Luigi Pirandello

Italian Dramatist + Novelist + Poet and Short Story Writer
Born Jun 28, 1867

Luigi Pirandello was an Italian dramatist, novelist, and short story writer awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1934, for his "bold and brilliant renovation of the drama and the stage". Pirandello's works include novels, hundreds of short stories, and about 40 plays, some of which are written in Sicilian. Pirandello's tragic farces are often seen as forerunners for Theatre of the Absurd.… Read More

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1867 Birth Born on June 28, 1867.


1880 13 Years Old In 1880, the Pirandello family moved to Palermo. … Read More
1886 19 Years Old In 1886, during a vacation from school, Luigi went to visit the sulphur mines of Porto Empedocle and started working with his father. … Read More


1887 - 1891 2 More Events
1893 26 Years Old In 1893 he wrote his first important work, Marta Ajala, which was published in 1901 as l'Esclusa.
1894 27 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1894 he published his first collection of short stories, Amori senza Amore.
1895 28 Years Old In the meantime, Pirandello intensified his collaborations with newspaper editors and other journalists in magazines such as La Critica and La Tavola Rotonda in which he published, in 1895, the first part of the Dialoghi tra Il Gran Me e Il Piccolo Me.


1897 30 Years Old In 1897 he accepted an offer to teach Italian at the Istituto Superiore di Magistero di Roma, and in the magazine Marzocco he published several more pages of the Dialoghi.
1898 31 Years Old In 1898, with Italo Falbo and Ugo Fleres, he founded the weekly Ariel, in which he published the one-act play L'Epilogo (later changed to La Morsa) and some novellas (La Scelta, Se). … Read More
1900 33 Years Old In 1900, he published in Marzocco some of the most celebrated of his novellas (Lumie di Sicilia, La Paura del Sonno) and, in 1901, the collection of poems Zampogna.
1902 35 Years Old In 1902 he published the first series of Beffe della Morte e della Vita and his second novel, Il Turno.
1903 36 Years Old The year 1903 was fundamental to the life of Pirandello. … Read More
1905 38 Years Old Translated into German in 1905, this novel paved the way to the notoriety and fame which allowed Pirandello to publish for the more important editors such as Treves, with whom he published, in 1906, another collection of novellas Erma Bifronte.


1908 41 Years Old In 1908 he published a volume of essays entitled Arte e Scienza and the important essay L'Umorismo, in which he initiated the legendary debate with Benedetto Croce that would continue with increasing bitterness and venom on both sides for many years. … Read More
1909 42 Years Old …  Also in 1909, Pirandello began his collaboration with the prestigious journal Corriere della Sera in which he published the novellas Mondo di Carta (World of Paper), La Giara, and, in 1910, Non è una cosa seria and Pensaci, Giacomino! (Think it over, Giacomino!) At this point Pirandello's fame as a writer was continually increasing. … Read More
1911 44 Years Old In 1911, while the publication of novellas and short stories continued, Pirandello finished his fourth novel, Suo Marito, republished posthumously (1941), and completely revised in the first four chapters, with the title Giustino Roncella nato Boggiòlo. … Read More
1913 46 Years Old When the novel came out in 1913 Pirandello sent a copy of it to his parents for their fiftieth wedding anniversary along with a dedication which said that "their names, Stefano and Caterina, live heroically."


1919 52 Years Old In 1919 Pirandello had his wife placed in an asylum.
1924 57 Years Old The separation from his wife, toward whom, despite her morbid jealousies and hallucinations, he continued to feel a very strong attraction, caused great suffering for Pirandello who, even as late as 1924, believed he could still properly care for her at home. … Read More
1925 58 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1925, Pirandello, with the help of Mussolini, assumed the artistic direction and ownership of the Teatro d'Arte di Roma, founded by the Gruppo degli Undici. … Read More


1929 62 Years Old Pirandello was nominated Academic of Italy in 1929, and in 1934 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature after he had been nominated by Guglielmo Marconi, member of the Royal Academy of Italy. … Read More
1936 69 Years Old Pirandello died alone in his home at Via Bosio, Rome, on 10 December 1936. … Read More
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