Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies

Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies

Queen Consort + Regent + Princess
Born Apr 27, 1806
Hometown Sicily
Died Jul 22, 1878
Death Place Le Havre

Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies was Queen consort of Spain and Regent of Spain (1833 to 1840).

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Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies
Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies


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1806 Birth Born in Palermo, Sicily, Italy on 27 April 1806, she was the daughter of King Francis I of the Two Sicilies by his second wife, Maria Isabella of Spain.


1829 23 Years Old Maria Christina married King Ferdinand VII of Spain on 11 December 1829 in Madrid. Ferdinand was her uncle by birth and by marriage. Like her mother Maria Isabella, Ferdinand was a child of King Charles IV of Spain and his wife, Maria Luisa of Parma. With the death of the King's third wife on 27 May 1829, Ferdinand's desperation to father an heir for his crown resulted in his fourth marriage just seven months later. … Read More
When Ferdinand died on 29 September 1833, Maria Christina became regent for their daughter Isabella. … Read More


1840 34 Years Old In 1840 Maria Christina found her position intolerable; she renounced the regency and left Spain with Muñoz. … Read More
1842 36 Years Old In 1842 Maria Christina purchased the Château de Malmaison as their residence. In 1843, on the overthrow of General Baldomero Espartero they returned to Spain. In 1844, Muñoz's stepdaughter Queen Isabella II was declared to be of age. On 23 June 1844 Isabella gave to Muñoz the title duque de Riánsares, to which was attached a Grandeza de España; the title came from the river Ánsares, near Muñoz's birthplace in Tarancón.
1844 38 Years Old On October 12 1844 Isabella gave official consent to the marriage between her mother and Muñoz, and it was publicly performed. … Read More


1846 40 Years Old On 30 May 1846 she gave Muñoz a second title, marqués de San Agustín. … Read More
1854 48 Years Old In 1854, Maria Christina left for France a second time. … Read More


1868 62 Years Old A revolution forced daughter Isabella II from her throne on 30 September 1868 and she joined her mother in exile in France.
1870 64 Years Old Isabella II renounced the throne in favor of her son, Alfonso XII, on 25 June 1870. … Read More
1874 68 Years Old When Alfonso XII regained the Spanish crown on 29 December 1874, Maria Christina and Isabella II were permitted to return to Spain as visitors but denied permission to live there permanently. … Read More
1878 73 Years Old Maria Christina died in Le Havre, France on 22 August 1878. … Read More
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