing Tide, a new play by Bruce Graham at Northlight Theatre in Skokie, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago). The play also stars fellow Chicago actors Rondi Reed and Thom Cox.
  • 2008
    Age 67
    In March 2008, he opened in the world premiere of Better Late at the Northlight Theatre.
    More Details Hide Details He is also the narrator for Midwest Airlines commercials. Mahoney also made two appearances on USA's Burn Notice in the second (2009) and third (2010) season finales. His character, referred to only as "Management", is a senior intelligence agency official that is the apparent main mover of the conspiracy which blacklisted Michael Westen. Mahoney joined the cast of the HBO drama In Treatment for the show's second season (2009) as a frenetic CEO who is overwhelmed by his personal and professional responsibilities and experiences chronic physical anxiety attacks.
  • 2007
    Age 66
    He appeared as an elderly drag queen in the ER season 13 episode "Somebody to Love", and co-starring as Steve Carell's father (himself a veteran of Chicago theatre) in the 2007 romantic comedy film Dan in Real Life.
    More Details Hide Details
    In 2007, he provided the voice of Dr. Robert Terwilliger Sr. (Sideshow Bob's father) in The Simpsons episode "Funeral for a Fiend". This reunited him with his Frasier co-stars Kelsey Grammer (Sideshow Bob) and David Hyde Pierce (Cecil, Sideshow Bob's brother). Mahoney co-starred as The Old Man in the Broadway revival of the play Prelude to a Kiss at the American Airlines Theater in a limited-run engagement from previews February 17, 2007 through April 29, 2007.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2002
    Age 61
    Along with David Hyde Pierce, Mahoney is godfather to Frasier co-star Jane Leeves's son Finn. Mahoney has scarcely talked about his private life, but in a 2002 article he revealed he has been in several relationships, although he has never married.
    More Details Hide Details Mahoney lives in Oak Park, Illinois.
  • 1993
    Age 52
    Mahoney appeared in Frasier from its inception in 1993 until the final episode in 2004; Mahoney received two Emmy nominations and two Golden Globe nominations for this role.
    More Details Hide Details He played the role of Martin "Marty" Crane, the father of Frasier Crane and Niles Crane. NBC executives so highly esteemed Mahoney that Warren Littlefield declared he was pre-approved when the Frasier creative team suggested casting him as the father. Prior to appearing on the series, Mahoney appeared in episode 5 season 11 of Cheers as inept jingle writer Sy Flembeck and has a brief conversation with Frasier Crane. Mahoney also appeared as a priest in Becker which starred Cheers star Ted Danson. Mahoney's first voice job was in W. B. Yeats' "The Words upon the Window-Pane" for the award-winning National Radio Theater of Chicago. He provided the voices for several characters in the animated film Antz (1998), Preston Whitmore in Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Atlantis: Milo's Return, General Rogard in The Iron Giant (1999), and Kronk's Papi in Kronk's New Groove (but is succeeded by Jeff Bennett in The Emperor's New School).
  • 1977
    Age 36
    Dissatisfied with his career, Mahoney took acting classes at St. Nicholas Theatre, which inspired him to quit his day job and pursue acting full-time, and after a stage production in 1977, John Malkovich encouraged him to join Steppenwolf Theatre.
    More Details Hide Details He did so and went on to win the Clarence Derwent Award as Most Promising Male Newcomer. Gary Sinise, co-founder of Steppenwolf, said in an interview for Bomb Magazine that Lyle Kessler's play Orphans "kicked John Mahoney, Kevin Anderson and Terry Kinney off into the movie business" after their Steppenwolf performance in it where he won the Derwent Award and the Theatre World Award. He won Broadway's Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play for his performance in John Guare's The House of Blue Leaves. Mahoney's first major film role was in the 1987 Barry Levinson film Tin Men. He went on to have prominent roles in a number of acclaimed films throughout the late 1980s and 1990s, including Eight Men Out, Say Anything, In the Line of Fire, Reality Bites, and The American President. He has appeared in two Coen brothers films: Barton Fink and The Hudsucker Proxy.
  • 1940
    Born on June 20, 1940.
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