Joseph Williams
American musician
Joseph Williams
Joseph Stanley Williams, is an American rock singer and film score composer best known for his work in the rock band Toto. He is the son of film composer John Williams and actress/singer Barbara Ruick and the grandson of jazz drummer Johnny Williams and actors Melville Ruick and Lurene Tuttle.
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Jose William Ortiz Marin, 32
LATimes - 12 months
Jose William Ortiz Marin, a 32-year-old Latino male, died Sunday, Feb. 28, after being shot in Long Beach, according to Los Angeles County coroner's records.
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beethoven's buddy
Chicago Times - almost 3 years
  A week ago Wednesday, I met Joseph Williams for the first time. 12-year-old Joseph, his twin brother Jonathan and his parents Judy and Joe live in Countryside. I was assigned to do a story, in both still and moving pictures, on Joseph because of how he is different. Joseph is blind, autistic and plays the piano like a cabaret showman. However, my goal was to show how Joseph is the same as all of us. Like his father, Joe, said, "You take the cards God dealt you and you try to do the best you can." In addition, my aim was to not only document what Joseph does, but, also, to the best of my ability, give a glimpse into what I think it feels like to be Joseph. Since, I only had a week on this story, I am extremely grateful to the Williams' for giving me unfettered access to their lives. This tale, also, revolved around the fabulous Beth Bauer and the Beethoven's Buddies program at Wheaton College's Community School of the Arts. Amazing work being done in Wheaton by Dr. ...
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Caroline Gerdes: The DREAM Celebration
Huffington Post - almost 4 years
CityDance and the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities, in partnership with renowned dancer and producer Rasta Thomas, are presenting the dance world's top movers and shakers in two special performances at D.C.'s historic Lincoln Theatre on U Street, May 4 and 5. The DREAM Celebration will support CityDance's extensive community programs for underserved youth in D.C., including its DREAM program. The D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities supports programs like DREAM and will be co-presenting the event. "The D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities applauds CityDance for presenting high quality dance programming at one of the District of Columbia's cultural treasures -- the historic Lincoln Theatre. By presenting The DREAM Celebration at the Lincoln, CityDance is uplifting the profile of our local dance community for our residents and visitors," said Lionell Thomas, executive director of the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities. While the evening i ...
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Sandi Bachom: A Tale of Two Sandy's: "Miracle on 26th Street" and the Invisible Victims of Hurricane Sandy
Huffington Post - about 4 years
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair..." We lost power at 9 p.m. the night Hurricane Sandy hit Manhattan. I had come into the city from The Hamptons, where I'm living temporarily. As I am car-less, and the house is in the middle of nowhere, I was fearful if I stayed and we lost power, I would be found weeks later, identified only by my dental records. Since I lived everyone's worst nightmare, when the marshals came to the door and evicted me in April, I have been thinking a lot about 'stuff,' home and loss, family of origin and family of circumstance and that old cliché about what's 'really important.' In one of those left-handed gifts, that experience has prepared me, given me a 'new pair of glasses'... along with my camera, ...
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Sick, frail struggle most in aftermath of superstorm Sandy
Fox News - over 4 years
Some of society's most vulnerable people -- the elderly, the disabled and the chronically ill -- have been pushed to the brink in the powerless, flood-ravaged neighborhoods struggling to recover from Superstorm Sandy. The storm didn't just knock out electricity and destroy property when it came ashore in places like the Far Rockaway section of Queens. It disrupted the fragile support networks that allowed the neighborhood's frailest residents to get by. Here, the catastrophe has closed pharmacies, kept home care aids from getting to elderly clients and made getting around in a wheelchair impossible. The city has recorded at least two deaths of older men in darkened buildings. For some living in the disaster zone, it has all been too much. When a team of medics and national guardsmen turned up at Sheila Goldberg's apartment tower in Far Rockaway on Friday to check on the well-being of residents, floor by floor, the 75-year-old burst into tears and begged for help caring for ...
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California Governor Appoints San Bernardino Residents to California Workforce Investment Board
Florida News Wire - over 4 years
SAN BERNARDINO, Calif., Sept. 5, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE)) — The San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board announced that Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. appointed two of its members to the California Workforce Investment Board. They are Michael Gallo, 54 of San Bernardino and Joseph Williams, 36, of Redlands. “Mike Gallo and Joseph Williams have been instrumental in our county Workforce Investment Board’s success,” said Josie Gonzales, San Bernardino County Chair and Fifth District Supervisor. “They both bring creativity and business acumen to the board, which is most effective in helping employers as well as job seekers through the economic recovery. I am very excited to see that their talents and wisdom will also move California’s economy in the right direction.” Gallo is Vice President of the San Bernardino City Unified School District Board of Education and serves as Chairman of the Economic Development Committee on the San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board. H ...
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Florida News Wire article
Carroll County Death Notices through Aug. 30
Eldersburg Patch - over 4 years
  Click on the name of the deceased to read the full obituary and/or to submit online condolences.   Haight Funeral Home & Chapel P.A. (Sykesville) Location: 6416 Sykesville Road, Sykesville Phone: 410-795-1400 Leona Stedding of Sykesville died Aug. 28.  She was 92. Mary E. “Betty” Sheedy of Sykesville died Aug. 25.  She was 92. Kenneth Charles Roche died Aug. 24.  He was 79.   Fletcher Funeral Home (Westminster) Location:  254 E. Main St., Westminster Phone: 410-848-7575 Cathryn Mary Velte-Curry of Towson died Aug. 29.  She was 92. Henry Lamotte Dodrer, Sr. of Westminster died Aug. 28.  He was 90. Barbara Ellen Wantz of Finksburg died Aug. 28.  She was 73. William B. Rau of Westminster died Aug. 25.  He was 82. Allen Joseph William “Butch” Gammer of Westminster died Aug. 25.  He was 64.   Myers-Durboraw Funeral Home (Westminster) Location: 91 Willis Street, Westminster Phone: 410-848-3933 Dorothy L. Lockner of Tane ...
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The Dark Knight Rises.... NOT!!
CNN - over 4 years
I and Lucy went to see "The Dark Knight Rises" this past Saturday. Never big on the Batman Trilogy but I guess due to all the HYPE in the media and sadly i think because of the horrific killings connected with this movie we went to see it. Perhaps tiring to find some connection, some coherent reason as to WHY this man would use this movie as his back drop for MADNESS AND MASSACRE. We went to the 4:45pm showing hoping to avoid lines and of course pay the matinee price.Surprisingly there wasn't a lot of people at our showing, about 30 people. As I sat in my chair the lights went down to introduce the preview trailers. At that moment I began to feel, dread and fearful. Suddenly it was important for me to note all my exists, seating block, distance to the screen and those around me and Lucy. Our theater was no different than the one in Aurora CO. Newburgh, NY is no different than Aurora either I thought. Looking over our theater i became panicked, fearful as if I was being chann ...
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Suspended Politico reporter says he’s ‘done’
The Daily Caller - over 4 years
After being suspended for offensive comments about Mitt Romney, Politico reporter Joseph Williams says he's out
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Milton Keynes Elections: Results
Milton Keynes Citizen - almost 5 years
Ward by ward run down of election results` John Charles George Bailey – Conservatives – 1,223 Paul Arthur Bowler – Green Party - 420 Sue Burke – Lib Dem - 161 Adrian Bruce William Pitfield – UKIP - 375 * Rita Evelyn Venn – Labour – 1,270 Bradwell Ward Philip Stephen Gerrella – Independent - 426 Patrick McQuillan – Lib Dem - 808 Shouket Mirza – Conservatives - 356 * Pauline Ann Wallis – Labour – 1,015 Campbell Park Ward Reggie Chopra – Conservative - 444 Isabella Forsyth Fraser – Independent - 221 Darron James Kendrick – Lib Dem - 976 * Paul Joseph Williams – Labour – 1,015 Denbigh Ward Steven Roy Beaumont – UKIP - 153 Edis Bevan – Lib Dem - 32 Liz Campbell – Green Party - 420 Maggie Geaney – Conservatives - 323 Michael Robert Legg – Labour - 965 Eaton Manor Ward Kevin Joseph Geaney – Conservatives - 294 Ali Hussain – Green Party - 106 Stuart Leeming - UKIP - 239 Alfred Vella - Lib Dem - 79 * Alan Robert Webb – Labour - 832 Emerson Valley Ward Sean Na ...
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Milton Keynes Citizen article
Martin Bashir: Rush Limbaugh Enjoys 'Sexist, Homophobic and Racist' Humor
News Busters - almost 5 years
The Obama-loving media just can't stop talking about the President's appearance Tuesday on NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. MSNBC's Martin Bashir on Thursday used it as an opportunity to bash conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh as liking "sexist, homophobic, and racist" humor (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary): As the segment began, Bashir said to Politico’s Joseph Williams, “The President got a jump on the jokes by slow-jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon. Yet Rush Limbaugh and several Fox News commentators seem to worry America may slide into the ocean as a result of that appearance. Now why is that?” “The criticism on the right on this reads especially hollow when it doesn’t take a long Google search to find other examples of presidents enjoying the moment of humor to show that they’re regular people,” answered Williams. He mentioned Dwight Eisenhower going on tour with ...
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St. Michael-Albertville High School Announces Honor Roll
St. Micheal Patch - almost 5 years
St. Michael-Albertville High School has released its second trimester, or Trimester 2, "A" and "B" honor rolls for this academic year. B Honor Roll Grade 9 Amin Aboujouda,     Antoine Akundu,     Gavin Allen,     Brianna Allers, Shaye Althoff,     Kaitlyn Anderson,     Sara Anderson,     Lucy Arndt, Alyson Astleford,     Hannah Bagne,     Victoria Barr,     Nicholas Batchelor, Brooke Baune,     Tyler Bebensee,     Austin Benson,     Nicolas Berning, Alexander Birk,     Nicole Blake,     Hope Bloms,     Jake Bloomstrand, Sonia Bosire,     Amanda Bouddhara,     Riley Breen,     Bobbi Brendefur, Landon Bridell,     Jada Brown,     Nickolas Brown,     Tyler Brown, Andrew Carbert,     Chase Cayo,     Torri Christensen,     Rachel Churchill, Emma Collins,     Jamie Dang,     Nathan Delger,     Taylor Dircz, Megan Doboszenski,     Aaron Dorland,     Jorgan Eicher,     Mitchell Erickson, Jordan Esposito,     Noah Evans,     Alyx Faust,     Amber Ferrian, Paige Fesenmaier,     Jor ...
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UVA Football Player Joseph Williams on Hunger Strike for Higher Wages
Opposing Views - almost 5 years
By Kayla Faria News outlets across the country, including ESPN, The Nation, and the Chicago Sun Times, have been covering the <a class="fplink fp-155081" href="/Joseph+Williams+1">Joseph Williams</a>’ story - a University of Virginia football player who joined several other students on a hunger strike organized by the Living Wage Campaign. Williams’ hunger strike protested the $7.25 hourly wage of some university employees. At the intersection of sports and politics, the story is about race and class, but it’s also about gender, an angle largely neglected in media coverage of the strike. “As one of four children supported by a single mother, I have experienced many period of economic hardship in my life,” wrote Williams in an essay on reasons for striking. “On a personal level, this cause is one that hits very close to home.” He is not alone. Thirty-four percent of families headed by working black single mothers were livin ...
Article Link:
Opposing Views article
Virginia Joseph Williams stops controversial hunger strike
MSN Specials - almost 5 years
Virginia safety <a class="fplink fp-155081" href="/Joseph+Williams+1">Joseph Williams</a> ends hunger strike after 8 days
Article Link:
MSN Specials article
Joseph Williams: Why I'm Hunger Striking at UVA
Huffington Post - almost 5 years
In failing to implement a living wage for its lowest paid employees, the University of Virginia has also failed to uphold the moral standards to which it holds its students.
Article Link:
Huffington Post article
Google News - over 5 years WHITE HOUSE FIRES BACK AT BLACK CRITICISM -- Glenn Thrush, Julie Mason and Joseph Williams write about the developing tension between President Obama and other black political leaders, who have become increasingly public in their
Article Link:
Google News article
For Some Medical Evacuees, Safety Brought Its Own Difficulties
NYTimes - over 5 years
David Clark sat in an ambulance for hours late Saturday night in front of the Park Slope Armory in Brooklyn. Mr. Clark, who is 48 and relies on a wheelchair because of diabetes and a leg injury, was late to receive his medicines. But he still had not even been admitted to the armory, which was a designated shelter for patients with special medical
Article Link:
NYTimes article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Joseph Williams
  • 2015
    Age 54
    He performed lead vocals on their "35th Anniversary: Live In Poland" concert album and DVD, as well as on Toto's 2015 studio album, Toto XIV.
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  • 2008
    Age 47
    His latest solo album containing original songs, This Fall, was released in November 2008.
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  • 2007
    Age 46
    He returned with two more voice & piano albums in 2007, Smiles and Tears, also consisting of classic hits by popular artists.
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  • 2006
    Age 45
    He sings background vocals on Chicago's "King of Might Have Been" on the 2006 album XXX as well as on "Let's Take a Lifetime" on the 1993-recorded/2008-released album Chicago XXXII: Stone of Sisyphus.
    More Details Hide Details The song "What You're Missing" from the Chicago album Chicago 16 was co-written by him. He also sings backing vocals on five tracks of Steve Lukather's solo album Ever Changing Times as well as on Lukather's solo album All's Well That Ends Well.
    He is featured on Toto's 2006 album, Falling in Between, sharing lead vocals with Steve Lukather on "Bottom of Your Soul".
    More Details Hide Details In addition to his guest spot on Falling In Between, Williams was a guest singer at several Toto concerts. Since 2010, Joseph is once again Toto's lead singer. He re-joined the band during their reformation tour and has toured with them since then.
  • 1997
    Age 36
    In 1997 and 1998 respectively, he shared vocal duties on two albums by the a cappella covers group The West Coast All Stars, the other vocalists being Bobby Kimball, Bill Champlin and Jason Scheff, whereas Tommy Funderburk replaced Champlin on the Naturally album.
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  • 1988
    Age 27
    Williams has been in demand as a session vocalist and can be heard on numerous projects by other artists, as well as on movie soundtracks. He provided backing vocals on Peter Cetera's album World Falling Down and co-wrote the song "Man In Me", lead vocals for three tracks - "Walk The Wire", "History" and "When You Look In My Eyes" - to Jay Graydon's Airplay for the Planet album, subsequently touring with the band and backing vocals on Jon Anderson's In the City of Angels in 1988, most prominently on the song "Top of the World (The Glass Bead Game)".
    More Details Hide Details In Disney's animated feature film The Lion King he can be heard as the singing voice of the Adult Simba, singing on the songs "Hakuna Matata" and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight". He reprised this singing role in the direct-to-video animated film Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse.
  • 1983
    Age 22
    He was the writer of the original English lyrics for the song "Lapti Nek" from the original 1983 release of Return of the Jedi, which was scored and conducted by his father John Williams.
    More Details Hide Details He also composed the Max Rebo Band source cues and an unknown source cue for the same film.
  • 1982
    Age 21
    Williams released his first, self-titled solo album in 1982.
    More Details Hide Details After his tenure with Toto he has released several more. Many of Toto's members have contributed to his solo work over the years. In 2003 he released an album called Vertigo, a project he initiated, but where he was not in full charge of the production, only recording and supplying the vocals. The second Vertigo album, "Vertigo 2", was released in 2006. Williams released an album of cover songs from renowned artists such as Elton John, Bryan Adams, Diane Warren, and Kevin Cronin in 2006, called Two of Us, featuring piano and voice only.
  • 1960
    Born on September 1, 1960.
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