Lloyd Osbourne

Lloyd Osbourne

Born Apr 7, 1868

Samuel Lloyd Osbourne was an American author and the stepson of Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson with whom he would co-author three books and provide input and ideas on others.

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There was a rumour that Sam had been killed by a grizzly bear, but he returned to the family safe in 1868. … Read More


1880 12 Years Old He became deeply attached to her and in 1880 they were married when Lloyd was just 12 years old. … Read More


1888 20 Years Old In June 1888, Stevenson chartered a yacht and set sail with his new family from San Francisco across the Pacific Ocean, visiting important island groups. … Read More
1890 22 Years Old in 1890 Lloyd Osbourne, his mother and Stevenson sailed from Sydney, Australia, into the central Pacific on the steam ship the Janet Nicoll. … Read More
1894 26 Years Old In 1894 Osbourne was appointed vice consul to represent the United States in Samoa.
1896 28 Years Old On April 9, 1896, Osbourne married Katherine Durham in Honolulu and was divorced in 1914. Their children were Alan (b. 1897) and Louis (b. 1900). In 1916 they remarried on condition that there should be no more children, and later divorced again.


1936 68 Years Old Osbourne spent the period of 1936 in the South of France with Yvonne Payerne, forty years his junior, by whom he had another son Samuel (born in Nice, 1936 and died in Los Angeles in 2006) when he was 68 years old.
1941 73 Years Old In 1941, Osbourne returned alone to the U.S. when America entered the war.
1947 79 Years Old Yvonne and Samuel arrived in New York on May 22, 1947, the same day that he died in California.
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