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Other Spellings for Lafayette Dr
Lafayette Dr is also spelled Lafayette Drive, Lafayette Driv, Lafayette Drv
Fall River, MA
Time Zone & Current Time
Fall River, MA lies within the Eastern Standard Time (or EST). The current time in Eastern Standard Time is 02:10 AM on 02/27/2015.
Fall River, MA
Top Streets
10th St, 11th St, 12th St, 13th St, 14th St, 15th St, 16th St, 17th St, 18th St, and 2nd St

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News for Fall River, MA
Fall River, MA
Population Demographics
Household Income average: $46k
Home Value average: $223k
Age majority: 30s
38 yrs old
Gender Majority: female
54% Female
46% Male
Ethnicity average: caucasian

Purple Caucasian Blue Hispanic Red African American Orange Asian Green Native American Yellow Other

Occupation Majority: management

Purple Management Blue Sales Red Labor Orange Construction Green Farming Yellow Other

About Fall River, MA

Fall River is a city in Bristol County, Massachusetts, in the United States. It is located about 46 mi south of Boston, 16 mi southeast of Providence, Rhode Island, and 12 mi west of New Bedford and 10 mi south of Taunton. The city's population was 88,857 during the 2010 census, making it the tenth largest city in the state. The current mayor of the city is Will Flanagan, elected in 2009. Located along the eastern shore of Mount Hope Bay at the mouth of the Taunton River, the City became famous during the 19th century as the leading textile manufacturing center in the United States. While the textile industry has long since moved on, its impact on the City's culture and landscape remains to this day. Fall River's official motto is "We'll Try", dating back to the aftermath of the Great Fire of 1843. It is nicknamed "The Scholarship City", because Dr. Irving Fradkin founded Dollars for Scholars here in 1958. Fall River is well-known for Lizzie Borden, who was accused, and later acquitted, of the 1892 double axe-murder of her father and stepmother that occurred at her home on Second Street in the city. Fall River is also known for Battleship Cove, the world's largest collection of World War II naval vessels. It is also the only city in the United States to have its city hall located over an interstate highway. In June, 2011, the state-run swimming pool in Fall River became the site of a suspicious pool-drowning incident. [more on Wikipedia]

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