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About Michigan Court Records

If you or someone you know has been to court in Michigan, there’s a court record available to reflect it. From DUI cases to custody battles, every court appearance in Michigan is recorded in the state’s digital database of court records. You may be surprised how detailed court records generally are, including everything from the date of the court appearance to plea bargains to outstanding warrants. From the Federal Building in Ann Arbor to the U.S. Courthouse in Detroit, no court is too small or too large in Michigan to post accurate court records online.

Don’t forget that court records don’t necessarily have to pertain to crimes. For example, if you’ve ever been to bankruptcy court or even legally changed your name, you likely have a court record. If you’re interested in knowing more about a friend’s assault conviction or your boss’ insider trading trial, a court record search in Michigan’s records is a great place to start. Michigan has a highly active court system, particularly in large cities like Detroit. The state takes great care to keep its online records updated regularly so people within the state and all around the U.S. can find what they need with just a few clicks of a button. Court record information can be useful for a variety of reasons, but Michigan believes it’s your right as a citizen to have access to all the details you may need. Forget driving down to the courthouse – Michigan’s court records are online!

Michigan Court House Records

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