José Núñez de Cáceres

José Núñez de Cáceres

Dominican Writer and Politician
Born Mar 14, 1772

José Núñez de Cáceres was a Dominican politician and writer. He was the leader of Dominican independence when Spain ruled the country and he was also the first person in the country to use literature as weapon of social protest and politics.

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1772 Birth José Núñez de Cáceres Albor was born on March 14, 1772 (or 1779), in Santo Domingo. … Read More


1795 23 Years Old Despite early obstacles, at age 23, in 1795, Nuñez de Cáceres got the Civil Law degree, he formed a distinguished clientele, and he became a professor at the University of Santo Tomás de Aquino. … Read More
1800 28 Years Old 1 More Event
At the end of the 18th century Núñez de Cáceres married Juana de Mata Madrigal Cordero and they had six children: the first, Pedro, was born in Santo Domingo on April 2, 1800, and last, Maria de la Merced, in the same city in 1816. … Read More


1808 36 Years Old In late 1808 after the Dominican reconquest by Spain, he returned to his homeland, where he wrote his famous song "The winners of Battle of Palo Hincado" in the action of November 7, 1808, and between the June 29, 1810 and May 7, 1813 he was appointed Lieutenant Governor, General Counsel and Government Service Judge Advocate General's Corps of the province of Santo Domingo. … Read More


1815 43 Years Old …  In 1815, while he devoted himself to politics, he returned to teaching in the old University of Santo Domingo.
1821 49 Years Old 1 More Event
…  He is better known for being the leader of the independence movement against Spain in 1821 and the only President of the short-lived Republic of Spanish Haiti, which lasted only from December 1, 1821 to February 9, 1822. … Read More


…  On January 11, 1822, as Núñez de Cáceres found no support he sought in Colombia, Boyer wrote to Núñez de Cáceres a letter announcing his intention to visit the eastern part together with stunning force, but not as an invader, but as a peacemaker, while warning him there would be able to avoid obstacles. … Read More
1824 52 Years Old In 1824, he was in Caracas, putting the printing trade. … Read More
1827 55 Years Old 1 More Event
Subsequently, Páez appointed to Núñez as private secretary and adviser, a position he held until early January 1827. … Read More
1830 58 Years Old In 1830 he was named prosecutor of the supreme court.


1833 61 Years Old In 1833 he was elected senator of the State of Tamaulipas and member of the Mexican Confederation Congress and in the same year he was named Distinguished Citizen of Tamaulipas.
1834 62 Years Old He served with General Moctezuma at the Well of Caramel, and he endorsed the agenda of this soldier. In 1834 he was appointed treasurer of Public Finance, a position which he alternated with his attorney Professions.
1844 72 Years Old By 1844 he became seriously ill and the State Government and the Departmental Board of Tamaulipas assigned a pension to alleviate their pain. … Read More
1850 79 Years Old Died on September 11, 1850.
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