Margaret Lea Houston

Margaret Lea Houston

First Lady of the Republic/state of Texas
Born Apr 11, 1819

Margaret Lea Houston was married to Sam Houston in 1840; she was his third wife. She became the First Lady of Texas in 1841 during his second term as the President of the Republic of Texas, and again when he was elected Governor of the state of Texas after it was annexed by the United States. Managing a staff of twelve slaves, she was chiefly responsible for furnishing the Governor's Mansion and providing for its official hospitality.… Read More

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Born in 1819.


1836 17 Years Old He was an accomplished attorney who sat on the boards of educational institutions, and would be elected to the Alabama State Senate in 1836. … Read More
1838 19 Years Old After completing his first term as President of the Republic of Texas in early December 1838, he continued to practice law from his office in San Augustine.


1839 20 Years Old 1 More Event
He arrived in Mobile, Alabama in the early months of 1839 as a partner of the Sabine City Company, seeking investors to develop a community that is today known as Sabine Pass. … Read More
As the May 9, 1840 wedding day grew close, some family members still looked upon him with uncertainty and were determined to stop what they believed would be a disastrous union for Margaret. … Read More
1841 22 Years Old During his second term as representative from San Augustine, Houston was elected in 1841 to once again serve as the Republic's president. … Read More
1842 23 Years Old 1 More Event
Events leading up to the 1842 Battle of Salado Creek caused Houston to believe that Mexico was planning a full-scale invasion to re-take Texas. … Read More
1843 - 1845 3 More Events
1846 27 Years Old Texas officially relinquished its sovereignty on February 19, 1846 to become the 28th state in the union, and Houston was elected by the Texas state legislature to serve in the United States Senate. … Read More
1847 28 Years Old During the early part of 1847, Houston's letters to Margaret were filled with his weariness of being away from home, and his concern that he had no letters from her for weeks. … Read More
1848 29 Years Old The first child to be born in the house was Margaret (Maggie) Lea Houston, arriving on April 13, 1848 while Congress was in session and Houston in Washington, D.C. The widowed Vernal remarried to Catherine Davis Goodall in 1849, but trusteeship of Virginia Thorne, by now a teenager, remained with Margaret. … Read More


1850 31 Years Old Daughter Mary William (Mary Willie) Houston was born on April 9, 1850 in the Woodland house during another Congressional session when Houston was in the nation's capital.
1852 33 Years Old Their fourth child Antoinette (Nettie) Power Houston arrived on January 20, 1852 while he was again away on a business. … Read More
1854 35 Years Old 1 More Event
While Houston was attending to business in Washington, D.C., their sixth child Andrew Jackson Houston was born on June 21, 1854.
1858 39 Years Old The state legislature decided during Houston's third senatorial term not to re-elect him, so he ran for the office of Governor of the state of Texas, losing to Hardin Richard Runnels. He was still in Washington, D.C. when William (Willie) Rogers Houston was born on May 25, 1858, their last child born in the Woodland home. … Read More


1859 40 Years Old He subsequently defeated incumbent Runnels with a second bid for the office during a period when the populace was bitterly divided over the issue of secession from the United States, and was sworn in December 31, 1859. … Read More
1860 41 Years Old …  The first child born in the Texas governor's mansion was also the last of the Houston children; Temple Lea Houston was delivered on August 12, 1860. … Read More
1863 44 Years Old 1 More Event
On July 26, 1863, with Margaret at his bedside reading the 23rd Psalm to him, Houston died. … Read More
Having survived her husband by four years, Margaret Houston died on December 3, 1867 of yellow fever at her house in Independence, Texas. … Read More
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