Linda Evangelista
Canadian model
Linda Evangelista
Linda Evangelista is a Canadian model. She has been featured on over 600 magazine covers and is considered one of the greatest models of all time.
Linda Evangelista's personal information overview.
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World's next top supermodel?
CNN - 7 months
Internationally renowned British agency Models 1, who have represented Twiggy, Linda Evangelista and Erin O'Connor, unveil their most promising new faces.
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CNN article
In the Studio With Fashion’s Great Hair Iconoclast
NYTimes - 12 months
Julien D’ys — the man behind Linda Evangelista’s famous ’90s bob and every Comme des Garçons runway show — lets T into his eclectic world.
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NYTimes article
British Vogue fetes 100 years with photo exhibition
Yahoo News - about 1 year
From Second World War photographs to shoots with famous models, British Vogue magazine marks its 100th birthday this year with an exhibition of fashion, beauty and portrait prints. Opening at London's National Portrait Gallery on Thursday, "Vogue 100: A Century of Style" features more than 280 photographs from publisher Conde Nast's archives that the magazine has commissioned over the decades. It includes the work of renowned photographers such as Cecil Beaton, Irwing Penn, David Bailey and Mario Testino, portraits of celebrities including Marlene Dietrich, Britain's Princess Diana and David Beckham and shoots with famous models such as Kate Moss and Linda Evangelista.
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Yahoo News article
Supermodel Stephanie Seymour Does Sexy Photo Shoot...With Her Sons (PHOTO)
Huffington Post - about 3 years
First she stunned in Jason Wu ads, then she signed as the face for Estée Lauder's fall campaign, and now supermodel Stephanie Seymour continues a fabulous run in a Harper's Bazaar feature with her two sons, Peter, 20, and Harry, 17. During the interview, Seymour and the boys talk about their distinct upbringing, entrenched in the fashion world (I mean, Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell are their godmothers...). In particular, Seymour remembers the way the boys used to dress her up. "When they were little, they would lay out outfits for me," later adding "I'd wake up at 7:30 a.m. and they would have laid out a 1955 vintage Dior couture gown and all the accessories too," she said. Don't we all wish our sons could pull a vintage Dior out of the closet for us. But could this anecdote be the explanation behind the photo shoot? In the spread, Peter and Harry are shown fixing up their mom in thigh-high lace-up boots, embracing her while she's scantily clad in a little black dress. ...
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Huffington Post article
Isaac Mizrahi: The Modeling Industry Doesn't Have A Body Problem Anymore
Huffington Post - over 3 years
Are models too skinny? Too big? Do they all have eating disorders? Are they giving us all eating disorders? The debate over models' bodies -- and the messages they send -- has grown loud enough to get even Vogue and the CFDA involved. But there are industry vets with a different perspective on the matter. Isaac Mizrahi, for one, thinks fashion has already overcome the worst. In a conversation with HuffPost Style about fashion, shopping and his role on "Project Runway All Stars," Isaac told us that when it comes to too-skinny models, "we're past it being a problem": "I don't notice girls anymore in the majority who are sickly-looking. Even if they're tall and thin now, they look healthier to me. Not fat, not fatter, but they just look healthier. I mean this -- there was a moment when there was this whole heroin chic thing and it just looked terrible. It just looked terrible! And now everyone points at it and goes, 'Oh dear, that's terrible.' And the girls are encouraged to be thin, ...
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Huffington Post article
Goldie Hawn, Kenneth Cole, Linda Evangelista attend star-studded AIDS gala in Brazil
Yahoo News - over 3 years
RIO DE JANEIRO - Supermodel Linda Evangelista, actress Goldie Hawn and designer Kenneth Cole lent their star power to a glitzy charity dinner and auction that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for AIDS research and prevention.
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Yahoo News article
ALAÏA, the exhibition
Huffington Post - over 3 years
Inventing new shapes out of simple interplay between complex stitchings, Azzedine Alaïa became the creator of a timeless body of work. His influence on today's fashion is fundamental. An indefatigable worker and a sublime shaper of his own persona, he continues to go his own way, preferring 'garments that last' to those that vanish with the season. An insatiable lover of the opposite sex, he likes to say, 'I make clothes, women make fashion'. The models and women friends he has brought to the world - among others Naomi Campbell, Stephanie Seymour, Linda Spierings, Linda Evangelista, Veronica Webb and Yasmin Le Bon - are also his most faithful admirers. The Palais Galliera is honoring Azzedine Alaïa with its opening exhibition. This first Paris retrospective, presented in the Palais's newly renovated galleries and in the Matisse Room at the Musée d'Art moderne of the City of Paris, comprises a selection of seventy iconic models retracing a unique creative career. ALAÏA © P ...
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Huffington Post article
Beyond the catwalk: The 'modelpreneurs'
CNN - over 3 years
Remember when supermodel Linda Evangelista said she didn't "wake up for less than $10,000 a day?"
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CNN article
Tyra Banks' Model Photos Show Her Amazing Ability To Transform
Huffington Post - over 3 years
We've seen Tyra Banks teach her "Top Model" protégées the art of transformation for 20 cycles now, so it's nice to see the model practice what she preaches... and then some. When Banks released three images of her uncanny supermodel impersonations on Saturday, we were stunned. Little did we know, she had 12 more up her sleeve, all part of a photography exhibition entitled "15" (named for the 15 models she channels). Styled by Bank's stylist, Ty-Ron Mayes, the Udo Spreitzenbarth-lensed shots are "un-retouched" and each more stupefying than the last -- Tyra's spot-on portrayals are borderline creepy. Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Lauren Hutton, Jerry Hall, Iman, Kate Moss, Twiggy, Brooke Shields, Claudia Schiffer, Carmen Dell’Orefice and Grace Jones all made the list of iconic supermodels imitated in the exhibition. But modern fashion darlings like Kate Upton, Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne were also deemed worthy of a Banks rendering. Oh, and of course she threw in a nod to he ...
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Huffington Post article
The Disturbing Reason Linda Evangelista Almost Quit Modeling
Huffington Post - over 3 years
Long before she was gracing Vogue covers, fronting Chanel campaigns and only waking up for $10,000 a day, Linda Evangelista was a teenage novice looking to break into the industry. Like many of her peers, Evangelista's supermodel ascension wasn't as seamless as it looked. The 48-year-old described her cringe-worthy early days to Interview magazine for the September issue, and she didn't spare the gory details: "I took a modeling course in my hometown, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. It was sort of a scam. In order to work as a model, you had to pay for the classes. My mom paid for me. They sent me there at 16, and I was chosen by a Japanese agency to go over to Japan for the summer to work. My parents were strict Italians who didn't let me go out past 10 o'clock, and I had to choose between going out Friday or Saturday night and was not allowed to have a boyfriend. But they said okay. I got there and it was a catastrophe. They wanted me to take my clothes off and sho ...
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Huffington Post article
Seven Supermodels, One Stunning Cover
Huffington Post - over 3 years
Just when we thought we'd seen all the spectacular September issues... Interview magazine had to come knock out all the competition. For their "Model Issue," it seems Interview couldn't decide which of the industry's veterans to feature on its glossy cover -- so they chose seven. The special issue has alternate covers featuring Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Amber Valetta, Daria Werbowy and Stephanie Seymour. Shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the dramatic black-and-white images show the legends at their finest, and the accompanying text sheds light on the models' lengthy careers. The craziest sound bite in print came courtesy of Daria Werbowy, who revealed her insecurities and doubts about the industry: Sometimes I am still surprised that I'm a model and that people think I'm good-looking. I've gone through a lot of different phases on what I do and why I do it -- morally and ethically. I've tortured myself about it, especially i ...
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Huffington Post article
1990 Things From The 90s (Seriously)
Huffington Post - over 3 years
It's been more than a decade since the 1990s ended, yet the Internet can't seem to go a day without a reminder of the neon slap bracelets that may have been banned from your school. Yes, we get it. Times are tough and there's comfort in reflection, but enough is enough. Below, a final goodbye to the 90s to end the nostalgia once and for all. (We're not kidding. There are 1990 items below.) 1. Scrunchies 2. "The Wild Thornberries" 3. Dawson and Joey 4. "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" 5. Mr. Feeny 7. MTV playing music videos 8. Snick 9. The premiere of "Freaks and Geeks" 10. Levar Burton 11. "Daria" 12. "Arthur" 13. "The Powerpuff Girls" 14. "Smart Guy" 15. Comedy Central globe logo with buildings 16. "The X-Files" 17. Rosie O'Donnell 18. Bill Nye 19. "Dawson's Creek" 20. The Mighty Ducks" 21. "Are You Afraid of the Dark" 22. Cornholio 23. Rachel Green 24. Tim Allen 25. "All That" 26. "Beverl ...
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Karl Lagerfeld Deemed 'Fashion Pope' In New Documentary
Huffington Post - over 3 years
Karl Lagerfeld has earned plenty of epithets in his long career helming Chanel: "opinionated," "multitasker," "controversial," "rock star." Now, he adds a new moniker to his collection: "Fashion Pope." Of course, Czar Karl thought of this nickname himself, in the course of a new, four-hour documentary comparing fashion to religion. "Mode Als Religon," a German project by Martina Neuen, compares fashion fanatics' fervent devotion to a religious experience. "Fashion involves powerful symbols, a tight-knit community, age-old rituals and a system of beliefs," Women's Wear Daily expands, "Mechanism[s] that can drive the industry as surely as they compel churchgoers." Neuen follows Lagerfeld throughout the course of the film, shot over a span of 16 months. The documentarian also speaks to neurologists who prove, according to WWD, that the brains and emotions of "a Catholic priest and a devoted fashionista" react identically in the face of their respective "religions." As we'v ...
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Huffington Post article
Who Wore The Boy Crop Best?
Huffington Post - over 3 years
It's so freaking hot outside that we've been seriously considering chopping off our locks. (We just want to keep our strands off our sweaty backs!) And with all the short-haired girls we've recently met, who tell us how freeing it is to submit to the scissors, the boy crop is looking mighty fine these days. Defined by its exposed hairline and shorter sides, the boy crop hairstyle has evolved in many different ways over the years, according to Sebastian Professional stylist Anthony Cole. "We’ve seen the boy crop go from softer to stronger looks and played up with wet and dry textures," said Cole. Big-screen actresses such as Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow sported the boyish haircut with charm, while British style icons like Twiggy and Lulu sparked international hair trends. Cole adds, "To fast forward, we see contemporary boy crops on Halle Berry, Hilary Swank and Rihanna. Miley Cyrus is redefining the boy crop right now for the young Hollywood set." These famous faces ...
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Huffington Post article
WATCH: Christy Turlington Remembers Her Party Days
Huffington Post - over 3 years
Indochine, once a New York fashion world hot spot, enjoyed quite the heyday in the late '80s -- when the likes of Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista were regulars, the rest of the world was bound to want in. Even though we may have missed Indochine's big moment, we're lucky enough to have Christy herself to break down the scene for us in an interview with Laura Brown for Harper's Bazaar's The Look series. Aside from discussing awkward eyebrows and an old shoot that resembled a "Mariah Carey album cover," the 44-year-old stunner reveals a few tidbits about the days when Naomi danced in booths and wine flowed like water: On her old stomping grounds: "I started coming to Indochine before I was a supermodel. When I first came to New York and I was just a model, I was in high school and I was a model and I would come and visit. I actually dated a boy that lived upstairs." On her drink of choice: "There was this drink we used to have, and it was cal ...
Article Link:
Huffington Post article
Vicki Hogarth: The Return of the Supermodel
Huffington Post - over 3 years
The moment was impossible to stage. "Teach Me How to Dougie" blasted from the loudspeakers at an LA Clippers game. A (then unknown) model named Kate Upton showed off her best Cali Swag District dance moves while her friend captured it all on his iPhone. All it took was one tweet, and Upton's star was instantly born on computer screens around the world. In an era where Hollywood stars had supposedly stomped out the supermodel, a handful of girls have still risen to the ranks of superstars. Upton, along with her contemporaries Coco Rocha and Cara Delevingne, have become brands in a time when models are accustomed to the idea of being seen and not heard on runways, while actresses and pop stars do the talking in magazine cover stories and international ad campaigns. The original six supermodels -- Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, Stephanie Seymour, and Christy Turlington -- may have created the concept of the supermodel, but Upton, Rocha and ...
Article Link:
Huffington Post article
PICS: Top Models In Crazy Costumes For Vogue Italia!
Huffington Post - over 3 years
Covers on covers on covers! For Vogue Italia's big, fat "25 Years of Fashion" issue, why stop at just one? Instead, the glossy prepped no fewer than six fold-out covers for the special edition. Each one bears the inscription "Revolution," and the magazine is nothing short of revolutionary. "'If you think about all the [fashion] movements we have had in the years, they came from a situation that's social, economical and political. So why should we not reflect our time?" esteemed editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani asked the Telegraph last week. With this issue, Sozzani celebrates a quarter-century helming perhaps the most radical edition of Vogue. "Everything you would expect to be on the inside is on the outside." The editor enlisted famed photographer Steven Meisel to stage large group portraits of supermodels like Gisele Bundchen, Linda Evangelista, Natalia Vodianova, Stella Tennant, Raquel Zimmerman, Cameron Russell and Amanda Murphy. No strangers to button-pushing, ...
Article Link:
Huffington Post article
Barbara Bruno: NFL High-Tech Training: Suit Up for the Ravens
Huffington Post Sports - over 3 years
NFL Training isn't just hard work and sweat; it's a mixture of innovation, minute detail and total immersion. Despite the famously dynamic style of NFL strength and conditioning coach John Lott, many of today's training techniques don't involve spotting massive amounts of iron hovering above an athlete's chest. Not only do numerous pieces of pro-level equipment require electricity, quite a few also require software. The specificity and sophistication found only in NFL weight rooms is an extreme embodiment of "form following function." Sure, your home treadmill can program a virtual hike uphill -- but can it measure the force per square inch of every footfall? I didn't think so. Supermodel Linda Evangelista once declared, "[I] don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day." I remember reflecting upon the probability that with this amount of money she had trainers, nutritionists and assistants completely dedicated to making her look spectacular. Not to mention the positively mag ...
Article Link:
Huffington Post Sports article
Well This Is An Awkward Vogue Cover...
Huffington Post - over 3 years
Just when you think you've seen it all, Karl Lagerfeld's cat/life partner Choupette is spotted covering the July 2013 issue of German Vogue. Oh, and Linda Evangelista is somewhere in the photo too -- things start to get awkward when a feline upstages you. The cover, shot by Karl himself, is surely going to catapult Choupette's career (everyone knows a Vogue cover is the ultimate for any model). But we have a feeling all this pressure isn't going to get to her -- the furry animal has already been featured in a profile with Karl Lagerfeld in Harper's Bazaar, and on the cover of Grazia, so this must have been a walk in the park (which we heard was also her reward for doing the shoot). PHOTO: More from Choupette: Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram at @HuffPostStyle.
Article Link:
Huffington Post article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Linda Evangelista
  • 2016
    Age 50
    In May 2016, a 1988 picture of Evangelista and five other models that was photographed by Lindbergh sold at a Sotheby's auction for $118,462.
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    More than 25 years later, Evangelista's quote about the $10,000 a day has continued to be referenced in the media, being mentioned as late as June 2016.
    More Details Hide Details Evangelista herself has said, "I saw a movie, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and there's a line in it where Brad Pitt says he won't get out of bed for less than half a million dollars. That's my line! Only now it's a half million and it's a man saying it." Over the years, various different t-shirts emblazoned with the $10,000 a day quote have been sold, and there is even an embroided pillow containing the quote. The G Hotel in Galway, Ireland, includes a presidential suite that was named in honor of Evangelista, with its interiors designed by Treacy. The September 1991 issue of Vogue had a photo spread titled "Wild At Heart" that featured Evangelista, photographed by Lindbergh. One of the images from that spread is known as "The Wild Ones", and a platinum-palladium print of the image was sold at a Sotheby's auction for over $30,000. In October 2012, a picture of Evangelista and McMenamy that was photographed by Meisel for Vogues October 1992 issue was sold at a Phillips auction for $86,500.
    In April 2016, Evangelista appeared on the cover of Zoo Magazines 50th issue, photographed by singer and friend Bryan Adams.
    More Details Hide Details Also that month, Evangelista graced the cover of the book Age of the Supermodel, which features photographs taken by photographer Donna DeMari during the haute couture collections in Paris in 1991.
  • 2015
    Age 49
    In October 2015, Evangelista appeared on the cover of a book showcasing the work of hat designer Philip Treacy titled Philip Treacy: Hat Designer.
    More Details Hide Details The cover photograph of Evangelista was mentioned by Treacy as being "the most precious thing I own". Also in October, Evangelista starred in the campaign for Moschino's newest fragrance Fresh, photographed by Meisel. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of British Vogue, a photograph of Evangelista originally taken in 1991 was chosen as the cover image for the book Vogue 100: A Century of Style, released in February 2016.
    In June 2015, Evangelista was a chairwoman for the FiFi Awards, where she presented the awards for both men's and women's prestige fragrance of the year.
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    Evangelista was chosen by Canadian department store Hudson's Bay as the face of the spring 2015 campaign for its luxury clothing section called The Room.
    More Details Hide Details The campaign was photographed by Pamela Hanson.
  • 2014
    Age 48
    In October 2014, it was announced that Evangelista had signed on to be a guest judge on the ninth season of the reality television series Australia's Next Top Model.
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    Moreover, she was one of 50 models on the September 2014 cover of Vogue Italia, the magazine's 50th anniversary issue.
    More Details Hide Details Evangelista has remained the recordholder for the most Vogue Italia covers. She was also chosen to represent Dolce & Gabbana's new line of makeup.
    And, she was on the cover of the September 2014 issue of Harper's Bazaar, which has been described as "Harper's biggest ever".
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    She was also one of several models on the cover of Vogue Japans September 2014 issue, which marked the magazine's 15th anniversary.
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    She appeared in the fall/winter 2014 ad campaign for the fashion brand Moschino, photographed by Meisel.
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    In 2014, Evangelista was present at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.
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  • 2013
    Age 47
    She was photographed by Lagerfeld for the July 2013 cover of Vogue Germany, where she was styled to look like vintage actress Anna Magnani, and posed with Lagerfeld's pet cat Choupette.
    More Details Hide Details Also that month, she was on the cover of Vogue Italia for an issue that celebrated the 25th anniversary of Franca Sozzani's tenure as the magazine's editor-in-chief.
    In June 2013, she attended the Council of Fashion Designers of America awards show, where she presented fashion journalist Tim Blanks with the Media Award.
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  • 2012
    Age 46
    In May 2012, she attended the Met Gala as the special guest of Miuccia Prada, the creative director of the Prada brand, who was being honored at the gala.
    More Details Hide Details Also that month, Evangelista was on the cover of Vogue Italia after a three-year hiatus from the magazine. She was then featured in the book Vogue: The Editor's Eye as one fashion's model-muses. That November, she was on the cover of the 35th anniversary issue of Fashion magazine. A few months later, the Spanish fashion brand Loewe chose her to represent its newest fragrance Aura.
    Evangelista was photographed by Lagerfeld for Chanel's spring 2012 eyewear ad campaign.
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  • 2010
    Age 44
    In 2010, she was chosen to star in the ad campaign for the revamped Talbots brand.
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  • 2008
    Age 42
    She also appeared in the September 2008 issue of Vanity Fair for a feature story on the supermodels titled "A League of Their Own".
    More Details Hide Details In 2009, the Metropolitan Museum of Art held an exhibition called The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion which paid tribute to several fashion models including Evangelista, and she was on the cover of the exhibition's accompanying book.
    Evangelista was then photographed by Meisel for the Prada fall/winter 2008 campaign.
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    In May 2008, she made an appearance at the Cannes film festival where she posed for photographers on the red carpet along with fellow beauty Aishwarya Rai.
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  • 2007
    Age 41
    Her final runway appearance was in 2007, when she participated in the 60th anniversary fashion show for the Christian Dior brand.
    More Details Hide Details That year, she signed a multiple-year exclusive contract as the brand ambassador for the cosmetics giant L'Oreal Paris.
  • 2006
    Age 40
    In October 2006, Evangelista gave birth to a son, refusing to name his biological father, sparking rumors.
    More Details Hide Details While pregnant, she appeared on the August 2006 cover of Vogue. In late June 2011, Evangelista filed court papers that revealed her son was fathered by billionaire Frenchman François-Henri Pinault, by then the husband of actress Salma Hayek. After several court appearances aimed at establishing a child-support agreement, on August 1, 2011, Evangelista formally filed for a child support order in Manhattan Family Court, seeking $46,000 in monthly child support from Pinault. It was reported that if granted, this amount "would probably be the largest support order in the history of the family court". A heavily-publicized child support trial began on May 3, 2012, and included testimony from both Pinault and Evangelista, with Evangelista's attorney claiming that Pinault had never supported the child. Several days into the trial, on May 7, 2012, Evangelista and Pinault reached an out-of-court settlement.
    In 2006, Evangelista began dating Hard Rock Café founder Peter Morton.
    More Details Hide Details On June 6, 2013, the media reported that Evangelista and Morton had broken up.
    In 2006, Evangelista appeared on the cover of the book In Vogue: The Illustrated History of the World's Most Famous Fashion Magazine along with model Kristen McMenamy, photographed by Meisel.
    More Details Hide Details In August of that year, Evangelista made the cover of Vogue, becoming the first model to appear on that magazine's cover in more than a year.
  • 2004
    Age 38
    In 2004, she appeared in the spring/summer ad campaigns for both NARS Cosmetics and Fendi.
    More Details Hide Details She also walked the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier's debut collection at Hermès. That summer, she was featured in Ann Taylor's 50th anniversary ad campaign, photographed by Annie Leibovitz.
  • 2003
    Age 37
    Furthermore, she closed Chanel's fall/winter 2003 haute couture show wearing a white wedding gown.
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  • 2002
    Age 36
    Then, in 2002, she was in the ad campaign for Versace's fall/winter collection.
    More Details Hide Details The next year, she was back on the high-fashion runways, walking for Versace and Dolce & Gabbana.
  • 2001
    Age 35
    Also in 2001, she helped to revive the "What Becomes a Legend Most?" ad campaign for Blackglama furs, which hadn't been seen in six years.
    More Details Hide Details Rocco Laspata, the photographer of the campaign, described Evangelista as "the Maria Callas of modeling".
    In 2001, Evangelista made a noteworthy return to the modeling world, and appeared on the cover of the September issue of Vogue.
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  • 1998
    Age 32
    Eventually, she made the choice to retire from modeling in 1998, and settled on the French Riviera, where she spent the next two years.
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  • 1996
    Age 30
    A 1996 photograph of Evangelista, titled "Linda Kissing Linda", which was originally featured in a Kenar advertisement, was selected by the Guggenheim Museum as "an example of the epitome of androgyny".
    More Details Hide Details Even now in the 21st century, Evangelista continues to be an influence to other people. Due to her talent as a model as well as her personal image, Evangelista has been named by a number of female celebrities as either an inspiration or as a beauty icon. Among them are Victoria Beckham, Martha Stewart, models Candice Swanepoel, Kylie Bax, and Elsa Benitez, model-turned-actress Angie Harmon, and singer Rihanna. In the past as well as the present day, Evangelista has drawn praise and accolades from many of the fashion industry's elite. As far as Treacy is concerned, "Linda is the ultimate model of the past 50 years". Lagerfeld, who had once described Evangelista as "the most famous of all", said that she is "the best model in the world". His reasoning is "Because she's a true model, pure and simple. She doesn't pretend or aspire to do anything else. She's just brilliant at what she does." Fellow designer Stefano Gabbana said of Evangelista, "Linda is the model. If you talk about models of the sixties and seventies, the first name is Veruschka. In the eighties and nineties, it's Linda." David Bonnouvrier, one of the founders of DNA Model Management said, "Linda is the model of all time, to its strictest definition. She could be out of a Cecil Beaton picture, she could be out of a Guy Bourdin picture."
    In 1996, Evangelista was one of the ten subjects of Lindbergh's book 10 Women, on whose cover she appeared.
    More Details Hide Details She was also seen in the fashion documentary Catwalk. She was also the cover model for the inaugural issues of Vogue Taiwan and Vogue Korea. And, she landed a $7.75 million contract with Yardley of London.
  • 1995
    Age 29
    Additionally, she was a presenter at the Miss World 1995 competition.
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    In 1995, the hairstylist Garren of New York changed Evangelista's look by giving her an asymmetrical bob similar to mod hairstyles of the 1960s.
    More Details Hide Details That same year, she took part in Thierry Mugler′s 20th anniversary fashion show. Evangelista later landed an endorsement deal with Clairol worth over $5 million. She also starred in the fashion documentary Unzipped.
  • 1994
    Age 28
    In October 1994, Evangelista was one of several models on the cover of Vogue Italia′s 30th anniversary issue.
    More Details Hide Details She then appeared in the feature film Prêt-à-Porter.
  • 1993
    Age 27
    Evangelista made headlines in 1993 when she traveled to Australia with Claudia Schiffer for a 5-day tour, which included a news conference and a televised fashion show, as part of the grand opening of a department store.
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  • 1992
    Age 26
    She also dated actor Kyle MacLachlan, whom she first met on a photoshoot for Barneys New York in 1992. The couple became engaged in 1995 but broke up in 1998. Afterwards, she dated French soccer player Fabien Barthez. She became pregnant but miscarried, six months into the pregnancy. The couple broke up in the year 2000, reunited in 2001, and then officially ended their relationship in 2002.
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    Toward the end of 1992, her name was immortalized in RuPaul's song, "Supermodel (You Better Work)".
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    Her cover for the September 1992 issue of Harper's Bazaar is now seen as "iconic", and it was ranked #9 on the American Society of Magazine Editors' list of the "Top 40 Magazine Covers of the Last 40 Years" in 2005.
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    She was also said to have started the trend for thin eyebrows, which later coincided with the arrival of the Neo-Hippie fashion trend in the fall of 1992.
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    In April 1992, Evangelista and several other supermodels graced the cover of the 100th anniversary issue of Vogue, which remains to this day as the magazine's highest-selling issue.
    More Details Hide Details She then appeared in the music video for George Michael's "Too Funky" song, in which she parodied her modeling persona.
  • 1991
    Age 25
    During the latter part of 1991 and throughout 1992, Evangelista was seen on several different billboards for the fashion brand Kenar, in the center of Times Square.
    More Details Hide Details The billboards were done in conjunction with Ads Against AIDS, which was a campaign created by the advertising industry to raise awareness about tackling the disease. The most talked about and most controversial of those billboards was one that showed Evangelista seated among seven older Sicilian women. It was said that the image, which got dubbed "Beauty and the Seven Beasts" by Richard Johnson in the New York Post, promoted a negative depiction of Italian women. Nonetheless, limited edition prints of the image were sold for $1,000 a piece, to benefit Ads Against AIDS. Also, the image was chosen as one of the "20 most important fashion photographs ever" by the International Center of Photography. Kenneth Zimmerman, president of Kenar, said of Evangelista, "She has increased our sales dramatically." He further added, "Linda was our Michael Jordan. We chose her because we wanted a star, and of the four or five star models, she is number one."
    Evangelista then starred in the 1991 documentary Models: The Film, directed by Lindbergh.
    More Details Hide Details And, an episode of the MTV show House of Style devoted a segment to Evangelista, which was filmed in Paris.
    In 1991, it was rumored that the fashion house Lanvin paid Evangelista $20,000 to walk in their haute couture show for the spring/summer season, an amount that was considered excessive.
    More Details Hide Details Male model Tyson Beckford recounted in an interview that Evangelista was instrumental in getting higher rates for models. That April, Evangelista waived her runway fee as an act of support for fashion designer Anna Sui's debut collection, and instead accepted clothing as payment. Two months later, she attended Valentino's 30th Anniversary Gala in Rome, Italy with Meisel. In September 1991, Time ran a cover story on the supermodels. The following month, in an article for Vogue, fashion journalist Suzy Menkes described Evangelista as "the world's star model".
  • 1990
    Age 24
    Also in October 1990, Evangelista stunned the fashion world by having the hairstylist Oribe dye her naturally-brown hair platinum blond.
    More Details Hide Details Months later, she had her hair dyed a shocking shade of red known as "technicolor red". Throughout most of her modeling career, Evangelista was referred to as the fashion industry's "chameleon" for the way that she constantly reinvented herself with various hairstyles and ever-changing hair colors that inspired hair trends. In terms of her looks, she was likened to Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner, and Gina Lollobrigida.
    In an interview printed in the October 1990 issue of Vogue, Evangelista said the words, "We don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day."
    More Details Hide Details That statement is now thought of as the most famous quote in modeling history, and it has been described as "the 'Let them eat cake' of the 20th century".
  • 1989
    Age 23
    However, by the spring of 1989, Evangelista's haircut was the look of the season.
    More Details Hide Details The haircut was referred to as "The Linda", and it inspired the creation of a wig called "The Evangelista". Even famous women sought to emulate the look. Among them were Demi Moore, who sported the haircut in the 1990 film Ghost, and Susan Sullivan from the television show Falcon Crest. It has been said of Evangelista that "the world's most famous haircut turned her from an averagely in-demand top model to an insanely in-demand, only-Linda-will-do top model, so sensationally successful that the word 'supermodel' had to be coined to describe her". Evangelista became known as one of the five supermodels, a group of star models who reached the pinnacle of success during the late 1980s and early 1990s. The supermodels were considered more famous than most actresses and singers of that time. In addition, Evangelista, along with Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell comprised a triumvirate that was dubbed "The Trinity". They were joined by Cindy Crawford and Tatjana Patitz for the cover of the January 1990 issue of British Vogue, which was photographed by Lindbergh. The cover itself was said to have "defined the supermodel era". Upon seeing the cover, the singer George Michael chose to cast these five models in the music video for his song, "Freedom! '90", in which they lipsynched the words to the song. In May of that year, Evangelista was chosen as one of the "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" by People.
  • 1988
    Age 22
    It was Lindbergh who, in the fall of 1988, suggested to Evangelista that she cut her hair short after seeing her try on a short wig for a photoshoot.
    More Details Hide Details Consequently, she got a short gamine haircut from the French hairstylist Julien d'Ys. The following day, she was photographed by Lindbergh, which resulted in a now-famous photograph known as "the white shirt picture". Initially, the haircut was not well received by the fashion industry, and Evangelista was cancelled from 16 fashion shows.
  • 1987
    Age 21
    In 1987, Evangelista married Gerald Marie, who was the head of the Elite modeling agency's Paris office. They were divorced in 1993.
    More Details Hide Details
    Starting in 1987, Evangelista began to appear in advertisements and commercials for Revlon's "The Most Unforgettable Women in the World" campaign, which was photographed by Richard Avedon.
    More Details Hide Details She has also been photographed by the likes of Peter Lindbergh, Irving Penn, Francesco Scavullo, Herb Ritts, Bruce Weber, Gian Paolo Barbieri, Patrick Demarchelier, Paolo Roversi, Norman Parkinson, Arthur Elgort, Gilles Bensimon, Ellen von Unwerth, Sante D'Orazio, and Nick Knight among others.
  • 1986
    Age 20
    In 1986, Evangelista met the photographer Steven Meisel, with whom she forged a friendship.
    More Details Hide Details From that point on, they began working together on many professional collaborations, and Evangelista became Meisel's muse in the process.
  • 1985
    Age 19
    In 1985, she began working with Karl Lagerfeld, the head designer of the fashion house Chanel, to whom she would become a muse.
    More Details Hide Details On the subject of Evangelista, Lagerfeld once uttered, "There is not another model in the world as professional as she is." Incidentally, Evangelista became one of the first editorial models to successfully cross over into the realm of runway modeling. She also became a muse to the late fashion designer Gianni Versace, for whom she first appeared in ad campaigns in 1987. In addition to her work for Versace and Lagerfeld, Evangelista also modeled for various other fashion brands such as Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Gianfranco Ferré, Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent, Azzedine Alaïa, Oscar de la Renta, Giorgio Armani, Thierry Mugler, Claude Montana, Donna Karan, Jil Sander, Jean Paul Gaultier, Alberta Ferretti, Isaac Mizrahi, Escada, Calvin Klein, Salvatore Ferragamo, Max Mara, Perry Ellis, Chloé, Comme des Garçons, Bill Blass, and Herve Leger. And, she has represented a diverse array of other companies and non-fashion brands like Visa, American Express, Pizza Hut, De Beers, and Elizabeth Arden.
  • 1984
    Age 18
    Her first major fashion magazine cover was for the November 1984 issue of L'Officiel.
    More Details Hide Details Subsequently, she would go on to appear on the covers and in the pages of a variety of international publications including Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Mademoiselle, Elle, W, Marie Claire, Allure, Time, Interview, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Cigar Aficionado, and i-D. All amounting to a total of more than 700 covers worldwide.
    Evangelista moved to New York City in 1984 upon signing with Elite, where she met the prominent modeling agent John Casablancas, who compared her likeness to the model Joan Severance.
    More Details Hide Details Elite then moved Evangelista to Paris, France, where she launched her international high-fashion career at the age of 19.
  • 1981
    Age 15
    As a teenager, Evangelista started modeling locally in her hometown. In 1981, she took part in the Miss Teen Niagara beauty pageant.
    More Details Hide Details And while she did not win the pageant, her presence caught the eye of a representative from Elite Model Management. At the age of 16, she flew to Japan to model there, but an unpleasant experience involving nudity during a modeling assignment made her want to stop modeling altogether. She returned home to Canada, and two years went by before she decided to try her hand again at modeling.
  • 1965
    Evangelista was born in 1965 to Italian parents who had emigrated to Canada.
    More Details Hide Details As the second of three children, Evangelista grew up in a working-class, Roman Catholic household in St. Catharines, Ontario, close to Niagara Falls, where she attended Denis Morris Catholic High School. Her father, Tomaso, worked for General Motors, and died on January 17, 2014. Her mother, Marisa, was a bookkeeper. Evangelista attended a self-improvement school at the age of 12, where she was taught things such as poise and etiquette, and she was advised to attend a modeling course.
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