John Tesh
American musician and sports announcer
John Tesh
John Frank Tesh is an American pianist and composer of pop music, as well as a radio host and television presenter. His 10-year-old 'Intelligence for Your Life Radio Show' reaches 14.2 Million listeners/week, and is syndicated by Teshmedia on 400 stations in US, Canada, and the UK. Tesh has won six music Emmys, has four gold albums, two Grammy nominations, and an Associated Press award for investigative journalism. Tesh has sold over eight million records.
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If you listen to people talk about success long enough, you'll likely hear the phrase, "Life's a marathon, not a sprint." Though it qualifies as a cliché, there's truth in statements like this. It's especially true with regard to launching a business. It may not be a welcome statement to some, but the fact is that marathoners tend to make better entrepreneurs. Business Isn't for Sprinters Admittedly, sprinters are fantastic athletes. They're swift, agile, and incredibly talented at running short distances at blazing speed. And certain aspects of life require quick and short bursts of speed. But launching a business isn't one of them. Startups require a marathoner's mindset. In order to work 80-hour weeks and carry an idea from start to finish, you have to adopt the mentality of a disciplined marathoner. There will be times when you'll wonder what you're doing and moments when everything will hurt, but you have to push through both of them. Some days you'll wake up and thi ...
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I Have Great Taste, Dammit! (Just Don't Judge Me By the Music I'm Belting Out)
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"Everyone thinks they have good taste and a sense of humor, but we can't all possibly have good taste!" -Nora Ephron Nora wrote gems like that. Some were used in movies while others were part of her column or books that she penned later in life. She was an absolute truth-teller. At her own expense and even when we didn't want to hear the truth, she entertained us all with her words. I adore her and cried when I heard of her passing. But I don't want to talk about that, I bring her up to tell you that I am one of those people who thinks they have great taste AND a sense of humor. No. I don't think it. I know it to be a certainty. I have great taste in decorating, fashion, friends, food, books, movies and music, to name a few. I take great pride in it, especially my taste in music. Hell, I even majored in Music in college! From classical to bluegrass and everything in between, I can bore you with details about it all. I can play "name that composer" on NPR with shocking accuracy. I ...
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It's been more than a decade since the 1990s ended, yet the Internet can't seem to go a day without a reminder of the neon slap bracelets that may have been banned from your school. Yes, we get it. Times are tough and there's comfort in reflection, but enough is enough. Below, a final goodbye to the 90s to end the nostalgia once and for all. (We're not kidding. There are 1990 items below.) 1. Scrunchies 2. "The Wild Thornberries" 3. Dawson and Joey 4. "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" 5. Mr. Feeny 7. MTV playing music videos 8. Snick 9. The premiere of "Freaks and Geeks" 10. Levar Burton 11. "Daria" 12. "Arthur" 13. "The Powerpuff Girls" 14. "Smart Guy" 15. Comedy Central globe logo with buildings 16. "The X-Files" 17. Rosie O'Donnell 18. Bill Nye 19. "Dawson's Creek" 20. The Mighty Ducks" 21. "Are You Afraid of the Dark" 22. Cornholio 23. Rachel Green 24. Tim Allen 25. "All That" 26. "Beverl ...
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Rolling Stone - about 4 years
It's unclear whether he likes John Tesh and Yanni but Daniel Lopatin is likely the first bearded Brooklynite to defend the ginger-infused balm of New Age music An heir of Brian Eno Lopatin records as Oneohtrix Point Never and after the deserved acclaim for his 2011 ambient thriller Replica he has...
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The 10 Worst Celebrity Career Changes Of All Time
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Famous people aren’t like you and me; while we’re perfectly happy doing one thing well, they insist on doing everything well and sometimes it actually works out. Take Bo Jackson, for instance—the Auburn alum enjoyed a spectacular professional career in which he was named an all-star in both baseball and football. How about Dave Winfield? The St. Paul native was drafted by four teams in three different professional sports. But, for every Jackson and Winfield there are literally dozens of other public figures who flop as a result of a disastrous career change. Here is a top 10 list of infamous underachievers. Jose Canseco Former profession: Outfielder and designated hitter Attempted profession: Pitcher Given the controversy swirling his 2005 tell-all book, Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got Big, it’s easy to forget that Jose Canseco used to be quite a good ballplayer. During a productive 17-year career, the Cuban-born slugger hit 462 dingers ...
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Long Island Native John Tesh Returns Home with Big Band in Tow
Mineola Patch - almost 5 years
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Nightlife in Mineola This Weekend
Mineola Patch - almost 5 years
After a long, hard week at work you deserve some fun. Concerts, contests and entertainment, we’ve got you covered when it comes to nightlife in the village. Let us be your guide to all the fun in town for all the hottest spots to check out this weekend in Mineola. Every Friday, we’ll be running down the hottest spots in Mineola to plan your weekend. Concerts The band “Tribute” is playing at Eleanor Rigby’s on Friday night at 8:30 p.m. On Saturday night Savanna Sky will play at 9:30 p.m. It will be the first time the band plays at Eleanor Rigby’s. Savanna Sky plays a combination of rock and roll and country music. “Bangstrum” is playing at Shaker’s on Friday night at 9 p.m. The band plays a lot of 60’s and 70’s classics type of music. They play an assortment of tracks from bands like The Allman Brothers, The Eagles and The Who. Long Island native and radio personality John Tesh will be performing with his big band at the NYCB Theater at Westbury on Saturday at 7 p.m. Tickets ...
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A Bommeke for Tommeke
SBS - almost 5 years
There's cloud over Roubaix – hopefully normal cloud and not the unluck clouds which keep congregating over Fabian Cancellara. (Latest news on Spartacus's Tour of Flanders injury is here, complete with X-rays which were taken by top professionals and not, as the Broom Wagon initially assumed when it noticed the biro-shaped object in the second image, Belgium's answer to Dr Nick Riviera). Forecasts of rain for Sunday's race may or may not prove accurate but, let's face it: dust or rain, you takes your pick, for the riders starting in Compiegne it's going to be a world of pain. One consequence of rain would be that it increases the extent to which Paris-Roubaix is a very cobbly crapshoot . Endless stretches of slimy pavé would be bad news for the likes of Pippo Pozzato, who is being touted as a contender after finishing second in Flanders - or, as he put it, "first of the idiots". Flanders winner Tom Boonen, another who wouldn't welcome the rain, is stitching together an ut ...
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Fame, Fortune and Other Foolishness
CBN - almost 5 years
"Celebrity is a mask that eats into the face." - John Updike The musical Grammys and the Academy Awards are over, but the big parade of celebrities rolls on. Few people in this world are granted fame and fortune. Those who are, often get more than they bargained for. Those who aren’t, gaze in awe at these so-called cultural icons, often granting them an undue measure of respect and admiration. The glamorous world of fame and fortune has an enormous impact on each of us. The following are several conversations I have had with popular culture experts Richard Schickel, of Time Magazine and TV/radio/USA Today commentator Michael Medved. Also, I have had talks with singer, actress and talk show host Kathie Lee Gifford and musician and former Entertainment Tonight host John Tesh about their experiences with celebrities. Each year thousands of pilgrims from all over the nation and the world come to Hollywood, California, seeking fame or seeking the famous. Celebrity has become a nati ...
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Musician & Radio Personality John Tesh Gives Back To COD
KPSP Local 2 - about 5 years
Musician and radio personality <a class="fplink fp-149521" href="/john+tesh+1">John Tesh</a> and actress <a class="fplink fp-52992" href="/connie+sellecca+1">Connie Sellecca</a> have donated equipment and a live streaming service to College of the Desert's student-run radio station, the college announced on Wednesday. Tesh and Sellecca, who are married, donated a professional sound board, two iMac computers and a one-year subscription for live streaming service by IBS Backbone, valued at $2,700, to KCOD-AM. The donation will help students create multimedia content, schedule automated programs, conduct live shows, cover remote events and stream over the Internet, according to the KCOD faculty adviser Laurilie Jackson. "This donation will take our college radio station to the next level,'' Jackson said. "The students are very excited and grateful.'' Two COD faculty advisers and four students attended the West Coast Music and Radio Industry Conference in Los Angeles in Dece ...
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KPSP Local 2 article
John Tesh taps into old-school memories for "Big Band Christmas Live"
On Milwaukee - about 5 years
Entertainer <a class="fplink fp-149521" href="/john+tesh">John Tesh</a> will be in Milwaukee at the Milwaukee Theatre to present his show "Big Band Christmas Live," which builds on the classic Christmas memories of the '40s and '50s.
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John Tesh always wanted fame
The Tribune - SanLuisObispo - over 5 years
As long as he can remember, <a class="fplink fp-149521" href="/john+tesh">John Tesh</a> has wanted to have a voice.
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Give the gift of music - Times Bulletin
Google News - over 5 years
An out-of-town business recently purchased over 100 tickets to the John Tesh Christmas concert at the Niswonger Performing Arts Center for their employees. What a great way of saying thanks and what a great way of enjoying a special night out for all
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Google News article
Merced radio station changes format - Modesto Bee
Google News - over 5 years
The station said the format fits the 25-54 &quot;adult listeners&quot; audience, especially in the workplace. Dave Luna will continue to host a morning show, along with Angie Munroe at midday. New to the station&#39;s lineup will be John Tesh, who will be on from 3
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Google News article
Sade Kills 'Em Softly at Cricket - NBC San Diego (blog)
Google News - over 5 years
And that&#39;s why Sade, many times horrifically referenced as the two-word-combo-that-shall-no-longer-be-named, needed to come out of their decade-long hiatus this year and show people how much different they are than someone like John Tesh
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Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of John Tesh
  • 2014
    Age 61
    In 2014, Tesh returned to syndicated television in the series, Intelligence For Your Life TV, based on his radio show.
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  • 2008
    Age 55
    In 2008, he put out a piano gospel dance DVD called "Alive: Music & Dance."
    More Details Hide Details It combines Tesh's music, big gospel choirs, and hip-hop dance. Tesh currently has a nationally-syndicated radio show called the John Tesh Radio Show based in Newark, New Jersey, which typically airs on Adult Contemporary and Classic Hits, and Soft rock radio formats, interspersed with various factoids and other information Tesh considers useful to listeners, often with topics such as health and well-being. These factoids are called "Intelligence for Your Life", played on radio stations across the United States and Canada. Select pieces of "Intelligence for Your Life" are broken up and distributed in short form to other radio stations (including talk radio formats) and for use on morning shows. Across all of its versions, Tesh's radio programs reach an estimated 14.5 million listeners across the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom, placing it on the list of most-listened-to radio programs. Tesh's main rival is Delilah, and these two shows are sometimes aired in the same market on competing stations.
  • 2007
    Age 54
    In 2007, Tesh won the Syndicated Personality/Show of the Year award by Radio & Records magazine for his radio show.
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  • 2003
    Age 50
    Tesh was nominated in 2003 for the Grammy for "Best Pop Instrumental Album" for Power of Love.
    More Details Hide Details John has also earned three gold albums, six Emmys for his sports themes, and a Keyboard Magazine Award.
    This led to him starting The John Tesh Radio Show in 2003.
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  • 1996
    Age 43
    After Tesh left his ten-year job as co-host for Entertainment Tonight in 1996, he turned to his career as a contemporary keyboardist.
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  • 1994
    Age 41
    In August 1994, John performed at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado, for his first Live at Red Rocks concert.
    More Details Hide Details Tesh performed with conductor John Bisharat and the 70-piece Colorado Symphony Orchestra. The concert featured Tesh playing grand piano, Charlie Bisharat playing electric violin, and Everette Harp playing alto saxophone. Also featured were Olympic gold medal-gymnasts Nadia Comaneci (1976) and Bart Conner (1984) performing gymnastic routines specially-choreographed to Tesh's music.
  • 1987
    Age 34
    In 1987, Yanni was putting together his first touring band to promote his album Out of Silence, as well as selections from Keys to Imagination.
    More Details Hide Details Being good friends, Tesh asked Yanni if he could join the band as keyboardist along with Joyce Imbesi and drummer Charlie Adams, as he'd never been onstage for a live performance, and he needed the experience. Despite already having a full-time job with Entertainment Tonight, and the long hours of rehearsal for the band, he did very well, although he did only one tour with Yanni, playing in about 12 shows, including the "1988 Concert Series," before being replaced by Bradley Joseph. Later, Yanni helped Tesh get his first recording contract with Private Music. In the 1990s, John Tesh was credited with the theme music to Bobby's World, hosted by Howie Mandel, and the NBA on NBC theme, known as "Roundball Rock." Tesh composed the NBA on NBC theme after an idea hit him while traveling. In order to recall his idea at a later juncture, Tesh recorded the initial beat on his answering machine, leaving a message for himself. The theme was used for the NBA on NBC before the network stopped carrying NBA games following the 2001–02 season (as well as an electric guitar-driven spinoff that was used on NBC's WNBA telecasts from 1997 to 2002), though NBC would revive the theme for its basketball coverage during the 2008 Summer Olympics.
    Tesh appeared in "The Icarus Factor," an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, playing a Klingon warrior. He also appeared as himself in a 1987 episode of the daytime serial Santa Barbara.
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  • 1983
    Age 30
    Tesh also served as a sportscaster for events such as the Tour de France bicycle race from 1983 through 1986 (Tesh has the distinction of being the anchor for the first American broadcast of this event), and gymnastics at the 1992 and 1996 Summer Olympics.
    More Details Hide Details Tesh hosted the short-lived One on One with John Tesh talk show in 1991–92 on NBC daytime, and co-hosted the show John & Leeza From Hollywood with fellow Entertainment Tonight personality Leeza Gibbons from 1993 to 94, also on NBC daytime.
  • 1970
    Age 17
    Tesh was born in Garden City, New York, on Long Island, the son of Mildred (Bunny), a nurse, and John F. Tesh, a textile chemist. He graduated from Garden City High School in 1970.
    More Details Hide Details Playing piano and trumpet from the age of six, he studied with teachers from The Juilliard School and was named to the New York State Symphonic Orchestra in high school, while also playing the organ in a rock band. Tesh studied communications and music at North Carolina State University. He was also a member of the varsity lacrosse and soccer teams. While in the area, Tesh worked as a news anchor at WTVD in Durham, North Carolina. Tesh went to Orlando, Florida, to take a television position at WFTV. His television career included a stint as a news anchor and reporter at WSM-TV in Nashville, Tennessee in the 1970s, where he often covered the same stories as Oprah Winfrey, who worked at a competing Nashville station. He shuffled from Nashville to Raleigh, to Orlando, and finally to New York's WCBS-TV, where, at age 22, he was their youngest reporter. However, he became more well-known when he co-hosted the television show Entertainment Tonight from 1986 to 1996.
  • 1952
    Born on July 9, 1952.
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