Born Apr 14, 1970

Scott Albert, now known as Klayton, is a multi-instrumentalist musician formerly of New York City and currently of Detroit, Michigan who has led several cult status underground bands and has performed under a variety of stage names since the early 1990s. He is best known for his current project, Celldweller.… Read More

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Learn about the memorable moments in the evolution of Klayton.


1990 20 Years Old Klayton's primary band throughout the 1990s was Circle of Dust, an industrial metal outfit he formed in 1990. … Read More
1992 22 Years Old The only Brainchild album, Mindwarp, was released shortly after the debut Circle of Dust album in 1992 and featured even heavier thrash metal influences. … Read More
1994 24 Years Old While Circle of Dust was touring in 1994/1995, Klayton had been contacted on a number of occasions by illusionist Criss Angel, who wanted to collaborate on a magic show.
1995 25 Years Old 1 More Event
When R.E.X.'s legal troubles prevented Klayton from recording or touring in 1995, he put the band to rest and began writing with Angel. … Read More


2000 30 Years Old However, by 2000, all mention of Klayton had been erased from the Criss Angel website and a complete trilogy of albums, including a re-issue of the first album, were released only under the name Criss Angel as the extended soundtrack for his Amystika show. … Read More
2006 36 Years Old Several years later, however, it appeared that the two had made amends, as Klayton recorded and remixed a new theme song for Angel's Mindfreak show in 2006. … Read More
2008 38 Years Old In 2008, Celldweller released Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 01, a collection of works that Klayton felt were more apt for theatrical use than main album material. … Read More


2013 43 Years Old 1 More Event
…  The second video had later been uploaded YouTube Account on July 30, 2013, along with Klayton making a post on both his and the new Scandroid social pages to confirm that the project will consist of both him and Varien, who had made the same post. … Read More
2014 44 Years Old Klayton hinted in a YouTube video 'Cellevision' (a YouTube series distributed by Celldweller) in March of 2014 that he is to announce a new clothing line under the name of 'Outland'.
…  In a January 2016 question-and-answer video, Klayton explained that "Klayton" is his legal name, and that he thus no longer answers to the name Scott Albert. … Read More
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