Manuel Zelaya

President of Honduras
Born Sep 20, 1952
Age 63
Hometown Catacamas
Political Party Liberty and Refou...
Religion Roman Catholicism
Alma Mater National Autonomo...

José Manuel Zelaya Rosales is a politician who was President of Honduras from 27 January 2006 until 28 June 2009. The eldest son of a wealthy businessman, he inherited his father's nickname "Mel", and, before entering politics, was involved in his family's logging and timber businesses. Elected as a conservative, Zelaya shifted to the political left during his presidency, forging an alliance with the ALBA.… Read More

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1952 Birth Born on September 20, 1952.


1970 17 Years Old Zelaya joined the Liberal Party of Honduras (Partido Liberal de Honduras, PLH) in 1970 and became active a decade later.


1982 29 Years Old The crisis that led to his removal from office centered around the question of whether changes would be made to the 1982 Honduran Constitution. … Read More


1985 32 Years Old He was a deputy in the National Congress three consecutive times between 1985 and 1998. … Read More


2005 52 Years Old In the 2005 presidential primaries, his faction was called Movimiento Esperanza Liberal (MEL). … Read More
2006 53 Years Old …  According to the University of New Mexico's electronic bulletin NotiCen, "Zelaya's contention that the media distort his efforts is not without merit", citing reports which gave the public the impression that murder rates were rising, when they actually fell by 3% in 2006.
2007 54 Years Old 1 More Event
A journalist who often criticized Zelaya was murdered by unknown gunmen in 2007. … Read More
2008 55 Years Old On 11 November 2008, following requests from many Honduran groups for the convening of a constituent assembly, Zelaya issued a decree organizing a poll to decide whether the electorate wanted a fourth ballot box installed at polling places for the upcoming 29 November 2009 General Election – an addition to the usual three for Presidential, Congressional, and municipal candidates. … Read More
Later, in March 2009, Zelaya announced that first he wanted to have a preliminary poll – he suggested 28 June 2009 as a date – to ask voters whether they wanted the fourth ballot to be included in the November 2009 election. … Read More
Zelaya denied that his motive was to stay in office, stating that he intended to step down in January 2010 as scheduled, noting that his successor would be elected at the same time the vote on whether to convene a constituent assembly would occur. … Read More
2011 58 Years Old Honduran President Porforio Lobo met with Zelaya in Cartagena, Colombia on 22 May 2011. … Read More


2014 61 Years Old …  Barahona said it was time for Hondurans who support policies in favor of the poor and other themes that Zelaya espoused to shift their focus to the 2014 elections.
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