Kenneth Horne

Kenneth Horne

Comedian and Businessman
Born Feb 27, 1907

Kenneth Horne is not to be confused with the playwright Kenneth Horne Kenneth Horne Born Charles Kenneth HorneTemplate:Safesubst:27 February 1907(1907-02-27)Template:Safesubst:St Pancras, LondonDisappeared Template:Safesubst: Template:Safesubst:Died 14 February 1969(1969-02-14) (aged 61)Template:Safesubst:Dorchester Hotel, LondonTemplate:Safesubst:Cause of death Heart attackResting place Template:Safesubst:Template:Safesubst:Nationality BritishOccupation Comedian and businessman Kenneth Horne (27 February 1907 – 14 February 1969) was an English comedian and businessman. … Read More

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1907 Birth Kenneth Horne was born Charles Kenneth Horne on 27 February 1907 at Ampthill Square, London. … Read More
1910 3 Years Old Between 1910–14 he was the Liberal MP for Ipswich. … Read More
1914 7 Years Old He resigned his position at the tabernacle on medical advice in January 1914, and intended to resign his parliamentary seat. … Read More


1925 18 Years Old 1 More Event
Although he was not strong academically, he developed into a good sportsman, representing the school in rugby and cricket, and during the summer holidays took part in the Public Schoolboys Lawn Tennis Championship at Queen's Club; in his final appearance in 1925 he was knocked out by the future Wimbledon finalist Bunny Austin.
1926 19 Years Old Through the influence and generosity of an uncle, Austin Pilkington of the Pilkington glassmaking family of St Helens, he was able to enrol at Magdalene College, Cambridge in October 1926. … Read More


1927 20 Years Old Distracted by his athletic exploits, he neglected his studies and was sent down in December 1927. … Read More
1930 23 Years Old In September 1930, despite his unimpressive finances, he married Lady Mary Pelham-Clinton-Hope, daughter of the 8th Duke of Newcastle. The marriage was happy at first, but had broken down by 1932.
1932 25 Years Old Mary applied for an annulment in November 1932; she declared the reason was "the incapacity of the respondent Kenneth Horne to consummate the marriage", which was dissolved in 1933, although the two remained on friendly terms thereafter. … Read More
1936 29 Years Old A month before her 21st birthday they were married, in September 1936.


1937 30 Years Old Joan became pregnant soon after the wedding, and in July 1937 a baby boy was delivered; he was stillborn.
1938 31 Years Old In 1938 Horne enlisted in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve on a part-time training scheme. … Read More
1940 33 Years Old In November 1940 he was promoted to flight lieutenant, and to squadron leader a year later.
1942 35 Years Old 1 More Event
In early 1942 the BBC producer Bill McLurg asked whether the RAF station at which Horne was based could put on an edition of his programme Ack-Ack, Beer-Beer.
1943 36 Years Old 1 More Event
In January 1943 he became one of the show's regular comperes and presented the entire show for the first time.
1944 37 Years Old 1 More Event
Bridgemont included a Much-Binding-in-the-Marsh section in Merry-go-Round on 31 March 1944; Horne played "an officer so dim that even the other officers noticed", with Murdoch as his harassed second-in-command and Sam Costa as an "amiable chump who always got things wrong".
1945 38 Years Old He was divorced in early 1945, and he and Thomas were married in November that year, three months after he had been demobilised. … Read More


1948 41 Years Old In March 1948 Horne appeared with Murdoch in six episodes of the BBC Television comedy series Kaleidoscope. … Read More
1950 43 Years Old Rather than wait to see what other offers of work would come in from the Corporation, Horne and Murdoch signed the comedy to a 35-programme series on Radio Luxembourg between October 1950 and June 1951. … Read More
1952 45 Years Old Murdoch and Horne again appeared together, in April 1952, on Desert Island Discs.
1954 47 Years Old In 1954, after nine years in his senior position at Triplex, and 27 years at the company, Horne accepted the position of managing director of the British Industries Fair, a government-backed organisation promoting British goods worldwide; he took up his position in July 1955. … Read More


1957 50 Years Old 1 More Event
In January 1957 Horne appeared as the compere on the popular Saturday evening comedy and music radio show Variety Playhouse, initially for a run of four months, but soon extended until the end of June. … Read More
1958 - 1963 4 More Events
1965 58 Years Old The first series of Round the Horne, consisting of 16 episodes, ran from March to June 1965. … Read More
1966 59 Years Old On 7 October 1966, at the age of 59, Horne suffered a major heart attack. … Read More


1967 60 Years Old He returned to work in January 1967 to record the third series.
1968 61 Years Old Round the Horne ran to four series, broadcast in successive years, and finished in June 1968. … Read More
Because of his heart condition, Horne had been prescribed an anticoagulant, but had stopped taking it on the advice of a faith healer. Horne died of a heart attack on 14 February 1969, while hosting the annual Guild of Television Producers' and Directors' Awards at the Dorchester hotel in London. … Read More
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