Josh Lucas
American actor
Josh Lucas
Josh Lucas is an American actor. He has appeared in many films, including Glory Road, A Beautiful Mind, and Poseidon.
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Josh Lucas, Terrence Howard and Lake Bell are haunted by the laughable 'Ghost of New Orleans'
LATimes - 9 days
The type of vehicle that even Nicolas Cage likely would have passed on, “Ghost of New Orleans,” by Serbian director Peter (Predrag) Atonijevic, is a laughably pretentious crime caper-supernatural thriller hybrid that comes up woefully lacking on both fronts. Languishing on the shelf for the past...
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Before Honoring Jude Law, Stars at Only Make Believe Talk "Sesame Street" and "Fraggle Rock"
Huffington Post - 3 months
Only Make Believe, a non-profit organization that creates and performs interactive theatre for children in hospitals and care facilities, honored Academy Award nominee Jude Law and Gregory Lee, President & CEO of Samsung Electronics N.A. at its annual gala, "Make Believe On Broadway," November 14th at the St. James Theatre in New York. Hosted by by Emmy winner John Oliver, the evening featured performances by stars of the stage and screen, including Josh Lucas, Julie Halston, Lesli Margherita, Adam Kantor and Montego Glover. On the red carpet, I asked the performers what their go-to feel-good entertainment was when they would stay home from school, sick. After each revisited their own childhood, they also shared the most meaningful thing a child has said after seeing them perform. Adam Kantor (Fiddler on the Roof, The Last Five Years) I remember reruns of "Bewitched" and "I Dream of Genie." Nick at Night. "All That." Talk about characters that inspire hope. Just a ...
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Huffington Post article
Wednesday's TV Highlights: 'The Goldbergs' on ABC
LATimes - 12 months
  SERIES The Mysteries of Laura The dismantling of a drug lord's empire leads to vengeance and tragedy. Debra Messing and Josh Lucas star in this new episode. 8 p.m. NBC The Goldbergs Erica (Hayley Orrantia) wants to stage a school event patterned after the movie "Dirty Dancing" in this new episode....
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Couch bound? Here are our favorite shows currently streaming on Netflix
Yahoo News - over 1 year
This list is continually updated to reflect recent Netflix availability as TV shows are frequently added and removed. Netflix has a treasure trove of awesome movies that you can stream right now, but if you’re looking for more than just a two-hour commitment, it’s also got a boatload of great TV shows you can delve into to keep yourself occupied for days, or even weeks on end. If you just finished a good series and you need a new one to fill the void, Netflix is the place to go. Nothing beats a weekend-long marathon with no commercials, so without further ado, we give you our tightly-curated list of the best Netflix Instant TV shows. Related: Best movies streaming on Hulu | Best movies streaming on YouTube Jump to: New this month Drama Comedy Sci-Fi/Fantasy Action/Mystery Reality TV/Documentary Memory Lane Kids Note: For a complete list of everything coming to Netflix, as well as what’s going away, take a look at our comprehensive monthly breakdown. New for November 2015 Master of None ...
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How Your Favorite Hollywood Love Stories Should Have Ended
Huffington Post - about 3 years
J.K. Rowling’s recent comments that Hermione Granger should have ended up with Harry Potter instead of Ron Weasley ignited a firestorm of controversy among media and fans alike. But here at HuffPost Weddings, her remarks got us thinking about all the other characters whose love stories should have gone another way. Check them out below, and let us know if you agree or disagree in the comments! Carrie and Aidan from “Sex and the City” We love Mr. Big -- really, we do. But if we're being honest, he’s kind of a jerk and strung Carrie along for six seasons -- and he even married another woman! At the end of the day, she should have have ended up with nice, doe-eyed Aidan and everyone knows it. Buffy and Angel from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” The greatest star-crossed love story since Romeo and Juliet, in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” everyone's favorite slayer falls madly in love with a vampire. And even though Angel moved on to his own spinoff show, we're still convinced ...
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Josh Lucas & Wife Jessica Henriquez To Divorce After Less Than 2 Years Of Marriage
Access Hollywood - about 3 years
Josh Lucas and wife Jessica Ciencin Henriquez are calling it quits.
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Access Hollywood article
<em>A-Sides</em> on the Red Carpet: <em>Only Make Believe's </em> 14th Annual Gala
Huffington Post - over 3 years
It's not every day you see Magneto brushing elbows with Tony Micelli, but that's exactly what happened at a benefit event in New York City last week. Mona? Jokes aside, Sir Ian McKellen hosted Only Make Believe's 14th Annual Gala on Nov. 4, and stars ranging from Tony Danza to honoree Susan Sarandon roamed the red carpet. Only Make Believe is an incredible non-profit organization that creates and performs interactive theatre for children in hospitals and care facilities. The program is actually free for hospitals. The event specifically, which was themed "Make Believe On Broadway" and was directed by Joe DiPietro, respectively bestowed Sarandon with the Sir Ian McKellen Award for her philanthropy and activism and Dr. Alex Karp with the Founders' Award for his commitment to philanthropic causes. A-Sides caught up with McKellen, Sarandon, Danza, and guest Josh Lucas at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theater to chat about the cause and the strength of music in general. Watch on. A-Sides the ...
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Huffington Post article
A Conversation With Montblanc CEO, Jerome Lambert
Huffington Post - over 3 years
When actor Josh Lucas worked on the film Poseidon, Wolfgang Petersen's remake of the Poseidon Adventure, his character wore a Montblanc Star Chronograph Automatic watch. The actor likened the accessory to a piece a armor which made him feel strong. "I wore it throughout filming and it got terribly, terribly banged up," recalls Lucas. "At the end of the film, I thought, I wish I had a not-destroyed one of these." Wish granted. Petersen ended up giving Lucas a new Star Chronograph Automatic. "I had never been given a gift quite like that," says Lucas, still in awe, "it's something that I can give my son." Since Montblanc was founded in 1906, writers, presidents and popes have relied on their Montblanc pens, watches and other accessories. In 1963, when German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, who was with President John F. Kennedy, went to sign the city of Cologne's Golden Book, it turned out that he had no pen. President Kennedy came to the rescue when he reached into his suit jacket and ...
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Huffington Post article
Your New Favorite Movie Star
Huffington Post - over 3 years
Lake Bell is an accent aficionado. She can blow through one dialect after the next with aplomb: French, Italian, Cockney, Russian "Star Wars," Valley Girl, flight attendant. The talent, which originated during Bell's childhood and was bolstered by the New York native's time living in France and attending college in London, is on full display in her new movie "In A World ..." The story of a misguided voice-over actress, "World" marks the first feature film Bell has directed, written and produced. Oh, and she stars in it, too. The multi-layered experience made for an "active" one, Bell says. She was able to take her spot in the director's chair by hiring a stand-in to rehearse scenes as her character, Carol Solomon, while Bell supervised. The venture found the 34-year-old commanding many of her pals, including Rob Corddry, Demetri Martin, Michaela Watkins, Nick Offerman, Fred Melamed and Eva Longoria -- some of whom are speed-dial entries on her iPhone. She even "cashed in so ...
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Huffington Post article
Sarah Jane Morris Gets Spooky With A&E’s Occult Pilot
Boom Tron - over 3 years
An new pilot in development over at A&amp;E may just echo the presence of Fox “Spooky” Mulder on the small screen. The pilot is called Occult and NCIS alumnus Sarah Jane Morris will spirit up a performance. We’ve seen shows promise to offer some of that magic the X-Files delivered in its prime before, but the pilot for Occult has a leg up on such hopefuls. It was written by X-Files scribe James Wong. That tidbit was the first item to get my attention. Ready for the second? The pilot will star Josh Lucas. Can I get a woot, woot? I’m a Lucas fan. How can you not like those soulful blue eyes. The actor was the best thing about the short lived series modeled after The Firm. For Occult, Lucas is FBI Agent Dolan who nearly lost his mind when his wife Rebekah disappeared. Sarah Jane Morris has been cast as Rebekah, which would seem to suggest the actress would get very little screen time. But any X-Files fan can tell you how much of a presence Mulder’s vanished sister had on that seri ...
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Boom Tron article
Mackenzie Foy Will 'Wish You Well' In New Film
MTV News - over 4 years
Bella and Edward will be so proud! The latest role-getting "Twilight" star isn't Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson but their on-screen daughter Mackenzie Foy, who according to Variety has landed the lead in the indie "Wish You Well." The 11-year-old will star alongside Ellen Burstyn and Josh Lucas in the film based on David Baldacci's best-selling 2001 novel. Set in the 1940s, the coming-of-age tale centers on Mackenzie's character, who along with her brother, relocates from the bustling Big Apple to a Virginia farm to live with their great-grandmother in the wake of a family tragedy. Sounds like a dramatic role Mackenzie will really be able to bite her teeth into (heh). Of course, audiences will first see Mackenzie portray half-human, half-vampire Renesmee in the upcoming "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2," which hits theaters November 16. The cutie has a couple of additional projects on her plate, including "The Conjuring" and "Plastic Jesus," and we have a feelin ...
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MTV News article
Filming of David Baldacci’s “Wish You Well” begins in Giles County - over 4 years
From my Inbox to you: WISH YOU WELL Begins Principal Photography Film Stars Josh Lucas, Mackenzie Foy and Academy Award® Winner Ellen Burstyn Sara Elizabeth Timmins of Life Out Loud Films. Giles County, Va. – Principal photography has begun on the feature film adaptation of David Baldacci’s bestselling novel Wish You Well. Darnell Martin (CADILLAC RECORDS, I LIKE IT LIKE THAT) is directing a cast led by Josh Lucas (SWEET HOME ALABAMA), Mackenzie Foy (THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN) and Academy Award® winner Ellen Burstyn (ALICE DOESN’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE, THE EXORCIST). The film is shooting in Giles County,Va. The film also stars Ned Bellamy (TREME, BEING JOHN MALKOVICH), Laura Fraser (BREAKING BAD), Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick (MOONRISE KINGDOM) and Alano Miller and introduces Virginia native JP Vanderloo as Oz. “We are thrilled to have such a talented team – both on screen and off – bringing this story to life,” said David Baldacci, the film’s screenwriter and producer. “It’ ...
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Josh Lucas & Wife Welcome Baby Boy
Yahoo News - over 4 years
And baby makes three for Josh Lucas and wife Jessica!
Article Link:
Yahoo News article
NBC Announces Mads Mikkelsen As Lead For HANNIBAL
Boom Tron - over 4 years
As series heads into pre-production, countdown toward cancellation begins. I have to think that NBC is chomping at the bit to see how Hannibal will perform once it reaches the air.  NBC placed the 13 episode, straight-to-series order back in February, and since have had to sit back and watch high-profile programs like Awake and The Firm get fed into the midseason replacement woodchipper. Up to this point, the TV iteration of Hannibal has existed primarliy as a transaction: a project high on potential with no real faces to arrest the imagination.  A month after the series buy was announced, the network announced Hugh Dancy (Our Idiot Brother, Martha Marcy May Marlene) in the role of Special Agent Will Graham, and David Slade (Awake, Breaking Bad) as the director of the pilot episode, but that’s all window dressing. Until now, the title character has remained shrouded in mystery, and not just because nobody cares.  According to Deadline, NBC has announced that Mads Mikkelsen, vet ...
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Boom Tron article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Josh Lucas
  • 2014
    Age 42
    From September 2014 to March 2016, Lucas appeared as a main character in the NBC crime drama The Mysteries of Laura. Lucas is also an owner and promoter of the company Filthy Food with friends Marc and Daniel Singer. Lucas met freelance writer Jessica Ciencin Henriquez at a dog park in 2011. They became engaged six weeks later, and married on March 17, 2012 in Central Park. Their son, Noah Rev Maurer, was born on June 29, 2012. In January 2014, Ciencin Henriquez filed for a divorce, which became final in October 2014.
    More Details Hide Details A YouthAIDS Ambassador, Lucas "first joined the YouthAIDS team when he shot the ALDO HIV/AIDS awareness campaign in April, 2005. Soon after, he officially accepted his role as a YouthAIDS Ambassador at the YouthAIDS 2005 Gala, Faces of Africa. HIV/AIDS prevention is particularly important to him as his mother 'has made a career counseling young men and women with the hopes of educating them about the ravaging and often deadly effects of this too common and easily preventable disease.'"
    The directorial debut of John Magary premiered at South By Southwest in March 2014 with Lucas receiving a series of positive reviews for his portrayal of Mat, one of two dysfunctional brothers who collide in a small Harlem apartment.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2013
    Age 41
    In 2013, Lucas was cast as the lead role in the independent comedy-drama, The Mend.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2011
    Age 39
    In 2011, Lucas co-starred with Rachael Taylor in the film Red Dog, based on the true story of an Australian Kelpie.
    More Details Hide Details Lucas won an Inside Film Award for his role. He also starred in the NBC television show The Firm, which takes place ten years after the John Grisham novel it is based on. The show lasted one season.
  • 2010
    Age 38
    Lucas also co-stars in the 2010 film Shadows and Lies alongside James Franco and Julianne Nicholson.
    More Details Hide Details
    In February 2010, he was cast in the Anders Anderson thriller Stolen the single father of a mentally challenged boy, starring alongside Rhona Mitra and Jon Hamm; the film had a limited theatrical release in March 2010.
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  • 2009
    Age 37
    His next project was Boaz Yakin’s Death in Love. Peacock is another film in which he starred. Lucas starred in the 2009 Ridley Scott-produced Tell-Tale, a film based on the short story "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe.
    More Details Hide Details Earlier that year, Lucas was seen on stage in the off-Broadway run of Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell. Lucas also completed his second collaboration with documentary film maker Ken Burns, after being involved in Burns’ The War. Lucas' other documentary work includes Operational Homecoming, Trumbo, and the Los Angeles Film Festival Audience Award-winning Resolved.
  • 2008
    Age 36
    Lucas supported Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign, volunteering to help potential voters register at colleges in Pennsylvania.
    More Details Hide Details Lucas knocked on doors and phone banked, wearing an Obama shirt for 45 days. He was also in Denver, Colorado for the 2008 Democratic National Convention with a group of actors called the Creative Coalition.
  • 1989
    Age 17
    He attended Kopachuck Middle School and graduated from Gig Harbor High School in 1989, where he acted in high school plays.
    More Details Hide Details He did not attend college so he could pursue his acting career. Lucas began his career when he was 19, having moved to Hollywood after his high school graduation. He appeared as a guest star on several TV sitcoms in his early 20s, including Fox's True Colors and Parker Lewis Can't Lose, the family drama Life Goes On, and CBS's private-eye show Jake and the Fatman. Other projects included the horror-thriller Child of Darkness, Child of Light, an adaptation of James Patterson's novel Virgin, a tale of two Catholic schoolgirls who find themselves pregnant under mysterious and supernatural circumstances. Lucas followed this appearance by working with executive producer Steven Spielberg and then-unknown actor Clive Owen in the TV-movie Class of '61, which follows the stories of a group of West Point cadets in 1861 as the Civil War breaks out. Lucas played George Armstrong Custer.
  • 1971
    Born on June 20, 1971.
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